Pumpkin Blur Remover

Hey do want to wear a pumpkin on your head so enderman don’t get angry at you when you look at them? But the pumpkin blur makes it really hard to see and you’d like to remove it or at least make it more transparent? Well then this is a texture pack for you!

Pumpkin Blur Remover is a very simple to use and customisable texture pack that allows you to choose pumpkins blur transparency.

To choose the transparency level click the gear icon…

…and use the slider

This is how the pumpkin blur looks in game

I hope you like it, and of you do and want more texture packs like this check out my Purple Border Remover (you can find it on MCPEDL)

If you want to share this texture pack with others please give them the link to this MCPEDL post, and give me credit for it and do NOT claim that it’s yours.


Supported Minecraft versions




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  1. Please Add.... :) says:

    Hi, I’m just wondering, can you add 50% transparency, please… I don’t want 30%, it’s too dark, and 70% is too light/barely visible. Thanks! 😀

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Delmeriini says:

    This is so helpful

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