Purple Border Remover

Hey are you annoyed by the purple border covering your inventory?

Do you wish you could just remove it or make it more transparent?

Well then this is the pack for you.

Purple Border remover is a very simple and useful texture pack that allows you to edit the transparency of the purple border that appears around the items names.

You can choose the transparency by clicking the gear and using the slider.

This is how it looks in game

Hope this will help you and make your gameplay a bit more enjoyable 🙂

You aren’t allowed to post this on other sites and if you want to mention/share it use the link to this mcpedl post and not your own link.

Created by: ThunderMouseMc

@ThunderMouseMc on twitter


Supported Minecraft versions




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6 Responses

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  1. JencebJanx says:

    AdFly wont direct me to the right place 🙁 pls just make it mediafire or mega 😀

  2. Realcancov says:

    Why would anyone use this? I am just confused about why this would be useful at all…
    No one really cares about the text box…

    • I made it because it’s really useful at least for me, especially in skywars and other minigames where items have enchantments. The border covered my hot bar and it was just frustrating to wait that 1 second for it to disappear so I could organise my inventory

  3. InterwebsTroll says:

    There’s a purple border on my inventory?

  4. MeowCatYT says:

    how did you get the enchantments 10 on your sword… pls tell me thank u!

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