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Fugo’s Purple Haze in Vanilla Minecraft! (No Mods/Addon) Powered by Command Blocks. This map showcases Purple Haze using commands. This map is pretty simple. You can try 3 different attacks of the Stand in this map. It also has a place for recreation when the stand died. (Purple Haze is an armor stand)

Call the stand by dropping the paper named “call stand”. Vanish stand by collecting the paper named “call stand”.

When the stand is present, you will experience extreme hunger. (There’s food at spawn)


To attack, drop the item with the attack name on it. Stand will teleport in front of you which you can control by looking. (Recollecting the item with attack name won’t stop the attack. You can redrop it to attack again) (If the item despawned, there are items at the spawn)



– (wooden sword) consecutive blows which can deal a lot of damage

Finishing Blow

– (snowball) Fatal blow that can easily kill some mobs. (More effective after Barrage or Capsule Shot)

Capsule Shot

– (lingering potion “poison II”) Stand goes to your front and breaks a capsule of virus. Poisons mobs within 3 block radius from the stand.


There are items in chest that you can use to recreate the stand including dyes, water, armor, nametag, etc. You can access creative mode because cheats are on.

Game is in survival so don’t destroy blocks. I’m too lazy to specify item components in adventure mode.

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Comment bugs and issues you encountered. I will try to fix it :D


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