PvE: Hostility v.1.3.0

Welcome to Coastropolis, where you can have lots of…        Fight for your life, because there has been a recent outbreak! Stay safe, and slap on your gas masks.

A few months ago, there has been a virus outbreak unleashed upon your hometown, Coastropolis. The military sent many soldiers to stop the infected. The scientists realized that this was no ordinary virus. Then, people slowly turned into zombies, but not the ones you see in movies, they’re much stronger. You have been hiding in the once busy Coastropolis subway and try to survive this ferocious outbreak. To survive the ferocious outbreak, you will need weapons. With over 10+ new custom weapons and 6+ custom armor sets, you can find them to fight off the zombies. There are several loot chests around the map, however, you can buy items through the in-game shop. Power the elevator, buy the equipment, and stay alive.

Here is an item and armor key:

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V1.0.0: Release

V1.1.0: Upgrades Update

V1.2.0: Textures Update

V1.3.0: Locations Update Part 1

V1.4.0 (upcoming): Locations Update Part 2

V1.0.0: Release

V1.1.0: Upgrades Update

V1.2.0: Textures Update

V1.3.0(upcoming): Locations Update Part 1

V1.0.0: Release

V1.1.0: Upgrades Update

V1.2.0 Textures Update

V1.3.0 (upcoming) Locations Update Part 1

V1.0.0 Release

V.1.1.0 Upgrades Update - New location and items

V1.2.0 Texture Update - New Textures

V1.0.0 Release

V1.1.0 Upgrades update, features new location and armor

V1.2.0 Texture update

v1.0.0 Release

v1.1.0 Upgraded update, features reinforced items and a new location.

V.1.0.0: Release - Main location, Starting Hub, New locations coming soon

V1.1.0: Upgrades Update - New Reinforced Armor and Weapons and a new location: Tunnel


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