PvP Advance

PvP (short for player versus player) can be fun but also challenging. The PvP Advance mod adds a comprehensive system of several new features to the multiplayer part of the game. For the most part the new functions work to your advantage such as the possiblity to view other players health and detect possible enemies when they are close to your current location in-game.

While we do not endorse other players to cheat in Minecraft Pocket Edition we believe that the mod can be used to create a more intense and strategic based gameplay if every player in the PvP match uses the mod. Before you use the mod to gain advantages in-game we truly recommend you to be true and honest and tell the other players to get the mod as well.

Creator: MehrzadR


  • Possible to use in multiplayer (online)
  • Display other players health statistics and X, Y, Z coordinates
  • AirView: a feature allowing you easier see your enemies
  • Enemy Detector: detects players (or enemies) which are closeby
  • Ride other players
  • Tracking system
  • Quick Access: access a single command through a Quick Access GUI button
  • The new GUI hud will automatically be hidden for 10 seconds after opening a chest


  • /pvpa on – turns on the mod
  • /pvpa off – turns off the mod
  • /pvpa ride – point at the character you want to hitch a ride on
  • /pvpa set [command, e.g. lobby] – sets a short command for the Quick Access GUI button. Can be a command of any type that’s available on the server, e.g., /lobby
  • /pvpa hide – hides the new GUI that comes with the mod
  • /pvpa reload – reloads the mod

I am left-handed, how do I switch the GUI to suit me?

  1. Type /pvpa left
  2. Type /pvpa reload
  3. The GUI is now switched to the other side of the screen to better suit your needs.

ScreenShots001 ScreenShots002 download

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18 Responses

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  1. SavageSabbage420 says:

    Can you make this an add on I would Love you <3

  2. Raccoon says:

    Is it possible to get a mod on ios without plugging into computer or jailbreak

  3. Mantikor says:

    Where is the download link for the mod? And whats the name of the download file?

  4. danfloyd says:

    how to download blocklauncher?

  5. Kylle says:

    When i download, it gives me a .bin file. Is it supposed to do that? Because I dont know how to use this .bin file in block launcher. Sorry for bad english

  6. Mehrzad says:

    PvP Advance 2.4 is out!

    Please update!

  7. buben says:

    I’m havering truoble it said I got the mod but its not in the folder wit can I do?

    • Editor says:

      Sure you got the .js mod file? Try again and try figure out at which point the problem is erupting. That’s the only way I can figure out a solution I think.

  8. murtaza says:

    It takes me to dropbox and i have to register?

  9. roni says:

    I want to hav these mods on my ios

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