PvP Helper (Lag Reducer)

This texture pack was created to provide a lag free gameplay experience for anyone who have trouble running Minecraft PE even on the lowest video settings. It’s difficult to say how much this texture pack actually helps but it’s safe to say that it definitely can’t hurt.

For example, sparkling redstone, water splashes and other particles have been completely removed. This should reduce the frame rate but I find it difficult to measure the difference.

Creator: CortexPE, Twitter Account
Updated: 10 March, 2017 (fixed bugs, now works across all platforms)



  • Grass blocks are green only green
  • No particles (e.g. water splashes, redstone sparkling, lava particles, arrow particles, sparkling torches)
  • GUI (lag fixes, I don’t know how to test this)
  • Low fire (less fire particles)
  • Cool background screen (not related to lag reducement)
  • Fix beautiful skies lag (I don’t know how to test if this is true)

Other Settings to Reduce Lag

If you want to optimize your game further to avoid lag then here are some more settings which we recommend for low-end devices:

  • Fancy Graphics – OFF
  • Beautiful Skies – OFF
  • Fancy Leaves – OFF
  • Render Distance – 8 chunks (minimum)
  • Close other running apps
  • Delete unused apps


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Start Minecraft PE
  3. Go to Settings > Global resources > Apply texture pack
  4. Restart Minecraft PE

Do you rather download this texture pack as a .ZIP file? Click here.

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39 Responses

2.83 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Jeedonski says:

    Working fine and helps reduce lag a little bit. Had some crashes at the start but after some minutes it started working. Thanks so much and please make more updates.

  2. N.V says:

    This helps a lot..cool reasource pack….very useful

  3. Donald Trump says:

    We need a wall now

  4. anonymus3179 says:

    it´s not working. i can´t unactivate this because it crashes when i try to open my settings! im on ios. can anyone help me how to fix it? pls!

  5. godengamer22 says:

    Does this works with another texture together?

    • LeosPlay says:

      Idk, But Its probably possible bc u can do this with every texture/addon. I Even do this, if this doesnt work Ur Game is gona 🛑CRASH🛑

  6. Jordan says:

    Please help me, I can’t open a world this sucks please help.

  7. MyDood says:

    Crashed my Minecraft every time I went on a world ):

  8. Yomama says:

    I can’t open the settings pls help me update it

  9. M.ali says:

    This didn’t work for me I was unable to open my settings please help.

  10. XAndersonX says:

    Less lag? Sounds interesting! Lemme try this out! 🙂

  11. Azizul says:

    The resource pack is useful,but most of the Ender update blocks didnt have any textures,can you please fix that?

  12. Aden says:

    Anyone want to play slither.io with me

  13. nosamwix says:

    Please update this,it really help me so much.

  14. Alvaro says:

    Iove MCPE dl

  15. Mohammed salah12 says:

    I can,t download it its say failed to import in 1.0 fixed please

    • Aseel says:

      It happened to me too
      I think it’s error with manfiest pack
      Sorry for spelling, but itried download the mcworld one and the second the zip one,it didn’t work.

  16. John says:

    Pretty cool! I had a glitch though it broke my minecraft pe! So becareful!

  17. HamsterGirl says:

    Omg sorry I played the map with ur texture map

  18. HamsterGirl says:

    Nice map I played it with my brother we loved it hopefully you will be able to create more amazing maps

  19. Beacarl223pogi says:

    This is amazing this works in leet skywars because its lag there so i download this and the lag dissapear THANK YOU EDITOR 😀

  20. Minecraft MasterV333 says:

    Editor can you make it so TNT dosent lag? Thanks

  21. John Trigan says:

    Hi Staff, can you please ask the creator to seperate the GUI lag into one addon and send the link here?

  22. Minecraft Master says:

    Hey I’m the first one to comment on this (this is a first for me) can you plz make a that has the player shoot like a shulker bullet or wither skull by a press of a button

    • Minecraft Master says:

      The button to shoot the projectile would have to be a texture pack (like coords unlocked and the add-on that shows the player on screen underneath the health and armor bar in first person mode) but the part of the player np actually shoot the projectile it has to be a behavior pack (like pet chest add-on or villager companion add-on) but plz make this add-on

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