PvP Prison

Mine coal in the peaceful mine and purchase new pickaxes, weapons, armor, etc. from villager shops. Go into the pvp mine and battle other players over currency and exp. Create better armor and tools.

This world uses villagers to get all items from. You get iron nuggets from mining ores which is used as currency.

This map has 2 PvP arenas and also includes a 1v1 arena. Better ores spawn in the PvP arenas. Fight using diamond weapons, armor, and with the help of golden apples and potions. Enchant your gear to battle more effectively and to get more iron from mining.


  • Coal, diamonds, and emeralds give iron, which can be converted and used to purchase items from villagers.
  • The gamemode is automatically set to adventure mode, the pickaxes have the can break tag so they can mine blocks.
  • No resource/behavior packs are required
  • Feel free to modify the world and host it for your friends

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+ Added more information to the description

+ Bug fixes


When you arrive at the adfly page, just click skip ad in the top right corner, then all you have to do is wait for the media fire page to appear and click download file.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    can you use other add website pls
    add fly and linkvertize thingy is very annoying

  2. superJK92 says:

    I keep getting level import failed

  3. boy says:

    doesn’t work for me but cool

  4. Pruixo says:

    The world is a scam there is no download for it the owner just put it up for download to get money and u don’t even get the map DONT CLICK THE LINK so he doesn’t get money u wont even be able to download it
    (also flagged you)

  5. Thetigerking says:

    Add new ores ?????

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