Quantum: The Time Travel [Adventure]

Quantum: The Time Travel is an adventure map where you will have to travel as far back as to the Middle Ages and then back to more recent times like World War II. The map includes a scenic roller coaster with epic views and adventures where vicious monsters have to be slaid.

Creator: CreatrixPE, DaphneElaine (Twitter Account), MellyGlitter


You are an explorer and time traveler, still an amateur but you’ve successfully time traveled a few times so you know how it works, at least you thought so!

One day your assistant named Jeeves explains to you that everything has gone horribly wrong. The time machine still works and can detect the missing pieces so you’ll have to travel back in time to complete the missing happenings for the time travel to be restored and complete.

When we say you’ll have to travel back you’ll have to travel as far back as to the Middle Ages and to more recent happenings such as the World War II (1944).

Not only will you be able to experience some amazing and differentiating architecture but you will also be able to slay vicious beasts and parachute from airplanes. As you now probably can imagine the adventure is long and the experiences many.

Note from the creators: Make sure to play chapter 1 and 4 in peaceful mode.


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21 Responses

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  1. Unknown says:

    How to set up the map

  2. Kfigfigj says:

    Waz up

  3. Miss Questions says:

    Can you please tell me if this is multiplayer? My cousin is deciding to make a Minecraft P.E adventure map video. Thank for your reply (if you replied) ^-^ !

  4. Sage Smith says:

    .mcworld please!!!

  5. BruhItzZenix says:

    I think so

  6. Sayeed says:

    Is it multiplayer compatible

  7. Linarita says:

    I love all maps MCPELD ????

  8. Omega Gaming// Aeg935 says:

    Heya, creators! I just found this map, so I will play it on my YouTube Channel! Just got it on my android device, and i’ll make it on May 10th!

  9. Shaim says:

    Hi ya all is this map cool

  10. Evanh2011 says:

    Wow!! This map is A M A Z I N G! Also try using ifunbox to download it for iOS

  11. Ethyn Armstrong says:

    Its not working for me tho

  12. CreatrixPE says:

    I am the one of the creators of this map. Update the download link to the one posted at mcpeuniverse or mcpehub. I will be removing the other file soon, as I am tired of the share requests for the beta file you’ve linked to.

  13. Astfor says:

    Why i cant open the file?

  14. Antonis says:

    Hello I would like to download this

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