Quarry Add-On

A block that extracts ores like diamonds, iron, coal, gold, red stone, emerald and everything that is found, such as stone, obsidian, dirt, etc. And of course, lava and water will not be a nuisance to the machine.

How to use the quarry block?

Simply break the quarry block and a stone platform will automatically be created around the area.

Hoppers will also be added where all the items found in the excavation will fall.

After breaking the quarry block, all the blocks within the dig radius will break slowly until they reach the bedrock where the machine will finish digging.

Stairs will also be added to the side of the dig so the player can easily go down.

If you want to finish the excavation before reaching the bedrock, break the red stone block next to the excavation and the excavation will end.

You’ll find three different quarry blocks: the small quarry block, the medium quarry block, and the large quarry block, each with different excavation sizes.


The addon only works with experimental game mode.

Report bugs to my twitter @Effectoo


Supported Minecraft versions


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28 Responses

4.6 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. Guest-8001591243 says:

    It wont work

  2. Guest-7491467518 says:

    I saw it in a video and I loved it, just please update it so it can be used in Minecraft 1.16 and it would be perfect

  3. Guest-6271153091 says:

    it broke after the nether update. pls fix i love this pack

  4. Guest-2344885801 says: oficial pliiisssz

  5. FloBoi says:

    Totally love this add-on! What I would love next is an even larger quarry, and a bit less expensive crafting recipes!

  6. Guest-8707987507 says:

    Vert good! Works on xboxone. But not compatible with smelterforge mod 🙁

  7. Guest-6307990445 says:

    didnt work here

  8. Planet Ethan says:

    This could be a really cool addon, its a pity the medium and large mines lag the world so much., (I’ve got a pretty powerful pc and have to drop graphics down to lowest for it too work fully)

    You should add the need for experimental mode and survival mode at the top so everyone can see it.

    Also, there is a typo in your player function on line 6 a “[” before scores that shouldn’t be there .

    Great work though ! hopefully you can refine it a bit, I’d do a video on this if it worked out the box for everyone.


    • Taaxa says:

      I play on a potato and it doesn’t lag unless I have more than 4 running at the same time.

      My complaint is that it needs more hoppers and chests on the medium and large quarries. 2 hoppers per chest to keep the hoppers from over flowing.

  9. Guest-6531477083 says:

    It wasn’t working for me either seemed to be a conflict with another behaviour pack turned my vein miner off and it worked

  10. Guest-9283308009 says:

    not working!!!

    • ryambel gamer says:

      Si funciona lo que pasa es que talvez no viste las guías o no actívate el modo de juego experimental

  11. Guest-9102496000 says:

    Can this block be used alot of time or I need to make another one to make quarry

  12. Minecrafterz says:

    Yes, I dig the quarry block a thousands times still nothing happen!

  13. Al rules says:

    This is absolutely perfect! The only thing I would do however is change the crafting recipes to make them a bit more expensive

  14. Guest-3547456543 says:

    Can you speed up the mining process and add a filter system, example mine only iron ore etc. If you can please add it…

  15. Guest-6806566431 says:

    hey nice addon, but can u make it more expensive like needing to craft a drill (instead of a pickaxe) made of diamond, iron, or gold?
    also, make it not delete blocks where its placed pls

  16. SMITHwolf2k9 says:

    Good addon for series bro!!!

  17. Guest-3476439272 says:

    Nice add-on (thx )

  18. Guest-6689064239 says:

    This isn’t working. It drops an invisible item called quarry98. Then it does nothing at all.

  19. Guest-5808316975 says:

    I would love it if we had to manually put hoppers and the items would go to any hoppers

  20. Guest-4210093456 says:

    Love the addon but there are some changes that need to be made like for example for the large quarry the hoppers cannot keep up with the items so I’d suggest maybe having more hoppers or probally another hopper under it to speed the suction rate and for the small quarry the items also cannot keep up so maybe having the same the same storage as the other quaries would help. One last suggestion is a start option. A start option would be helpful because then you wouldn’t have to rush in getting more storage for the blocks it is mining. Other than that I love the addon

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