HoneyBee Expansion

Honey Bee (Formerly known as Queen Bee boss addon) is addon which add a new mob,armor,item, aswell a weapon related to honey and bee to make minecraft bee looks more cool so what have waiting for download the addon

This small yet cool addon gonna add a new boss, which boss you may well i guess you read the title, this addon add queen bee not only challenging to beat it also give a good prize here a few thing:

This small yet cool addon gonna add a new boss, which boss you may well i guess you read the title, this addon add queen bee not only challenging to beat  it also give a good prize here a few thing:

On top is all the drop from queen bee:

-Honey bottle

-Honey Block

-Honey comb

-bee stinger (more explanatory on this item below)

-bee ingot

Here a clip about me fighting queen bee (i forgot i was in creative mode that why queen bee doesn’t atttack back but trust me hard to fight on survival)

Queen bee also tamable with honey bottle and honeycomb

And this addon add two new weapon one craftable while the other are drop from queen bee they are:

Bee stinger (terraria inspired weapon, and yes i use terraria bee sword texture so no hate)

When you held this sword it give you regeneration BUT it slow you down

Bee gun (i know its a crossbow and i called a gun. But you know gun sound more cool than


This weapon is a craftable to craft it here the recipe

This weapon is so OP When shot direct hit to a enemy it deals 5 damage but if the projectile hit a block it will explode and did i tell you that this weapon shot incredible fast and infinity

I will polish this addon more in the future

Also the more breedable addon still on work this just a small addon while wait and if you not know

What i was talking about go to my profile

P.S sorry for bad english

What new on version 2.0

Queen bee has been revamped and buffed as now queen bee has 400 hp before it was 100 hp, and her projectile now not only explode but now summon minion too (terraria inspired)

Here the summon item recipe

bee ingot now spawn underground at Y 16 and below, but they are rare believe me

You can also make bee ingot block, here the recipe

There also wandering bee trader, he seem familiar where do i see him

Queen Bee has 2 new drop they are:

Wing:wing is a new item when held in hand it will give levitation making take off with elytra far more easy

Bee essence: bee essence is a new important item to make op item, the item are:

summon wand: Summon wand is a new weapon it summon golem bee your minion bee it the quantity of how many bee spawn randomised but you can hold your screen or right clicking to use and oh, if you use this item there 60 second of cooldown which make you can’t use this weapon,ender pearl and beegun. here a clip of me messing around with the wand

Here the recipe

Bee armor: armor worn by true bee warrior, this armor give regeneration,ressistance but this armor slow you down because its too sticky, and what i mean sticky it because the armor filled with honey not the other liquid, keep your dirty mind away

Here the recipe

and oh yeah almost forgot about the minion bee your minion bee summoned by the summon wand has a white color while the Queen Bee minion is the exact same color like Queen Bee just more tiny

Experimental gameplay needed

Also check my youtube channel

and subscribe so you can ask for spesific addon that i will make

Changelog View more

Revamp and buffed Queen Bee

Add new item

Add new armor

Add new weapon


1. Click Download 

2. Wait 5 second and press skip ad

3. If you get redirected to a random site such moshermartin1 just wait and block every pop up if you wait 30 second and still not get redirected your browser may cannot support redirect so change the number from: (example) moshermartin1 to moshermartin5 and done, you should be in the mediafire


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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  1. Astrokylo1 says:

    Hear me out i already said thus addon give third file which say invalid zip BUT the resource or behavior still there and imported but if you cannot use the addon try this
    Check which version mcpe you have because it has to be 1.14 and above not older and experimental gameplay active and if still not work then maybe there other addon conflict this addon try a fresh new world and if you already install the older version if this addon to a world then delete the addon file on mcworld file which you want and restart minecraft it but if you din’t get it just try to create new world with this addon only ok, hope this sorted out

  2. Terozero12154 says:


  3. ILikeRustySpoons says:

    it STILL doesent work what did i say last time?? YEAH FIX THE ADDON.

  4. Astrokylo1 says:

    What addon do you want i make next?

  5. TheMcLover says:

    so weak but cool

  6. ILikeRustySpoons says:

    four stars.

  7. ILikeRustySpoons says:

    here you go

  8. ILikeRustySpoons says:

    i had exparemental gameplay on, no works please fix the addon. four stars, sometimes i forget to do exparemental gameplay on lots of mods XD

  9. ILikeRustySpoons says:

    ok thanks

  10. Astrokylo1 says:

    I just read the comment and if there no queen bee have you try to turn on experimental it needed, and the mcpack or zip should work i try it, it give third file which says invalid zip but the addon should installed properly

  11. zanybroz says:

    it says invalid zip archive

  12. ILikeRustySpoons says:

    uh this time here, sorry the place keeps loading and reseting the stars lol

  13. ILikeRustySpoons says:


  14. ILikeRustySpoons says:

    im not mad. ill do one star to be nice.

  15. ILikeRustySpoons says:

    bruh why did i download this if it diddent do anything. no stars, for now.
    i bet ur gonna fix it like the gaster and sans creator did

  16. EpicMan123 says:

    Download link didn’t work

  17. rodrigofire14 says:

    could you add the wasps

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