Quest of the Assassin [Adventure]

This is a big map called Quest of the Assassin where you have to stop an evil criminal organization and save your mother from their ruthless hands. It’s a map filled with adventures which you are soon to forget!


You are starting to wake up, rubbing your eyes and stretching your arms, yawning. You look around you but can’t see much as it’s dark but it does appear as if the room is quite small. After you’ve laid down for a while trying to figure what you are doing in there you hear a voice and it appears as if it is speaking to you. The voice told you that you were kidnapped and you are currently being kept in the kidnappers coumpound.

Your hands behin to sweat the you can feel how your head starts to pound, you are panicking.

When you managed to escape the compund you were able to find out that you were an apprentice of a master assassin and that your mother has been kidnapped by a criminal organization operational world wide and they are known as the Minevil.

As your mother is the only family you have got left you quickly are trying to figure out a way to save her before it’s too late. It’s now up to you to embark and finish the ultimate quest of the assassin and that is to save your dear mother and stop the Minevil organization.


  • Don’t ever be in Peaceful mode
  • Don’t break/place blocks unless you are told to do so (hay blocks are the only exception)
  • No mods
  • No cheating

Creator: TargetPractice


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AndroidiOSWindows 10

8 Responses

  1. Elliott says:

    You can’t download it on ios

  2. whiteknightplay says:

    where link

  3. A.I. says:

    It will be better and more famous.

  4. A.I. says:

    Make it a mcworld

  5. theplayer80 says:

    Make a add on version of this please I can’t use blocklauncher

  6. Manfred says:

    More make part 2 please i love it

  7. Nayli says:

    How do you download it

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