Quiet Place Addon V1.1.1 (Bug Fix)

Are you looking for something absolutely terrifying for your worlds? Well with this add-on, you will have to be extra careful. This adds one new creature and one new item. It will add a lot of difficulty to survival.



MCBEgamer (discord), ReadDaPin (Twitter)[Sounds]

This adds the monsters from the 2018 movie, “A Quiet Place,” also called Death Angels. They spawn very rarely in most vanilla biomes. Certain actions triggered by the player will cause them to investigate your location, but I’m not telling you those triggers because where’s the fun in that?

They will be invincible to player attacks as long as the player doesn’t use the modified hearing aid. While holding the modified hearing aid, the player will be given the wither effect, but nearby monster’s head playes will open, allowing them to be attacked.

Here’s how it’s crafted

Anyway, have fun survivng with these things in your world.  🙂

PS: please note that this addon has a player.json file so it may be unusable with some other add-ons unless the packs are merged.

My Discord Server for mine and my team’s projects

KaiFireborn’s discord server for his projects:

Changelog View more

(Hopefully) fixed the download file

Death Angels no longer attack each other

-Death Angels no longer attack each other

-Noise Targets now actually despawn

-Noise Targets now slowly disappear because of lag problems

-Noise Targets spawn closer to the player than before

-Death Angel's detection range is now reduced when the player is sneaking 

-Updated Description

-Death Angels can now climb blocks

Added Credit and discord server links to description, plan on doing a small bug fix soon


Download and open the .mcaddon file

Enable the resource and behaviour on your world

Enable experimental gameplay and the you are good to go!


Supported Minecraft versions


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85 Responses

4.58 / 5 (50 votes)
  1. Guest-8245892389 says:

    I can not download it on bedrock edition can you please look into that

  2. Too many noise blocks spawn at once and it laggs the game can you please remove it

  3. Guest-6542378951 says:

    Can you please lower their damage and spawn rate? They spawn too often and deal like 1000 damage. Rest in pieces 20 different sets of diamond armor. Maybe make it so that they only do 7 or 6 hearts of damage. Thanks!

  4. Guest-5484227466 says:

    Hey how do I install this? And can you add a shotgun as an inventory item, like (Spoiler Warning) at the end the mom has a shotgun and kills the beast.. Abadoned buildings towns and houses please… And how much hitpoints does a monster have without it’s armor, it can’t be too strong it has to be like 20 hitpoints or something because in the movie they die easily without the armor.. Is this Available to Bedrock edition, if so how do I get this it looks awesome…

  5. Guest-7136195338 says:

    I tried that but it still did not work

  6. alieoftruth says:

    I love just about everything about this, but I’d like you to fix something. These “Noise Targets” are constantly spawning due to the noise triggers, which I’m guessing is how you get the function of the creatures “hearing you” to work. But since they’re technically mobs, it’s always causing me an unbelievable amount of lag. If you could find another way to get the creatures to detect the player’s location than constantly spawning invisible entities, it’d be great thanks

  7. Luferchu says:

    Excuse me, could you make it compatible with realms? Because I would like to add it to mine but the problem is that I cannot craft the object to kill it, lastly it is a vanilla minecraft object, that with the only object with which you can kill it is a diamond sword or a trident.

  8. Guest-6193227133 says:

    I like the most but I find some thing weird. Creatures get damage when they fall. in the second movie trailer a creature falls through to car and it does not damage. Can you remove that? cause i didn’t like it but the mod is good. Please remove the damage when creatures fall from high place.

  9. Luferchu says:

    Sorry but in the mc addon dosnt have the modified hearing aid, i cant kill the death angel!!

  10. Guest-6618183526 says:

    does this addon make death angel appear in survival mode naturally in version 1.14?

  11. Guest-2053863076 says:

    There seems to be a weird bug on my end. The creature moves extremely slow and one-shots everything (Even a wither that got too close to it).

  12. odarmamx says:

    O alredy use a Demogorgon addon on my Realm and this monster is just perfect to have a full monster experience in my Realm, is there a chance that you make a non experimental version?

  13. Guest-2512995883 says:

    Im in your discored and saw that the dearh angel had long teeth but now it dousent and they had more animation and a creepy smile sometimes and it made them look more menacing if you dident think that was cool it was cool so coud you please ad that please respond

  14. JKACrazy says:

    Yo that would take way to long and also he’s working on something right now just look at his twitter

  15. Guest-4908302817 says:

    Your great with 3D model’s can I ask could you please make a 3D model guns mod for pe 3D model guns with reload animation and sound that would be cool and if you’re make this mod could you make it be able to make the guns in several please

  16. Angelus says:

    Los angeles en la película saben nadar amigo aga eso en la próxima actualización amigo y arregle el archivo de descarga de zip amigo

  17. Guest-9066007823 says:

    Ayuda profavor me sale zip inválido que ago ???

  18. Guest-9729447923 says:

    I cant download it its say invalid zip over and over

  19. Guest-1375747806 says:

    Puede hacerlo funcionar para la versión beta y de la descarga que en el juego dise zip inválido amigo profa arregle estos problema

  20. Guest-8839979771 says:

    Me sale zip inválido amigo arregle eso

  21. Guest-6683087804 says:

    Can u fix the mod they keep running in circles instead of wandering exploring the enviroments

  22. Guest-1384405084 says:

    It is very good, I really congratulate you for the work that I iso for the plugin but I notice a problem it is fine that it attacks anything, but it can fix that error which is that it attacks itself because when the plugin meets another angel they attack and that error can fix it
    And in the next update you can make other types of angels like other with different design and it would be amazing

  23. iiExotic says:

    Fix the download. It says not a valid zip archive.

  24. Guest-8711473603 says:

    says its an invalid zip so I cant download

  25. GripssPlayz says:

    Looks epic and the model is great but It wont import to my game.
    ‘Invalid Zip File’ is all I get.
    Any tips?

  26. Guest-1454689840 says:

    Help, I can’t install the package on Windows 10, minecraft tells me “Invalid zip archive”! I tried to open it with both WinRar and 7Zip and they both actually tell me that the package is damaged

  27. Amazing addon as always haha
    Love the models & textures 🙂

  28. Guest-5770268705 says:

    Is it normal that they don’t attack you or is it because i’m in version 1.16.1
    And they don’t run when they see me they just walk to me I NEED HELD but it is an exelent addon i’ll give you that

  29. Guest-3554625753 says:

    How can i use the modified hearing aid? I do the recipe on the crafting table but doesn’t work. Also, it doesn’t show up in the creative inventory :c

  30. Guest-7167818700 says:

    Can I use your codes ?

  31. Guest-3828909243 says:

    How to use modified hearing aid?

  32. Guest-1391135375 says:

    Hi! We really liked this addon! We are actually making a Minecraft liked movie with this addon. Can i borrow the .json file for the death angel to animate it? We will really appreciate it! By the way the channel name is “Dragon Plays:43 Subs”

    • If you change the file to .zip, you should be able to extract it yourself

      • Guest-3203081370 says:

        Ok this is me again. Already tried those method but didn’t work. So what i did is i remodel the death angel’s model myself on ModelBench to import on Mine Imator. But thanks for your help. I’ll credit you and your team who worked on this wonderful addon when this thing is done. Thank you so much!

  33. Guest-4779195198 says:

    It’s amazing but pls add a shotgun or make others add-ons compatible with this one. Thanks

  34. Guest-8156428791 says:

    This is a brillant mod, but the noises target keep on spawning and lag my game, they do not disappear;

  35. Guest-6424588674 says:

    The noise targets get a little annoying, especially when placing blocks, I suggest using something like Bendy the Demon 18’s 939 behavior (From the scp foundation addon) , it doesn’t use other entities to find the player and overall, it means less entities to work with, if you can fix this that would be great!

    • The other entities are used so it can track certain sounds from hundreds of blocks away, it already has a function like 939 where sneaking lowers the detection range but this is made to only be useful when it is close by.

      • Guest-9289158569 says:

        Ohh, but will the entities themselves be fixed? As in, when I place water down it apparently kills the entity, and multiple of them start appearing in places where the players been before, basically making copies, again, I use water to get rid of these stray entities, again, if this is fixed, it’ll be perfect! (btw they attack each other, don’t know if that’s intentional or not, also could you add a texture variand which is much darker, like gray concrete :D)

  36. Guest-6825153498 says:

    Certainly amazing, the perfect prop for my Minecraft Horror movie, but a shotgun would be cool

  37. Guest-1368080511 says:

    Add a shotgun just like the movie.

  38. Guest-6338301695 says:

    I saw the movie, and it was terrifying! I am super excited to download this pack, I can’t wait and I’m surprised anyone even made this. Thanks!

  39. Guest-3360081147 says:

    Well not gonna lie this thing don’t kill me and other mobs it just spinning around at me is that good

  40. Small Bugfux and some changes coming soon

  41. Guest-3308043728 says:

    Hey dude i’m dying to know the triggers so i can play this more easily because i’m playing with my little sister.

    Would you mind telling me the triggers? If not, sorry.

  42. Guest-9187030431 says:

    this mod makes mine craft alot harder but i ahve a suggestion. Could u make it so iof layers talk more monsters spawn?

  43. Guest-4609080148 says:

    Texture could be better, overall, pretty good!

  44. Guest-7398621298 says:

    Please make The Silence Monster called the flying tiny alien thingy…

  45. Guest-2034188746 says:

    Almost perfect.
    Maybe I didn’t install the mod properly or something but the monsters are not invicible.

  46. Guest-4539659927 says:

    Thank you! been waiting for somebody to make this since the movie came out!

  47. Guest-5162158558 says:

    Now this is awesome, although I have an easy suggestion for this addon. In the next uodate can you program The Death Angel completely essentially blind once you’re sneaking?

  48. Guest-5423377238 says:

    A mob no kill me

  49. Guest-7158629578 says:

    Amazing, second how do u use the hearing aid

  50. Guest-6041894947 says:

    Hi, please tell me how can I combine two add-ons with player.json files so that they do not conflict?

  51. Guest-2711687745 says:

    The mob attacks me no matter what?

  52. Guest-4100150551 says:

    This addon is good enough for my research facility at sector c

  53. Guest-9137651172 says:

    It’s amazing. It has been an honor to work on the add-on’s behaviors.

  54. Guest-9816647427 says:


  55. Well for one why do anyone me an item to harm the player? And two I will just stay still for that mob.
    Mostly because you said that a specific action triggers the mob.

  56. Guest-9757727090 says:

    Awesome! I love these kinds of mods 😀

  57. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    It’s fantastic!😍
    I want to see survivors and abandoned houses in this addon

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