R1H3D Pack (Beta)

This is a texture pack where block could look more 3D, a pack that adds life on blocks for more 3D look. give your game a life and a better experience on the game.

Do you want Minecraft to look 3d?

Here is the right pack for you! introducing R1H3D pack where block turn 3d, this is a 256×256 pack that means it might cause lag on weak devices, this is still a project i enjoyed making beacause of the quarantine. this is a pack for you and everyone. 

This is a beta pack means it is still work in progress. it will continuesly update untill completed. 

This pack is especially made for someone i know but i chose to post it here for people to check this pack made by me. 

if you wanna make a texture pack with some of the textures that belongs here. pls just ask for permission.

Pls warn me on any bug you encounter. – Me

you can use this pack


on a video but you must credit me

you cannot

-repost this

-customize or get things from the files

blocks on this pack


crafting table



all types of stonebricks

all types of stone

all types of cobblestones

diamond ore

gold ore

iron ore

redstone ore

coal ore

some type of glasses


-farmland on grass

-some logs

-some redstone blocks



-more logs




-warped and crimson logs

-ore blocks



-sand blocks

-changed the stone textures

-2 doors

-1 trapdoor

-soulfire lantern

-red sandstone

-3 types of grass


-magma block

-redstone torch



-some planks



-mossy cobblestone

-cracked stonebrick


-all doors           -comparator 

-more logs        -all the walls

-lantern              -soul sand

-soul soil            -reapeater

-comparator      -cactus

-purpur block    -more bricks

-more glass        -some rails

-smooth stone   -slime

-anvil                    -trapdoor

-bookshelf           -glowstone

-barrel                  -leaves 


Texture Changes

– furnace         -nether bricks  -campfire


New Blocks (v1.0.8)

-Honey block       -honeycomb block

-Bee Nest             -bell

-Bee Hive             -respawn anchor(all 4stg)

-weeping vines   -twisted vines

-dark oak door   -dark oak trap door

-packed ice        -bamboo                              -and more! 





-more tools




some netherite tools

-some iron tools 


-more gold tools

-more items


-fishing rod

-totem of undying


-fint and steel

-wooden_sword      -diamond_hoe

-crossbow                -soulfire lantern         


New Items (v1.0.8)

-honeycomb                  -cauldron

-soul lantern                  -soul campfire

-eye of ender                -lantern

-full diamond armor (and when worn too) 

-shield                            -trident

-weath                            -jungle door

-nether star                   -end crystal

-bowl                             -book

-book and quil             -and many more! 


for all of you that downloaded the v1.0.7 are actually 10k plus thank you for downloading this pack! 

Changelog View more

*Added new block textures*

*honey update*

*Added new item textures*

*huge block update*

*added tons of new block*

*adjusted some block textures*

*adden little amount of items*

*added a bunch of new blocks*

*added more items*

*change the stone textures*

added more block

added more items 

some minor fixes


has made the description and brief description more detailed as the admin said

*changed the pictures to in game pictures as the admin said*

maded it into more detailed submission as you wanted. 


-added new blocks

-added new items

-changed new title





for instalation click the first link to download the mcpack 

click it to open and use minecraft as the unzipper

for the zip file use the second link and extract it at 



Supported Minecraft versions




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60 Responses

4.5 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Guest-4984711132 says:

    I cant download a zip file, as it does not even say its a zip or a mcpack. Can anyone make a tutorial?

  2. bowtie_tm says:

    The blooks look amazing,.but the health and hunger bars look terrible. Also, with some tools, there are random pixels.

  3. Guest-9534240146 says:

    Hi I Just Wanna Ask If What Is The Resolution Of This Pack? Cause My Phone Can Only Handle 128×128 Below…

  4. CubeMaster says:

    Sands don’t look good while close to each other & is there a way to change grass? they don’t fit grass blocks

  5. Raner1ha3 says:

    (just recommented)
    Hi there!
    i wanna ask all of you to participate even your have r1h3d or not!
    do you wanna change the tool textures?
    or do you want it the way it is?

  6. Guest-1131312391 says:

    (Im Raner1ha3)
    Hi there!
    i wanna ask all of you to participate even your have r1h3d or not!
    do you wanna change the tool textures?
    or do you want it the way it is?

  7. Guest-2894539491 says:

    This is some really Greta work you’ve done here keep it up, also I’ve noticed that when you have items stacked in your inventory the numbers are a bit apart, if you could fix that it would be awsome, but all n’ all this is a really nice pack

  8. Guest-5770947320 says:

    Hi i like the texture i,ve been using it for a while it,s very great keep it up

  9. Guest-9596284548 says:

    Can you make a 64x version? My device won’t run 128x or higher

  10. Guest-3896485982 says:

    this plus some kind of really good shaders =

    A weaker version of RTX

  11. xiaobo says:

    Can you authorize me to send this texture to the Minecraft China, I want a commercial license

  12. Guest-5821916928 says:

    On listen not to sound like your needy boy/girlfriend but I have been searching for hours upon hours across town of websites. This pack is the closest thing to just the regular resource pack for bedrock I could find (no offense) and it really isn’t the same. Can someone please show me the right direction to download a second copy of the regular resource pack?

  13. Guest-3604919841 says:

    plz make for 1.14.60

  14. Dr HER0BRINE says:

    Small question, will this work for 1.14.60? Also I can’t wait for this pack to be finished, I’ve been waiting for a 3d resource like this for a while. Great Job :]

  15. Guest-8664320918 says:

    Man, you deserve more than 5 stars, you respond to every comment, seems like you really care with the feedback, you are amazing, keep it up!

  16. Guest-7681262002 says:

    nice recource pack,but if you can re-order the download link will be awesome!😂i can’t figure out which is the newest one so i download all file and combine then in 1 folder

  17. Guest-5545651620 says:

    Very nice texture pack mixing it with shaders is really cool. It looks like minecraft rtx but with 3d Blocks. I Suggest mixing this up with 3d Item Physics,R1H3D Pack.Chocapic Shader
    And btw thx for the texture pack your really cool im looking forward to use more of your texture packs

  18. Guest-3368141278 says:

    Can you downgrade this pack for 1.14?

  19. This reason why custom blocks addons dont work on 1.16 is because they changed the format for them.

  20. Guest-3712788565 says:

    in the texture of the starky he modified the stones, and it was not very good, so be careful, his texture has potential, good luck and good work

  21. Raner1ha3 says:

    hi there what addon would you like next?

  22. Guest-2057279968 says:

    The texture packs makes my world all invisible except for mobs can you fix this? I play on IOS. Pls fix it I really want the pack pleeaaase

  23. Guest-3308078374 says:

    I love the textures there Amazing and your Amazing

  24. Guest-4276824461 says:

    the link is broken pls fix or can you give me a new link

  25. Guest-9495412006 says:

    Not bad, definitely not too intrusive. But some of the textures do seem a bit smudged and blurry.

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