Rabbits! Addon

Ever wondered why we can’t tame Rabbits, even thought they are common house pets just like Dogs, cats and parrots? This addon allows you to tame them like they used to on Minecraft Snapshots.

This addon introduces a new rabbit breed, found commonly alongside normal rabbits and the ability to tame rabbits.


To start off, you’ll need a carrot, interact with a rabbit using a carrot to tame (33% chance)

You have now tamed a rabbit! Right click to make it sit, it will automatically follow you and teleport if you are too far away, you can also name them using a nametag.

Use any seed to recover their health

Wolves, foxes and cats do not attack bunnies anymore, this means you can safely traverse with your rabbit on a village or next to a pack of wolves.

Rabbits also have increased health, from 3 to 8.

New Breed

Lop Rabbits will spawn naturally the same way as rabbits do, there’s no difference from normal rabbits other than their floppy ears.


Rabbits will scare away Ravagers the same way they used to do in older snapshots of Minecraft, extremely useful against Raids, so make sure you bring one with you!


Use wheat seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds and beetroot seeds on a tamed rabbit

The baby will randomly inherit one color of their parents in case they have different colors and the ear type of one of the parents.

Keep in mind that the baby will not be automatically tamed, you’ll have to use a carrot as normally.

Changelog View more
  • Fixed bug that caused lop rabbits to be way rarer than common rabbits.
  • Lop Rabbits can scare away ravagers.
  • New 'Lop' Breed added
  • Rabbits will now scare away Ravagers
  • You can now use seeds on rabbits to recover their health.

Changed the addons download link for quick and easier completion.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.100 1.6

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10 Responses

5 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. JimVersusJeb says:

    Do you have a discord?

  2. JimVersusJeb says:

    I’ve been playing this addon for a few weeks and it’s my favourite pets addon ever, to i think the cutest thing ever would be a rabbit with one lop ear and one sticking up ear if u could do that if be so grateful!!

  3. Great! But, can you make texture pack so that all rabbit’s ears can be floppy?

  4. Wings says:

    This is really cool! As someone who owns rabbits it makes me so happy you decided to make this!

  5. JimVersusJeb says:

    Are seeds meant to make rabbits pets because if so, it doesn’t work for me

  6. Spyguy10078 says:

    Make a Ridable ravager please please pls pls pls plz plz plz plz

  7. RISALZI says:

    Great add-on,i get a better survival experience with your add-on

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