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Published on June 22, 2017 (Updated on June 22, 2017)

Racing Kit (Demo Track) [Minigame]

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Download doesn't work anymore plz make more download options
Can u race with NPC's on this map?
I absolutely love this map! I was wondering if you could post the behavior and textures seperate from the map. I want to use them in another world of mine, but I couldn't find the packs in my selection because it is world specific. If you could do this it would be amazing!
Make a pack for it
Looks amazing gotta get my friends to play
For anyone wondering about the power ups in the map, watch the video.
I would definitely love to see more tracks with this addon.
Wow the cool race map. BTW. You can add this Addon. Because, i want to build track with my Friends.
What Replaces The Aquatopia
Can you make bendy and the ink mahine
Awesome I'm going to upload this map on my YouTube channel :D Thanks all credit goes to you
The models are incredible! Thats insane!
Best add-on ever
I haven't even downloaded it and it look.....AMAZING! How did you changed the texture to do that? Wow your really good :) BTW First comment!
You're really not tho.
Maybe he meant the first comment he's ever made.