Raffi’s Calculator 2 [Redstone]

Here’s a highly advanced calculator entirely powered by redstone (and blocks, but no pistons). Use it to calculate any of your math problems. It supports addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and so much more.  If you experience any problems then write a comment and it’ll be fixed. Make sure to read the user manual in-game to learn more about the functionalities.

Creator: theRaffii
Updated: 5 March, 2018

Calculator Features

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • 15 seven segment displays
  • A beautiful operation display
  • Supports negative numbers
  • Maximal input of 1023 per input
  • Easy to control
  • Minecraft v1.1.5+


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72 Responses

3.37 / 5 (30 votes)
  1. Some guy says:

    Umm so 19+19 is 334876 wow

  2. Danfan says:

    I put in 9 + 10 and it said 21

  3. Vicarialgerm82 says:

    It wouldn’t work with me:\ on and my render distance can only be as high as 6

  4. CraftyCharles says:

    Hey TheRaffii can you please teach me how to build it please or create a youtube video toturial for this calculator. please. i have built a calculator but not as good as yours. mine is just 4-bit and can do addition and subtraction not multiplication and division. please teach me or shoul i say us. please theraffii. cool map dude.

  5. Detmondyou says:

    Who knew 45/9 was 360453? But seriously, nice work man.

  6. ZipGG3333333 says:

    Nice Calculator 45+2=1 impressive ;]

  7. MrRoboMooshroom says:

    looks awesome tho

  8. MrRoboMooshroom says:

    i imported the world but i still cant find it

  9. Anonymous says:

    Good map but every time I calculate, it says 24 and then goes to 0.

  10. Rainer says:

    I download but mcpe cant open this i hate glitches mineplex is broken youtube is glitched its broken and glitchi day for me. Nothing work.

  11. ziadkarim386 says:

    it doesent download it says level import finished but i do not find it

  12. Unknown says:

    Looks good but every time I download the map it puts me on a random world that the chunks won’t load in and when I move it puts me in water with and island and a lot of squids. Please help

  13. SoccerNickC says:

    The link on MC world takes me to a blank world. Can u help!!!

  14. LM7 says:

    but sadly I can’t check it out cuz my device crashes right after importing world.
    I tried to force it in by modifying game files but Minecraft still crashes.
    Device: iPad Pro 9.7 OS: iOS 10.2

  15. Sidthecow says:

    The map would not open. The app would crash every time 🙁

  16. IICOOLDUDE5001 says:

    This Is AWESOME!! But here’s a challenge for raffi (or anyone else) try to make PAMA from Minecraft Story Mode using this calculator as a base for the CPU! 😀

    • theRaffii says:

      Thanks so much! Btw: Lol that sounds funny xD but i think i would need to make a seperate cpu for that… if you see a creation in the future about pama built by me.. GO CHECK IT OUT xD

  17. FutureKraft says:

    I have an ipad 3, its really old. Whenever it says Importing World, my game crashes! :(:(:(:(:(:(
    But judging from the screenshots, it looks so cool!

    • theRaffii says:

      Thanks man! I’m so sorry you cant download it ! 🙁 lets hope i’ll get a good video.. buut i’m really bad at making stuff like that so it’ll take a while until i can upload a video about that 😀

  18. Emily says:

    Whenever I try to download the map, it always crashes my Minecraft. I tried a hard shut down on my phone and still the same thing happened. Please fix. This seems like a really cool map.

  19. MT714 says:

    Hi the Raffy
    Really nice map, even if super-laggy.
    You should update the map and use the /tickingarea command as much as you can to load the furthest chunks of the machine, so people do not need to go all over the map to load it but just a little bit over the display. I don’t know if it’s possible (because if the little dimensions of the area you want to tick) or if you’ve already tryed but you should try anyways

  20. AgateLizard1880 says:

    Omg How many years/decades did it took you???

  21. A13X0823 says:

    I can’t play the map, I download it and then it crashes my game after the importinf world step, I checked the file and nothing seems weird either, I’m on iOS mcpe 1.1.5

  22. Chief_lucky says:

    The game closed when I try to open the map 🙁

  23. England is My City😂😂 says:

    The Creation is Already Been Invented But This is Way more cooler than The Old Mcpe Calculator

    • theRaffii says:

      That was my goal with it 😀 planning on doing an even better one with bigger inputs and better functionality 😉

  24. LUCKYBLOCK17o says:

    Nice Map And it works but can you add teleport command to the redstone center of your map so we can load the map fast.😉

  25. Matt says:

    What ever I put in I always end up with 65536. I’m waiting a good 5 seconds between numbers and it doesn’t work is their anything else i’m doing wrong. Great map either way!

    • theRaffii says:

      Yes! Try seting your render distance to 12 or above and reload all chunks. It should technically work! For me it did 😉

  26. cs127 says:

    Is this for real? Anything that I calculate will result in 361485.

    • cs127 says:

      And now I’ve reset the map, now everything results in 1792.

      • cs127 says:

        I don’t even need to reset, I reload the map, everything will be zero, then I explore around the whole calculator to load the chunks, then it works but then I get another random number for result.

        Seriously, is this map a joke?

        • theRaffii says:

          It always worked for me 😛 I would really like to help you.. Did you set your render distance to 12 or above? It should really work…

    • theRaffii says:

      Should not. Ste your render distance to 12 or above and reload all chunks. Then it should work fine..

  27. LAZZA says:

    My video on it 😁

  28. Anonymous says:

    Hello theRaffii,
    Thanks for this great map.
    I cant imagine how much work must have been in this map
    How long did you work on this map?
    But sadly my calculator doesn’t work for me…
    It could do simple math like 5+5, but you’ve promised us much more.
    I know its difficult, but it doesn’t work for me.

    • theRaffii says:

      Hey Anonymous.
      Did you set your render distance to 12 Chunks /+?
      And please read the instrucions carefully! New version is on the way 😉

  29. Hc says:

    When i calculate 8 times 8 it gives me the number 65536

  30. I belive I can fly says:

    Broken too…..

  31. The mischief man says:

    Nope… always wrong awnser 👎👎😡😡

    • theRaffii says:

      Hey The mischief man!
      It is important to set the render distance to 12 /+ Chunks, and to read the “How to use”. update is on the way :=)

  32. Mason Ng says:

    Hmm…. when I put numbers example 4+4 and it = is 0 or 2 could you fix that a bit of problems….. because it’s New of the map XD

  33. Brian Dickson says:

    This is a good idea to teach kids there maths and Minecraft!

  34. Jeff says:

    Impressive 😉

  35. MegaroaD says:


  36. David says:

    Hello! I downloaded your calculator and it is really impressive! I can’t even imagine how much work must have gone into those circuts. Unfortunately, it is broken for me. No matter what I put in, it returns the answer as 494. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

    • Melvin Ng says:

      Same too…. when I put 2+2 then it equals 1034….. what kind of math is that my mom said….. please fix it and tell us the issues! And also please feedback us……

    • theRaffii says:

      Did you also load in the whole map?

    • Sausagecraft says:

      for me too , whatever i put it comes 9104

      • theRaffii says:

        hmmm… the only reason for why this error occures is, that the world wasnt loaded fully (=load the map correctly by activating all chunks with redstone included=flying over the machine. ) let me update the map so you guys get a better explanation on how to use the map! if the error still happens, please tell me 🙂

      • theRaffii says:

        Hey guys!
        I found out it is important to:
        1. Load the entire map once
        2. Set render distance to 12 Chunks /+
        in order to make the machine work! new version with some detailed explanation of how to use is on the way 😉
        thanks for your help

  37. DevlinPlayzYT says:

    Nice redstone dude 😉 5/5

  38. favourite redstone says:

    Thanks “the Raffii” is cool map ツ!!!

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