Rage Decor // Furniture Add-On

Fairy lights are here! Download update to to get 56 furniture pieces in your minecraft world! Did I mention that they are SURVIVAL FRIENDLY?ย Yes, you can craft to your hearts desire to obtain the furniture pieces!

How does the addon work?

Creative mode:

  • All furniture items will display in the creative menu. Simply search “rage decorto see all available furniture that the addon offers.

Survival mode:

  • There are 2 ways to obtain furniture; Buying them from laptop or crafting them in crafting bench.
  • The how to play screen has been transformed into a recipe book for this addon. Browse threw the tabs to select the crafting recipe you want.

How to craft furniture:

  • You first need to craft the blueprint of the furniture piece you want in a crafting table. Check the recipe book on the top side next to the close marker in the crafting menu.
  • Once you crafted the blueprint, then you need a workstation to convert it into furniture.

  • In order to craft the new FAIRY LIGHTS, you need to upgrade your workbench with a upgrade token! Check out the how to play screen in minecraft, so see more tutorials and recipes!

Changelog View more

Added fairy lights

New tools:ย  Rotate objects and tv remote


Supported Minecraft versions


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23 Responses

4.9 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. THEDARKWOLF9669 says:

    Lovely mod :] Suggestion: LGBTQ Pride flags?
    (Just a suggestion, :])

  2. MelloweenPasteliix says:

    Thank you so much ,The whole community has been asking for this

  3. itismemayro says:

    Can you add kitchen cabinets, counters and trash can, also make so that all wood chairs can be made with all wood stairs

  4. LouisV says:

    Your addons are cool!

    • LouisV says:

      But i’ll be waiting until this addon is fully complete because my city got corrupted once because i tried updating the yummy food addon (spoiler alert: the city was gone)

  5. Haze says:

    this is great ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love how itโ€™s survival friendly and the link takes you directly download .

  6. Muyhem says:

    This sh’t good

  7. LilOof says:

    Salut ,ton mod est completement geniale et il est parfait pour la survie ,est ce que d’autre decoration arriverons plus tard ?et aussi pourrait tu faire en sorte qu’on ne passe plus a travers les deco merci d’avance ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. itismemayro says:

    oops sorry forgot to give 5 stars

  9. Ailhart Taiga says:

    Thank you this is cool btw

  10. itismemayro says:

    This is cool

  11. Nialand studios says:

    Me encanta tu addon

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