Rahee’s Digital Clock [REVAMP]

Basic Info:

Remember Rahee’s Digital Clock Texture?

I made it again with 7 new colors and added 24 hour time format. With this pack you can use Clock (Crafted from iron and redstone) more efficiently. You can also change color of it in-game. As it’s 32×32 if will cause very little lag. 

Pack Name: Rahee’s Digital Clock [REVAMP]

Resolution: 32x (Twice Better than Vanilla)

Pack Size: 150 KB

Pack Type: Texture Pack (not an ADD-ON)

System Requirements: 2 GB RAM for access to all colors

Supported Game Versions: 1.12-1.16

Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows 10

Available colors: Black, white, red, green, blue, yellow, purple, pink [8 colors]

Note: You can’t use all colors if your device is weak (1 GB RAM Devices)

Check for screenshots, changing clock color, download link below.

Made in Bangladesh??
by DotCraft Studios


White Clock 12HR – Sunrise

Black Clock 12HR – Sunset

Red Clock 24HR – Night

Green Clock 24HR – Sunrise

I am too lazy to take screenshot of all clock colors.

How to change clock color:

1. Activate the pack

2. Click the gear icon

3. Use the slider to select your desired color

4. Quit the game and open it again

5. DONE!!

Contact us: 

E-mail: [email protected]

Discord: Rahee#6879

Facebook (Fast Response): DotCraft Studios


Changelog View more

Update #2

▪ Download links FIXED

▪ Updated this article 


How to Download:

1. Confirm CAPTCHA

2. Wait for 20 seconds

3. Click "Get Link"

4. Download MCPACK or ZIP (Both are same, just different installation method)

How to Install:



Windows 10


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16



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9 Responses

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  1. Silver Claw YT says:


  2. i have an idea for another clock, it has the shape of a hourglass/sand clock, the frame its made out of gold and instead of sand it has redstone inside, also at the top and bottom there is a blue line (day) and a black line (night) once a day passes it will flip to the night line (nothing fancy just flip the textures upside down)

  3. Meh6543583 says:

    Lol so your saying that weak devices for your pack are the ones that have one gig of ram
    I can use al the colors with 486 megabytes of ram lmao, but still good tho

  4. zygh0st says:

    Hey uh, a few of issues with the 24 hour clock:

    1. The time is backwards, it says 00:00 at noon and 12:00 at midnight.

    2. Also, with 24 hour time the 0 preceding the hour is required in order to denote the fact that it’s 24 hour and for field length purposes (the latter isn’t a concern in this case, I’m just saying)

    3. The text is all misaligned and changes from 2 digit hours to hours with single digits. I suspect this is an effect of auto-centering text in whatever you used to create the images.

    4. If you’re going for the digital clock look, and from the appearance of the clock itself I assume so, the numerical fields should be monospaced. As in a 0 takes 3 pixels and a 1 should take 3 as well. Example (hopefully):
    # #
    # #


    Yeah that likely looks like total garbage without a monospaced font, epic ASCII art fail on my part..

    Anyway, I actually took the time to correct all of the aforementioned deficiencies (on my phone no less, so basically I manually redrew all of the digits to align and all of that..) I didn’t want to release it myself because the hard part was all you and that wouldn’t be right even if I did attribute it to you so I figured I’d offer it to you instead if you didn’t mind the fact that I’d fixed all of those things. I only changed the digits in the 24hr clock, nothing else. By all means tell me to go nail some Jello to a wall and come back when it sticks, I’m just a stickler for things being correct (as well as a veteran so it truly drove me up a wall that these rather minor things were present, can’t help it haha)

    Aside from that I think it’s great and I was glad someone thought of making the clock an actual clock with some precision cuz that’s one of the best ideas I’ve seen so far in my opinion!

  5. ASADVENTURE says:

    Wow! Perfect!

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