Raid Arena [PvP]

Raid arena is 2-5 player battle map with a randomly generated that was inspired by “Ruin Raiders”, fight with one of 6 interesting and unique characters! More characters and maps will be introduced as updates come along. Have fun playing this fun and exciting map!

How to play

1.) select a character 

2.) press the play button

3.) fight

4.) when someone has won, press the end game button

5.) repeat


About the characters 

Red: iron armor, iron sword, bow

Blue: iron armor, stone sword, crossbow, extra health, slowness

Yellow: leather armor, iron sword, bow, crossbow with quick charge, speed and jump boost effects

Green: chain armor, stone sword with sharpness, 3 crossbows, extra health

Orange: iron armor, iron sword, crossbow, shield

Cyan: leather armor, diamond sword, power bow

Lime: leather  armor, golden sword with fire aspect, power bow, speed and jump boost effects.

White: iron armor, iron sword, quick charge crossbow


Changelog View more

I Fixed bug with map generation and changed featured image.


Supported Minecraft versions


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3 Responses

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks cool. Lime looks OP

  2. TheWolf says:

    That’s Pretty Good !

  3. Sackboy92 says:

    Looks cool!

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