Raid Battle [2020] (New Zombie Mode)

Raid battle [2020] is the sequel to the map “raid battle” in this map you and up to 4 friends fight each other on pre-made maps with one of 10 characters; each of which have unique weapons and tools to fight each other with..



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(Also tell me if you found a bug or if the world file doesn’t work in the comments)

What is Raid Battle?

Raid Battle is a 2-5 player kit based battle map. It has 10 different kits with 3 different classes for the kits (offensive, defensive, mobility). There are also 10 unique maps that you can battle on. There is also 2 different modes besides the main battle mode that you can play (Battle Royale and zombie mode). Raid Battle gets updated about once a month so remember to check back soon!

Changelog View more

Fixed the title screens image size. Other than that I did nothing.

Added 2 new kits

Added 2 new maps

Added pve zombie mode

Nerfed Blue

Buffed Purple

bug fixes

And more

Added 3 new kits 




Added 3 new maps




Added a battle Royale mode

Bug fixes

Redone the lobby

Redone all the Kits

Redone All the maps

Added a new map: “Terracotta Town”

Changed name from “Raid Battle X” to “Raid Battle [2020]”

Put a zip file and mcworld download for the website.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta) 1.16

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