Rainbow Adventure!

Rainbow Adventure is a very cool map created by the cre8 team that consists of passing through various levels with different puzzles, such as find the button, parkour, monster arena and other puzzles that you will have to pass to win the game.

Complete the different puzzles to complete the game!

*Play alone or call a friend to venture out with you!

Created by: Team Cre8

Tester:  XxxMine76

Contact: [email protected]

Youtube: Cre8 Studio

Hope you like it!

Changelog View more

New game mode added

all bugs have been fixed

Several constructions were changed

Multiplayer has been fixed

fixed many bugs and improved the map

we changed the download link

we changed a lot of commands and now the minigame works 100%


-To go through the shortener just wait 5 seconds and press forward, after that you will go to mediafire.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14

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13 Responses

2.86 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. Guest-9557556744 says:


  2. Guest-8609084285 says:

    it looked like a great map but it just diddnt work

  3. Guest-3778867760 says:

    I could not make it through the ads

  4. Hello says:

    I can’t open it in Minecraft! It says failed to import! sofjsaofsadjfsahdfuhdasuhfpsidahfsadjfoiasdf

  5. STOP ADFLY! says:

    I can’t download it nor play it. Your Ad Malware shortner link forces me to enable desktop notifications to be able to proceed and “prove you’re not a robot”. I WILL NOT ENABLE DESKTOP NOTIFICATIONS. These will be advertisements spamming my notification tray. I cannot play your map, hence the 1 star review. A selfish attempt to make money. You clearly don’t care about your consumers, and the risk you are putting them at with this link. Please change it to a DIRECT LINK.

    • We apologize, but we need to use the link shortener, we live in a poor country and this money we make helps us a lot, so we use link shorteners, like most map makers, the work of creating a complex map requires effort too big and can’t be in vain, we need some financial return from it.
      We apologize but we will continue to use link shorteners, if you have trouble passing, look for youtube tutorials.

  6. MJLCanadaUSA73 says:

    It took me ten tries to download and when it finally did it said level import failed.

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