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Published on March 17, 2015 (Updated on March 17, 2015)

Rainbow Derp Mod

Derp means foolishness or stupid. In no attempt to insult the mod creator it's probably still the best words to describe the logics in this mod.

Just because something is foolish though, doesn't mean it's useless. The Rainbow Derp Mod adds a Derpy-Ingot which can be used to craft several new rainbow colored tools with cool usability features.

Creator: UltraPeachMC, Twitter Account

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • RainbowDerpSpawnEgg (432)
  • Derp-Lizer (434) - 3 gold ingots + 6 iron ingots
  • Derpy-Sword (435) - 6 derpy-ingots + 3 sticks
  • Derpy-Hoe (436) - 2 derpy ingots + 2 sticks
  • Derpy-Shear (437) - 5 derpy ingots
  • Derpy-Ingot (438) - derpilize a mob with a Derp-Lizer and then kill it

How do I get the Derpy tools?

To begin with you will need to craft a Derp-Lizer item with 3 gold ingots and 6 iron ingots. Tap on any type of mod to derpilize it. Basically the mob will get a rainbow colored skin and when you kill the derpilized mob it will drop a Derpy-Ingot.

The Derpy-Ingots can then be used to craft the derpy tools.

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Derpy-Sword (435)

The Derpy-Sword deals 15 damage each hit.

Derpy-Shear (437)

Every time you use it on a sheep it will drop a random colored wool. It can be used as many times you want until a sheep dies.

Derpy-Hoe (436)

The only thing that makes it different from an ordinary hoe is its beautiful rainbow colors.

RainbowDerpSpawnEgg (432)

This item is a spawn egg which can be used to spawn a Derp mob with 30 health. It's a hostile mob so be careful.

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Please make a mediafire link. because I want it
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can you upload this to addon for mcpe pls! im give you 5 start pls!
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im can not download the pack dropbox say error im try again but error!
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can you help me plsssss im not want learn traffic plssssss!
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This being an MCWORLD would be great for iOS users
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Can it go on Amazon fire? Because I have it
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I really really want this I don't know if my other message sent because I didn't see it but I tried a lot to download it but that mod doesn't work so please please please put .mcworld to it :)
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Can you please make a download for .mcworld? Me and my friend LOVE derp stuff and if you add .mcworld to it, my friend and I will be SO happy!!
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Why I can't download it? Dropbox says :"Dropbox - 429". can you help me?
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Wait a little and try again later.
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im can not download the texture pack dropbox say learn traffic but im can not learn traffic pls help im know try again but error again plssss
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You said mod not mob
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