Rainbow Gems and Gears

Tired of typical minecraft weaponry? Want new swords, battle axes with terrifying damage? New gems, enchanted apples and many more things? Because today, I present you the Rainbow gems gears addon. A magnificent addon that adds 4 new gems, 4 new swords, 4 new battle axes, 4 new enchanted apples with powers special and their respective blocks! It also adds a new ore with a very special function: generate bottles of experience! 

This addon has been completely developed by me, in a span of a month, if you find errors just tell me in the comments 🙂

▪︎We will start with the swords and battle axes, all swords and battle axes add speed and permanent force below the damage and crafting of each one:

Rainbow Sword and battleaxe:

▪︎100 damage  —- 115 damage


Rainbow Ore:

▪︎Spawn in cape 0-128

▪︎This ore give Rainbow gem:

▪︎Recipe of Rainbow block:

Amethyst Sword and Battleaxe:

▪︎90 damage —- 105 damage



Amethyst Gem Ore:

▪︎this ore spawn in cape 10-128

▪︎Thys ore give Amethyst Gem

▪︎Recipe of Amethyst Block

Zafiro sword and Battleaxe:

▪︎80 damage —- 95 damage 



Zafiro ore:

▪︎This ore spawn in the cape 10-120

This ore give Zafiro ingot

▪︎Recipe of the zafiro block

Ruby sword and battleaxe:

▪︎70 damage —- 85 damage 



Ruby gem ore :

▪︎spawn in cape 20-128

This ore give Ruby gem ore:

▪︎Recipe of the ruby block:

Experience Dust Ore:

This ore give a experience dust

▪︎With experience dust you create a bottle experience:

▪︎Now I will show below all the crafting of the apples of each ore and their respective powers:

The powers:

▪︎Rainbow apple

▪︎Amethyst  apple:

▪︎Zafiro apple:

▪︎Ruby apple

(note) well, basically that would be the whole addon if not because it has … armor! but sadly when using them they bugguer for an error that I don’t know so here I leave you an image of all of them and their crafting in case you want to try them 🙁

▪︎All recipes of armors:

Well friends, that would be all about beta 2.0 of my addon. I hope I can improve it in the future and leave your comments to continue updating it ^ – ^!!!

Changelog View more

▪︎add al information of the damage to the swords and battle axes

▪︎translation of the featured image

▪︎add information video of my YouTube channel 

▪︎nothing more :)


  1. More information about the add-on (Spanish)

#1 download this addon

#2 export it to minecraft automatically

#3 enjoy :)


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  1. Mario Craft says:

    what the fuck

  2. Guest-1182488775 says:

    bruh I Did not get ANYTHING From this whoever made this is a f_ucking scammer who just wants to fill your storage

  3. Guest-1810128929 says:

    I did not get all the things on the this list that is a total lie f u c k the person who made this mod

  4. Guest-9830029630 says:

    Doesn’t work on iOS sadly

  5. Guest-2697006616 says:

    i don’t trust the mod will work because the size of the file is too small

  6. Guest-8066503698 says:

    Mine didn’t work, the ores, armors, etc didn’t appear in the game, ive also try to mine a big 100×100 place and there is isn’t any of those ores, only the texturepacks appear

  7. Guest-2070064771 says:

    Does this work with ios?

  8. Guest-2918982801 says:

    Lamento decirle pana que se nota el Minecraft Addon maker para android 😔🔥 (no merito minimo la horita que duro haciendo eso pana, si fuera hecho como masho hubieran sido semanas)

  9. Guest-6085563791 says:

    what about those sticks

  10. Guest-1289474134 says:


  11. Guest-9603076538 says:

    Armor fails

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