Rainbow Labyrinth

Hey you! Yeah you! Do you want to check out Rainbow Labyrinth? No? Oh come on! I spent SO MUCH FREAKING TIME on this, I don’t want it to go to waste. Wait. What was that? YOU WILL PLAY IT? THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Rainbow Labyrinth is a Parkour map, with everything from checking out the colors, exploring the outside, and even discovering new tactics in new levels! This map has got it all!

*For Admins*

If this submission lacks anything, PLEASE STATE IT IN THE NOTES!

To start off, you see one of four things: a sign that says “start game” with a button under it, a lectern with a book in it, a sign that says “colors” with a button under it, or a sign that says “explore map” with a button under it. First, read the book on the lectern (The Rules), then see the colors (optional), then start the game. IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED YOU DONT EXPLORE THE MAP ENTIRETY BEFORE ACTUALLY PLAYING IT! Thank you, and have fun!

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v1.01 Removed pog face from main image, requested by mods.

v1.02 Added more Images to description, requested by mods.

Pre-Release v1.1 - Removed "Pog" face from featured image as requested by an admin reviewing my submission


For Win 10: Export world

For Android: Using a File Explorer, move the world to the folder where your Minecraft worlds are stored


Supported Minecraft versions


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