Rainbow Particles

Do you wish the particles had more color? Then this texture pack is for you. Rainbow Particles is a texture pack that changes the particle color to a rainbow.

These are examples of some of the particles.

This is a video of the Particles in action. As you can see the particles have multiple colors.

You are allowed to

  • Share only this website to your friends
  • Subscribe to me
  • Use this in your video as long as your credit me using the link to this page

You are not allowed to

  • re-distribute this pack to other websites
  • make a profit off of this pack
  • Change this pack in any way

If I see this texture pack on other websites it will be taken down.

This texture pack is made by Minecraft Pro 672. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

This texture pack goes well with Critical Particle Multipliers.

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  • I hope you enjoy it
  • Changed Rainbow text in the introduction
  • Updated description
  • Changed photos
  • Changed Featured Image


Once you click on the link verify yourself then click on get link. Sorry for the ads. I use link shorteners to make a little money off of what I make. Thank you for supporting me.


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  1. Minecraft_is_cool says:

    What map is in the screenshots?

  2. klutzyy says:

    Isnt this from badtiger client , especially the front view paper doll?

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