Rainbow Road 4.5 [Roller Coaster]

Rainbow Road 4.5 is a very popular roller coaster map which got two previous releases to this one. Since the first release it has grown to become a very long and amazing looking roller coaster. As you can imagine by its name it’s built in only in joyful rainbow colors. Make sure to play it during night as it looks as most incredible then.

Creator: Chris102

rainbow1 rainbow2

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21 Responses

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  1. Matthew McKay says:

    Doesn’t work

  2. Lavalinater9000 says:

    I just downloaded this and I powered all the rails
    And soon I’ll upload it but I’m doing it because since the map was created before redstone existed then how would u even be able to ride it so I’m gonna upload it

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m trying to skip the add but it’s just opening a new page and then I’ll skip it again then it opens a new page and keeps doing that again and again and again.

  4. C-Webb says:

    How do you turn on the rails?

  5. Felipe Bermea says:

    Perfect not powered

  6. Jay says:

    How do you open this ??!!!!!!!

  7. Kitty515 says:

    This is awesome! Well,I cant find the starting point…

  8. Steve says:

    I’m not able to skip the ad please help me

    • Editor says:

      Tap on the “Skip Ad” button in the top-right corner of the screen. What happens if you try to do that?

      • David Wu says:

        When you click on it it goes back to another page and it goes in a loop

        • Editor says:

          Try reloading that page. Hopefully a new ad will be loaded and you won’t have the same issues again.

          • Childerboyz says:

            The Adfly goes to another, and then another, then to the final link

          • MCCiamur says:

            First It Says The Link Then 3x, If You Do ‘Skip Ad’. Then It Will Take You To The Same Link! But With 2x At The End! If You Do It Again, Then It Does The Same Link! But With 1x At The End! If You Do It Again, Then It Takes You Into The File Link In Dropbox! That’s What You Need To Do!

  9. Marcos says:

    This the best.

  10. Sam says:

    Awesome map!!! I had the first map when it came out and it got so big. Pretty cool.

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