Published on December 17, 2021 (Updated on January 06, 2022)

Raiyon's More Potions Addon (Compatible With Other Addons)

Are you looking for an addon for Minecraft 1.18?Tired of bedrock minecraft the vanilla potions?If so, this addon is for you!, adding 17 new and unique potions            

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-The pack_icon was updated

-Description was added to all potions

-The slime potion was added


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hi! love the potion mod but i have a req and its pretty hard. its a profile potion mod! its on the YTs video abt her biggest hater. if you can make it please make it mediafire downld and no linkvertise if you could tysm.
Remember those who are in the beta or the future 1.18.10 the button for the warden potion is "wild update"
Ayo great mod... anyway you can add a potion opposite to levitation ... one that makes things take more fall damage, i am trying to combo in pvp with the homies.
or even tipped arrows..
Redstone block for health boost is a little too op
i love all of your stuff i have downloaded so many of your other creations, just keep doing good my lord.