Ralph’s Default v0.3

This texture pack will change your Minecraft experience and make your Minecraft much much better. Download it now! No ads in your way also no need to pay. I made all the texture my self, inspired by JermsyBoy,bdubs,fwhip,blue nerd and stay true. 

Ralph’s default v0.3

Better chest I use blue nerds texture as a template only and made my own texture I use bdubs bed models as a template only and made my own texture Change back the old powders but whit a little bit of my own texture I use fwhips sands as a template only and made my own texture Change the grass New doors and glass Better plants texture 

New saplings 

Better planks texture 

Better tools and many more you just need to download it and explore my texture pack your self 

Changelog View more

New grass path block, new gravel texture, change back the old ui, new logo,new paintings

Change the double fern and tall grass, change the sands,bring back the old powders new bed /information I use some of the texture from bdubs,JermsyBoy,fwhip,blue nerd and stay true but only for the temple and I texture it my self its not copy it or stole it I just use it as my inspiration. 

I'm so sorry for the last update because my brother accidentally delete the zip and mcpack by accident but now it's OK to download. 

New chest new shield new trap chest fix the netherite item new fern better unlit campfire 

New plants texture and flowers update 

Also you will have a early access to painting update remember it's not done yet 

New water texture,armour models and i fix the birch colour

New tall grass and powder in a bag

And many more 


Zip:download the file,find it on your file go to download and copy or move to Minecraft resource pack

Mcpack:download the file if you can open open it on minecraft if not just do the first one

Please don't claim my hard work as yours and please credit me if your making a video about it. 


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36 Responses

4.57 / 5 (14 votes)
  1. My stepmom says:

    Can you please change the stone bricks?
    It looks weird thanks

  2. Vibezz says:

    Haven’t even downloaded it yet but just want to say I cant believe that on something you probaly spent a really long time you didn’t use adfly. Your just the best but i want to give you a suggestion you should +add adfly links extra so people can download for free ,or they can support you.

  3. 1una says:

    omggg, no way dude, this is so cool! This is so good especially since you’re new at this 😀 I was wondering if you were going to add the same textures for other things like the lanterns and cobblestone?

  4. AZLD says:

    Heres the stars btw

  5. AZLD says:

    I would rate this as an 8/10
    I see potentail to be better since youre inspired by other great creators/artist.

    Make the dark oak leaves a bit darker, to make them a bit more different.

    I have mix feelings with the stone bricks though.. Its nice but not so nice.. Idk

  6. EverythingGamesSamir says:


  7. Diogo31 says:

    Hello, I really liked your texture pack, but the buttons do not appear for those playing on the phone, I looked in the folders and saw that you didn’t put the buttons in the gui, so I deleted gui.png before the buttons came back but they don’t stay brown, I hope you fix it.
    If there is an error in the text or a meaningless word, I’m using the Google Translator, I’m from Brazil and I don’t know English.

  8. BlazingSheep75 says:

    I like it a lot! thank you so much for making these texture I’ve been searching for texture like this for so long

  9. QuantumP0Alt says:

    Hey Ralph, can you please add an option to remove the brown gui, it just messes with my eyes, overall great texture pack

  10. RainWhatsup says:

    I hope you fix the text color on some of the buttons in the pause and main menu (if you can). its gray and it doesnt blend well with brown cuz i cant see it very well. But other than that, amazing Texture pack! I love it, it goes well with my shaders. keep up the good work 🙂

  11. lolo d1az says:

    Incredible texture pack! can I use it on my roleplay server?

  12. a random pigeon says:


    • The colors are not the same but the size yes and its just a coincidence if you don’t want to believe me well so be it I’m not trying to steal some ones art like ho em I. It’s true that his first to make it and I don’t realise it I don’t even know that bug texture is already made like I said I’m new at texture making if you don’t like my powder in a bug texture Ill change It don’t worry next update it will be gone thank you for telling I appreciate it.

    • Vibezz says:

      Who cares if he copied them he’s not even making any money from this post.

  13. Wow! Those are very nice textures! I wish you will add more nice textures! I think they even better than vanilla)

  14. Vensium says:

    the .zip download is not working could you fix it?

  15. a random pigeon says:

    I love the texture pack! But… you stole the bag textures for powders from “Powder bags” on mcpedl

  16. Dragon0087 says:

    I’m also doing something like this, cool to see other people getting inspired from Jermsyboy.

  17. Yram67 says:

    This is maybe one of the BEST texture packs I have. Good job!

    • VoidDoesMinecraft says:

      …. Please Credit The Creator of Stay True. You have took Stay True’s Grass as i proposen. Or Other People Too.. Or a simple way, People not too Credit you. By crediting Other creators, Or textures is in the pack. Like Jermsyboy and Stay true.. You could get copyrighted also. And show proof that you have the perm to make that. Thanks i appreciate your work, but credit the people you took.

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