Random Fishing

Catch any one of 1651 random blocks/items every time you go fishing! Everything from dirt blocks, to Elytra, to Command Block Spawn Eggs, to Enchanted books, to Education Edition items. Best of luck!


(Disclaimer: There is no bright yellow question mark included in the pack)

This pack changes out the default fishing loot table, for a loot table that can give the player one of nearly any item in the game. As of right now, there are 1651 entries that you can fish up (including multiple entries for things like enchantments). This pack gives you the chance to get Bedrock, Mob spawners, Spawn eggs, and much much more! All you have to do is go fishing, and you’ll get a random drop. Good luck, and happy fishing!

(All items other than the Lure III fishing rod in this screenshot were caught randomly)

Pack by MrPiedPiper
Concept provided by Phwee

How to change the catches to enable/disable Education items

  • Go to your world’s Behavior Packs page in the world settings
  • Press on the Random Fishing pack (not the “Read More” text)
  • Press the settings button
  • From there, you should see a slider allowing you to choose whether you want all items (including Education items), or just Vanilla!

Changelog View more
  • Added a slider to choose between including Education items or not (default is Vanilla only)
  • Added any new blocks/items from 1.16
  • Actually removed the painting spawn egg
  • Added a ZIP download option
  • Changed the featured image to match the new edit of the image
  • Small correction from the last update, the "Painting" spawn egg was removed. Not the "Balloon".
  • Edited the install directions to include links to MCPEDL's guide pages
  • Removed the Balloon spawn egg, as it crashes games. (Thanks to Glen for the report)
  • Added other Education Edition workstations (Thanks to Phwee for the report)
  • Fixed a typo so now instead of 1 broken spawn egg, there are 2 working ones.
  • Fixed the item counts to account for changes
  • Minor changes to the main image
  • Added a small warning to the description
  • Removed some glitch-y leaves that would not let you move them from their inventory slot (Thanks to Phwee for the report)
  • Modified description for the new item count
  • Added credits (bottom of the description)
  • Made some light modifications to the main image


Just open the mcpack file, and it should auto-install the pack in your game!

If you would like more directions, check out these pages for how to install this on your device:


Supported Minecraft versions


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87 Responses

4.48 / 5 (21 vote)
  1. Metalpaddyb1844 says:

    It seems like such a cool mod! i just wish it could be available for 1.14, since i have education edition.

  2. Guest-1629435079 says:

    i got a random spawn egg when i place it it summon a wither

  3. Hello, I really like the addon!!! Can I use it in a modpack please? I will not use the modpack for any money and I will also credit you. But if you don’t allow me to use it, that’s Ok.

  4. Guest-2303074580 says:

    Can you make a type where there are no glich items

  5. Guest-6248732724 says:

    Heyo! Love this addon! Could you make a version without the Education Edition MC items tho? It’s glitches my world so bad😅

  6. Guest-3898508896 says:

    Could you make an alternate version that only uses Vanilla items (and things like Glowing Obsidian, Nether Reactor Core, Glitched Mushroom Blocks, Glitched Slabs, etc.).

  7. Guest-9671629735 says:

    it said that the download is not a correct zip or something, whats that about?

  8. Guest-5339234774 says:

    Hi i have two questions for you,how to fix update items,that items keep my mc crashing,and can you make this for original mc, and please answer

  9. Guest-5339234774 says:

    Hi i have two questions for you,how to fix update items,that items keep my mc crashing,and can you make this for original mc

  10. Guest-2092351498 says:

    No va dice que el archivo ZIP es inválido

  11. Guest-2207900400 says:

    Rip doesnt work was excited too but the dl link doesnt work

  12. Guest-9509917304 says:

    Hello I just wanna say I love this addon and I added it to my xbox world map however i did manage to pull an item frame and its bound to my inventory. I cant drop it from my hot bar or inventory, nor can it even be moved around in my inventory. Not sure if its something on my end or something from the addon. Also theres a lot of blocks with update on them. Still a great addon, love being able to catch things for my world which i wouldnt have been able to obtain any other way

  13. Guest-6729474006 says:

    It doesn’t let me download the mcpack

  14. TheSkullCreeper says:

    Which spawn egg number did you remove?
    I’m pretty sure the Painting Spawn Egg is value 83. I even looked it up.

    • I just compared the entity list to the list of spawn eggs. I apparently got rid of… nothing…? Whoops 😅

      I’ll be sure to remove the painting to ensure no crashes in the next update around when the Nether update releases.

  15. Guest-1141758136 says:

    I love it, perfect for my skyblock world. However i did manage to pull an item frame and its bound to my inventory. I cant drop it from my hot bar or inventory, nor can it even be moved around in my inventory. Not sure if its something on my end or something from the mod but without dying i see know other way get rid of it. Also theres a lot of blocks with update on them. Ive turned on experimental game play so idk what else to do. Still a great mod, love being able to catch things for my skyblock which i wouldnt have been able to obtain any other way👏🏻

    • That’s not good, I’ll do some testing before the next update to go through the item frames and see if I can fix that. Thanks for letting me know!

      Most of the update blocks are from Education Edition’s blocks, so if you wanted to see them correctly you’d need to enable “Education Edition” in your world’s settings. I plan to make a version of the pack that would make you not just get a ton of those, so a fix for the huge amount of you get fishing will be here fairly soon ^-^

  16. Redfoxtrystman says:

    I’m on xbox one. I imported a map from the Xbox one edition minecraft. It crashes and the block I see says update. Freezed screen and all. I think it has to do with the old map and not the mod. Just wanted to give you a heads up

  17. Guest-8239609721 says:

    (TheSkullCreeper logged out, can’t log in)
    I tried Mob Loot Randomization with this loot table, and it works.
    You should actually try randomizing every possible loot table in the game!

  18. TheSkullCreeper says:

    I just got the Painting spawn egg.
    You said you removed it.

  19. TheSkullCreeper says:

    Could you make one for Mob Loot Tables?

  20. User-5949737766 says:

    Can I use it in my Skyblock map?

  21. User-8922912090 says:

    Hey, I really love this mod. Me and my friends use this on our realm, and it’s amazing. I just wish the rarity of education edition items was lowered. Those things are useless.

    I’ve a question. Think you could tell me all 1514 items that are possible to get with this mod. It would help a lot.


    • Glad you like the pack! : D
      I’ll probably do something about the education items in the next version. Should make things much nicer ^-^

      When you download the pack, you can find the loot table at: Loot tables > gameplay > fishing.json
      It’s just a text file, so you should be able to open it up and check out the items available.

  22. Airsoft356 says:

    Does this replace fish?

    • The current version changes the loot table for fishing. So instead of getting one of the normal fishing drops, you get one of (currently 1514) possible items. So you’re not very likely to catch a fish 😛
      Normal fish just swimming around in the river are fine, too.

      I’m thinking about making the randomization specific to an enchant, but for the time being, it’s always active.

  23. Anonymous says:

    cool i griefed a disabled kid with this

  24. :) says:


  25. Grumpy says:

    Dude, I really want it but both downloads are zip. Please make an actual mcpack.

  26. Pixilgamer159 says:

    Could U Make A Version Of This Addon Where Instead Of Getting One Item, You Get A Whole Stack?

  27. Anonymous says:

    Does this need experimental enabled?

    • It shouldn’t need Experimental Mode, no.
      Though, there are alot of Education Edition blocks that you can catch, but those will just show as update blocks. So it’s completely playable in just regular ol’ Minecraft!

  28. Temmie says:

    Please make a zip download file its the actual only way for ios people to download it in version 13

  29. Victor says:

    How do I install in iOS 13?

  30. cookie says:

    very good addon

  31. Mailson Wei says:

    I been waiting for this for so long!! i have the idea of making the fishing random but i dont know how to make so i wait for someone to make it!! I also made a video about it and hope you dont mind!! I give five star!! 😀

  32. Mario says:

    It doesnt work on 1.13.1

  33. Glen says:

    I got a painting spawn egg. I don’t know if you chose the spawn eggs separately or if it is every spawn egg, but the painting spawn egg crashed the game.

  34. Popularmmos says:

    I would use this in a survival series

  35. Memulous says:

    Very unique and interesting

  36. Anthonoir says:

    Does it work on Realm?

  37. A Minecraft Player says:

    Will the pack be updated when a new version of Minecraft be released?

  38. U.N.Derfell says:

    Very useful

  39. Marisol Araya Zuñiga says:


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