Random Mob Drops

Ever get bored of the normal Minecraft mob drops, to you ever find Minecraft too hard? Well i did so i made this mod for you! This mod lets you get insane loot from just killing animals! This applies to every entity in the game so there is bound to be something funny and interesting in this. This was really hard to make so I would appreciate it if you checked it out :).

This mod changes what animals and other entities drop when they are killed but not blocks so you can have this in your Minecraft world without it being too confusing! The are over 50 different changes but i guarantee that you will keep finding more! One of my personal favourites is that when you kill a horse – you get a pufferfish!

Zombie pigmen drop beef, leather and sometimes tridents!

And slime drop seagrass!

And there is some even crazier stuff you will have to find for yourself!

This addon allows you to find a unique way to get each item and in a fun way too! With just a few clicks you can have random loot drops in no time! This took a lot of effort but i think it was worth it with how many fun possibilities you can get out of this mod!

Make sure to comment down below your favourite mob drop!

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Added some more information about the drops in the mod without giving too much away!


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  1. Guest-5437919576 says:

    Work in 1.16?

  2. Guest-9756292955 says:

    you cant obtain ender pearls in survival killing mobs so you can’t get to the end, wasted 6 hours trying to go to the end you get the ender pearls from zombie horses which can’t spawn in survival

  3. Guest-3158219903 says:

    It just sends me to a scam site…..

  4. Guest-9120313185 says:


  5. Guest-8222237271 says:

    uhhhhhhhhhhh does it change everytime?

  6. adoxgirl says:

    I hope villagers of different professions and zombie villagers have different drops

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