Random Superflat Presets

It’s August and again we do a monthly superflat presets! There are 8 presets in this pack from some suggestions on some players from just random superflat presets for Bedrock!

Here is the list of all presets:

1. Oceanic

A new version of Water World! Endermen also go here and they’ll swim.

Layers: 23× water, 1× sea grass, 39× sand, 1× bedrock

2. Stone World

This preset is just stone and bedrock! This can be useful to create underground survival.

Layers: 1× bedrock, 125× stone, 1× bedrock

3. Redstone Ready v2

A version two of the classic Redstone ready preset! The world only consists of iron block.

Layers: 64× block of iron

4. Webby Atmosphere

A superflat preset only contains cobweb from bottom to top!

Layers: 127× cobweb

5. Savanna

A savanna superflat world!

Layers: 1× grass block, 3× dirt, 59× stone, 1× bedrock

6. Void (With Invisible Bedrock)

Void, but with Invisible Bedrock below the world!

Layers: 1× Invisible Bedrock

7. Notes Flat

(No screenshot because of preset loads too slowly)

A musical flat world! Every step is a note block!

Layers: 1× oak pressure plate, 1× note block, 1× dirt, 1× bedrock

8. Melon Madness

Every step, a melon will break!

Layers: 1× oak pressure plate, 1× melon block, 1× piston, 1× bedrock

You can also message us on Xbox or on Discord for a preset suggestion! 

Xbox: MinelogicMC

Discord: Minelogic#1132

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  1. DankGekouga says:

    this helps out a lot cuz i hate doing redstone on a normal flat world unlike java where there is redstone ready preset

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