Raptors Project Addon

The Raptors Project will add dinosaurs to your game that could be tamed or cause you big problems. With this addon you can have dinosaurs that will appear naturally in your world.

  • Remember to activate the Experimental gameplay and remove the old version when you have downloaded it before


Velociraptors are small predators that appear in deserts and savannahs, they attack the player if they are in a pack or have a baby by their side, when tamed they will sleep with the player and sometimes bring gifts

Tame Item:

Rabbit Stew

Breed Item:

Raw Mutton





Velociraptor osmolskae is a kind of velociraptor with the longest snout, it is a little faster than normal, you can make it mate with Velociraptor mongoliensis to achieve a bigger and stronger hybrid, they spawn in savanna and can climb walls.

Tame Item:

Rabbit stew

Breed Item:

Raw Mutton





protoceratops are peaceful dinosaurs that spawn in the desert, males fight with Velociraptors, 

Tame Item

Beetroot Soup

Breed Item:

Golden Carrot





is a variant of protoceratops with proto-horns on the snout, they spawn in the savannas and their leather is more resistant than normal

Tame Item :

Beetroot Soup

Breed Item:

Golden Carrot





is a species of poisonous raptor than can glide, they inhabit taigas and are very dangerous

Tame Item:

fermented Spider Eye

Breed Item:

Raw Mutton


Feathers (just for now)



it is a cute species of aquatic ankylosaurus, you can find its nests in rivers, they eat fish thrown on the ground and take every item that appears or is made of wood.

Tame Item:

Cooked Lycoptera

Breed Item:






is a prehistoric fish that spawns in rivers, you can catch it with a bucket and is the favorite food of Liaoningasaurus

“Tame” Item:

Water bucket


Raw Lycoptera

Try to get the new hybrids breeding the sub-spices

Changelog View more
    1. Sexaul dimorphism for all species
    2. Dinosaur eggs
    3. New Hybrids
    4. Protoceratos 
    5. Sinornithosaurus
    6. Liaoningosaurus
    7. Lycoptera
    8. Desert Grass

Velociraptor mongoliensis

Velociraptor osmolskae

Velociraptor hybrid

Male Protoceratops

Female Protoceratops

Downlaod Fix

Velociraptor mongoliensis

Velociraptor osmolskae

Velociraptor hybrid

Male Protoceratops 

Female Protoceratops


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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254 Responses

4.74 / 5 (91 vote)
  1. Guest-2977962675 says:

    A very nice mod and I can tell you’re really heading for scientific accuracy so with that being said I would like to correct some important scientific errors if that’s alright with you.

    First of Sinornithosaurus did not have venom glands thus didn’t have venom. This is a popular misconception based off a dinosaur documentary but it has no scientific basis.

    Second and lastly is Liaoningosaurus, it probably wasn’t a fish eater. Semi-aquatic adaptations can be attributed to ontogeny and the fish found with the fossil weren’t in the digestive track or gut. If you want a fish eater I suggest going with an actual fish-eating raptor like Austroraptor or even the semi-aquatic Halskaraptor.

  2. Guest-5732633813 says:

    So very very very cool!!!!! Add more mob pleas : )
    This add-on make my mcpe color full

  3. Guest-2377284342 says:

    What app did you use to create this addon?

  4. Guest-1128037933 says:

    i cant tame raptors

  5. Guest-1213972637 says:

    Remind me when u already add uptdate to mcpe addons app

  6. Guest-7918850187 says:

    Plz add update to mcpe Addons app

  7. Guest-9914005889 says:

    Puedes hacer una actualización cada mes.
    y agregar diseños de beast of the mezosoic????
    You can do an update every month.
    and add beast designs of the mezosoicos ????

  8. Guest-5254650759 says:

    for some reason i cant tame liaoningosaurus

    • Guest-7299504576 says:

      There is a bug that causes the velociraptors to stop moving when it is chasing cows and other farm mobs in minecraft.Please can you solve the problem?

  9. Guest-5332230567 says:

    hey dude, i have a little questin, when are you updating the addon again? because i love it, but i think it needs something more, like a rideable raptor, like Utahraptor or Gigantoraptor or Megaraptor

  10. Guest-1402878757 says:

    I really hope this addon can be made compatible with other addons! Currently only the resource pack shows up after downloading and redownloading, guessing its another dinosaur addon but it might just be owning other addons in general, this addon isn’t big enough to host enough content alone otherwise so please make it compatible with others!

  11. Guest-2675284721 says:

    Hey man, fantastic job, I love this. I hope this addon succeeds. Again, great models, AI, and creatures and general. Keep up the good work

  12. Anonymous says:

    Everything is good part from the ai, I mean parts of the ai is good but the babies don’t follow there parents and parents don’t protect there eggs. Also there doesn’t seem to be much of a herd or pack mentality with any of the dinosaurs. Other than that amazing!

  13. Guest-7428929912 says:

    *sniff* so beautiful…

  14. Guest-1872465884 says:

    No ads you are so rude

  15. NitroDragonBoy says:

    I have a suggestion, can you make the hybrids like the protoceratops and the raptor hybrid able to breed with eachother and very rarely make a protoceratops raptor hybrid? I will give details of what i think it should look like if you would like to put my idea in your addon.

  16. Guest-8584268294 says:

    does anyone know how to activate experimental gameplay on minecraft education edition?

  17. Guest-3341189683 says:

    Adicione o carnoraptor

  18. Irish Jevil says:

    Man, with this and the other new dino addon, we’re hitting peak!

    • Anonymous says:

      Although, a weird bug I found is that when you catch the new fish it uses the cod bucket ID, and if you place it it spawns the new fish. But if you’re in creative, it’s not infinite. So could you please make a bucket texture and proper ID for the fish? Thanks!

  19. Guest-6776743787 says:

    Man, you complement is very good, you are a legend, I want be like you, I want to know how you managed to create the texture and program it.
    P.D. Sorry for the English, I’m Mexican and not study much English

    • Guest-3611001218 says:

      Can you tell me how to make the hybrids I can’t figure it out

      • NitroDragonBoy says:

        Raptor + osmolskae (raptor)= raptor hybrid

        Protoceratops + hellenikorhinus (protoceratops)= protoceratops hybrid

        (Tame them and breed them together for a hybrid)

  20. NitroDragonBoy says:

    Can anybody give me info on if the hybrids are breed able? And if they are can you please tell me what they are breeded with?

  21. Guest-5313356729 says:


  22. Guest-3994129073 says:

    1.16 PLIS

  23. Guest-5235391225 says:

    Im install tudo im install the addon and It says duplicated copy and its not working pls 😟🙏

  24. Guest-4919685769 says:

    I just love the way that the species have up-to-date appearance such as feathers, and accurate size unlike the ones seen from the movie.

  25. M.M.16 player says:

    Your addon is awesome! I can give you some model if you need one !

  26. Guest-7264447111 says:

    Amazing work!
    I would suggest making the models a bit more blocky, and remove cubes that aren’t really needed, such as on the liaoningosaurus, the cubes on its back could have been convayed with texturing on one cube.

  27. Beam006 says:

    I can’t tame velociraptor​s both species

  28. Guest-8262854238 says:


  29. Guest-8747502279 says:

    Can you make a httyd addon plllllssssss😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  30. Guest-6329409883 says:

    Yeah me too i dont know either

  31. Guest-9359688890 says:

    Podrías aserlo compatible con ydino plisssss :c

  32. Guest-2963471634 says:

    Yes! The update is here!!!

  33. Mojang Studios says:

    1.16 pls🙏🏼

  34. Guest-6751711426 says:

    Can u add small crocodiles plz

  35. Bipper_TY says:

    when the update will come out.

  36. Bipper_TY says:

    cuando va a salir la actualización.

  37. Angelus says:

    when will there be update of the plugin

  38. Guest-8416894110 says:

    when are you going to update and will you add more herbivores when you add more raptors?

  39. Guest-8089139090 says:

    When are you going to update this addon?

  40. Guest-9385742514 says:

    How do u make the velociraptor hybrid?

  41. Guest-5658989121 says:

    I hope my addons work

  42. Guest-5518759030 says:

    When I load the the packs it crashes my game 🙁

  43. Guest-8736817461 says:

    What’s up! Mariner back again. I have a few suggestions.
    If you make a Tyrannosaurus addon, make sure that both that one and this one are updated to crossbreed so you can get the indominus rex. We also need a scientifically accurate indoraptor addon. Please?
    Awaiting your reply

    • Guest-8978176043 says:

      How can it be scientifically accurate if those hybrids aren’t even real in the first place?

      • Irish Jevil says:

        It’s just a fun lil feature the creator put in. Besides, what’s not scientifically accurate about breeding different species?

  44. Irish Jevil says:

    You know how the protoceratops has 4 different textures? 1 pair of the common variant and a pair for the more uncommon variant? What if the raptors had 6 variations? The normal pair, male and female, but also a black pair, and a light red and brown pair. Also can u make it so the raptors dont always attack? Chaos, CHAOS! Thx.

  45. Guest-7797360648 says:

    I can’t tame any dinosaurs, I have version 1.14.60 and nothing, I already tried everything and I can’t, does anyone know why?

  46. Guest-8239835873 says:

    Exelente addon

  47. Guest-3282604035 says:

    Dinosaurs ARE reptiles, what you mean is they are not lizards. They are more closely related to birds that crocodiles.

  48. Guest-3480607471 says:

    Dinosaurs ARE reptiles, what you mean is they are not lizards. They are more closely related to birds that crocodiles.

  49. Guest-6871093946 says:

    Hey would it be possible to make this into a zip file? 🙂

  50. Guest-8761343467 says:

    Sorry, I meant to give u a better rating 😁, also plz can anyone answer?

  51. Guest-1017305817 says:

    When will you update? I love how detailed the raptors are, but it is kind of a small Addon, and it will be really cool when you make the other raptors!

  52. Guest-8054822484 says:

    Hey there. MarinerTheManagarmr is speaking. I wanna know if you have a discord server that I could join because this addon is awesome!

  53. Guest-7221216783 says:

    I cannot tame the baby raptors, or get the mongoliensis to adulthood.

  54. Guest-9190673537 says:

    Just wondering I already know you will add all type of raptors but will you add more prey common raptor enemies or competition maybe if they were prey their predators or will those be in a different addon?

  55. Guest-8253985472 says:

    will be cool if you can make them in the real-life size

  56. Guest-6365777033 says:

    Can you add a verity of herbivores to go with the aesthetic

  57. Guest-8304926757 says:

    After you download the add-on press open with minecraft

  58. Guest-6710590634 says:

    I found out what the problem is! The Project Prehistoric addon’s raptors interfere with this one! Please fix the behavior pack so that it’s compatible with it, I would like to be able to use both!

  59. Guest-7984734314 says:

    Add Tyrannosaurus Next

  60. Guest-4575104627 says:

    I try to tame the adults with rabbit stew or cooked mutton but they won’t. It only allows me to tame the babies.

  61. Guest-2825276699 says:

    Why does it Always say “not a valid zip archive”? And if anyone knows how to fix this, please tell me.

  62. Guest-7285486120 says:

    I love it but every time I try to play it with friends it doesn’t show up for them.

  63. Guest-6000793707 says:

    what if when you make the deinonychus you also add tenontosaurus

  64. Guest-9407126300 says:

    It does the same for me i have the pack that just has raptors now it say duplicate detected pls help??

  65. Guest-5277062640 says:



    • Guest-1562860979 says:

      o Addon é Focado em Raptores e Também Os Caçadores de Raptores e as pressas e também os Arquionimigos

  66. Guest-1363952897 says:

    Remember the real Dinosaur have a feathers dinosaur is not a reptiles

  67. Guest-5571054482 says:

    how do I make the raptors mate?

  68. Guest-8061959662 says:

    O addon é bom TNT MAS não se preocupe eu gostei muito do addon a é também laçã o Tyrannosaurus North American é também o allossauros europeans a tchau

  69. Guest-9359037976 says:

    No blue but a blue raptor

  70. Guest-9182525233 says:

    Raptors vs protoceratops so cool man

  71. Guest-9273385198 says:

    You’re so cool I love you’re addon

  72. Guest-1651090149 says:

    Are you going to make other dinosaurs besides raptors? and I hope this addon is made from a real-world concept not a film.

  73. Guest-1948771868 says:

    Can you add a tyrannosaurus as a predictor pls

  74. Guest-1948771868 says:

    Can you add a tyrannosaurus as a predictor pls

  75. Guest-7031806873 says:

    I know the food to use but it just says feed in the new version not taming at all just feeding

  76. Guest-1694166727 says:

    Can you add the linheraptor?

  77. Guest-9316241324 says:

    I was actually gonna ask for velociraptor osmolskae-

  78. Guest-7576523077 says:

    I cant understand the download instrutions

  79. Guest-2734677596 says:

    I cant tame any dinos but still good addon

  80. Alphaxenopete says:

    I love the animation and the hybridization idea,(to people who don’t know how, tame the baby’s with rabbit stew and grow them up/breed them with raw mutton)
    Also,will you add the two utahraptor species(utahraptor ostromaysorrum and utahraptor speilbergi)?

    Here are some dromaeosaurs that you might want to add to the add-on (of course,it’s just a friendly suggestion):
    . Dakotaraptor
    . sinornithosaurus
    . Microraptor
    . rahonavis
    . halszkaraptor
    . hesperonychus
    . austroraptor
    . bambiraptor
    . dromaeosaurus

  81. Guest-7536720927 says:

    But how breed the two different velociraptors

  82. Guest-6992838844 says:

    Make a dinosaur addon pls

  83. Guest-2137129988 says:

    Super cool, I love how added in more than one specie of velociraptor, also I love how you added in a hybrid of the two, third I LOVE THE PROTOCERATOPS. can’t wait to see the Utahraptor that’s my favorite raptor and I think you should add in troodon even though it’s not a raptor it’s still very raptor-like. Also, I would love to see microraptor in this addon. Great work can’t wait to see what comes next

  84. Totally Herbivore GaIIimimus says:

    Very good, also if you’re adding the Deinonychus make sure its also come with the Tenontosaurus, same with Utahraptor but with sauropelta

  85. RainCraftGamer says:

    Im waiting on

    Dinosaur Eggs



    Btw This Addons Is So Cool
    I’ll record this if already Added all 🙂
    This addon Help me to hit 1,100 Subs

  86. Guest-1206291482 says:

    No puedo domésticas a los Velociraptor me ayudan

  87. Anonymous says:

    Plz make it into dinosaur addon (not only have raptors and protoceratopses)​

    • Beam006 says:

      Like add more theropods, ceratopsian, sauropods, prosauropods, orrnithopods, pachycephalosaur, stegosaur, ankylosaur dinosaur​s

  88. Guest-6451095520 says:

    Can u make like the raptor can sleep and they sit look more like a dinosaur?

  89. Guest-2013845838 says:

    This is amazingly accurate to real life good job man!

  90. Gamer60s says:

    Best dinosaur addon i hope you add rex and dilo

  91. Guest-2776243316 says:

    The behavior pack doesn’t appear for some reason, I’d like to know why since this addon looks like one of the most incredible dinosaur addons we’ve had in a long time, it just seems to interfere with another addon or something

  92. Guest-4430911258 says:

    Hey, i think this is a good add-on. i was wondering if you can make a Conveyor Belt addon or one that i have been looking for so much but cant download or for different version is Natural Disasters or Tree decapitator. thank you for the addon!

  93. Guest-4807450757 says:

    How meany dinos u gona add to this ? Like as meany as u can and put out small up dates or u doing limited and then that it no more dinos

  94. Anonymous says:

    it says duplicate pack

    • Guest-2235444943 says:

      U probably have to deleat the old Behaviour/Resource packs if u downloded the first 1 because it would use smae fille for 1 mo it thinks it dup

  95. Dinodude920 says:

    How can you tame a velociraptor osmolskae? Anyways, really great addon. I look forward to future updates!

  96. Guest-5801277451 says:

    Can you add a pachycelphasuarus or any pachycelphrid no other dinosaur mod as added them

  97. Guest-3414193809 says:

    I cant tame raptors

  98. Guest-7835947666 says:

    this is beautiful could you consider making a african wild dog addon please. I love your texture skills and would really like to see african wild dogs. Thanks for considering.

  99. Guest-1207065203 says:

    Make other dinos, like spino or t rex, everybody need that pls

  100. Guest-6189988248 says:

    I can’t play this version of the Addon, it says error. I’ve even deleted all my previous addons to try it, but it still says error. Only for the recource though

  101. Angelus says:

    Hermoso completo amigo el protoceraptor
    Qué tenga su ecena de muerte

  102. Guest-4768657457 says:

    I want the protopcerates and the velociraptors to be domesticated and put the mount to have or other mountable animals if I would like if you did it would be better the complement and the complement would be very handsome

  103. VocalicSea67145 says:

    This mod is incredible, I’m just having an issue putting it on my realm. The spawn egg is not appearing in my creative menu, could you help with that or fix the issue?

  104. Guest-6416653564 says:

    Will there just be raptors in the future or more than just some raptor types
    Looking at how it is now i think this will be great in the future

  105. Guest-6279953193 says:

    When will the other raptors come out because there are only velociraptors in my world of the raptors and only the velociraptor spawn egg is the only new spawn egg

  106. Totally Herbivore GaIIimimus says:

    Ohh god why are they tanky (not that much). But still, cool addon

  107. Guest-8682117404 says:

    Umm it says I need to check the output log for more details what that mean
    What do I do

  108. Guest-8682117404 says:

    Umm it says I need to check the output log for more details what that mean

  109. Guest-5110984428 says:

    This addon is great but the velociraptor wont follow me after i tamed it. It just stands super near the cow pen. Is this some kind of bug?

  110. Guest-7232505849 says:

    I love your work but if you ever need any help you can find me as Geo2.0 on discord or Geo20Gaming on xbox live.

  111. Guest-8545085365 says:

    Hi there can you fix the baby velociraptor they not growing why?

  112. Guest-5412823249 says:

    I like the addon, would you mind adding a fish eating raptor called austroraptor, and troodon?

  113. Guest-3704851510 says:

    Do you ever wanted to add a hybrid dinosaur ?
    Nobody did that

  114. Guest-3031509043 says:

    Make a dinosaurs addon Please

  115. Guest-2637977892 says:

    Good addon raptors

  116. Guest-4172822142 says:

    This is such a good add-on the Raptor is so well done and it even has animations.

    This puts most marketplace add-ons to shame.

  117. SteveMaple228 says:

    This is so cool! Hmm….. Can you add the velociraptors from JP3 too the ones with red stripes and the albino white one on the next update? Please?

  118. Guest-5837265089 says:

    The mob looks grate its sounds grate
    Ai grate but just sounds like a cat but aggressive would like to see a pounce/leep attack like the fox but more strait then up then it be amazing i give it a 9.5 / 10
    Good job

  119. kingofdrago123 says:

    microraptor (also i just made a raptor model for my addon “forgotten lands” XD)

  120. Guest-3340579501 says:

    Dude I can’t wait for other raptors your add-on is cool thanks for making it

  121. Guest-5489944423 says:



  122. awsome229 says:

    Are you sure that is a velociraptor? And are you sure they had feathers?

  123. Guest-8465209776 says:

    Is exelent but make more dinosaurs add t-rex triceratops and more

  124. Guest-2632368010 says:

    The models are great that is the real raptor version.

  125. Guest-1668166474 says:

    Can you make a weeping angel addon from doctor who it would be so cool, like the mods for java but in bedrock

  126. Guest-5384492131 says:

    cool addon!!!

  127. Guest-2091317749 says:

    I love it so much. Are you going to update it a lot/fast I want to make a raptor park but you can’t have a park with only one dino

  128. Guest-4704681361 says:

    This oddly feels and looks like the old but good Tyrannosaurus add-on…
    Not that I’m complaining

  129. Guest-5215821400 says:

    This feels so nostalgic, when gonna first added his raptor add-on and we all wanted to play with it, Thank you so much for creating another good memory another good dinosaur addon

  130. Guest-9854224643 says:

    Can You Update The Link So Both Resource And Behavior Packs Are Together?Can You Also Make It A ZIP File?

  131. Guest-2712377010 says:

    Just raptors? I think that there should be more bit ad it is, its still pretty good!

  132. Guest-5081223479 says:


  133. Cyrmonkee says:

    Can you make a shrek addon?

  134. Guest-3222294503 says:

    this is beautiful could you consider making a african wild dog addon please. I love your texture skills and would really like to see african wild dogs. Thanks for considering.

  135. Guest-8458808923 says:

    It keeps saying duplicate pack detected, can you update the addon so that I cna actually play with it

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