Rare Swamp Village Above Stronghold, Accessible Via Ravine! (Seed) (1.12+)

The ever so rare Swamp Village, this one’s beside both a useful piece of naturally generated Terrain and a must have Structure used for the End Game, all being so close to Spawn.

The Swamp Village is roughly 200 blocks left of Spawn with a Stronghold located directly below the middle of the Village.

The Stronghold is also accessible via a ravine near the Village bells that manages to stretch down to Diamond level 11, this ravine is broken into two separate parts.

The Library of the Stronghold spawns with 8 Enchantment Books (yes, 8) 7 in the 1st floor and the last on the second floor.

Another ravine is located slightly right of Spawn in the desert that generates a Fossil that also manages to stretch down to diamond level.

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  1. Elijah Carter says:

    Amazing, how did you find it?

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