Reinforced GregTech Addon (1.14+)

This addon is capable of adding the mobs from this addon into your very own Minecraft world! Just remember that this addon isn’t just like any other addons, as it was dangerous and self-suicidal… just make sure to clarify that as a warning!

Wanna see something cool that I couldn’t do a long time ago? Well, why don’t you open up the vault and find out yourselves then?

In this addon, it adds:

– Charlotte, A.K.A BetaTest-150 (custom mob)

– Colossal Wither (custom mob)

– Gunslinger, previously called Armoured Wither Skeleton (custom mob)

– Shootout Pillager (custom mob)

– Sniper Ravager (custom mob)

– Shockwave Pufferfish (custom mob)

– Chunk Destroyer (TNT entity)

– Dyna Dynamite (TNT entity)

– Netherman (custom mob)

– Zombie Pigman (custom mob for 1.16+ only)

– Dark Magician (custom mob)


– Charlotte (BetaTest-150)

• Has 3000 HP

• Is now a custom mob.

• She’s immune to fire and lava.

• She can deal 5 damage with her gold sword.

• She can be found in the Overworld but very rarely.

• She only attacks whatever provokes her. But, since she’s a neutral mob, you CAN, however tame her using potatoes from farming. Not the baked potatoes. You (probably) have a 40% chance of taming her.

• Once she’s tamed, she will now follow you instead of teleporting to you constantly every time you’re too far away from her. Just any other pets do. Well, maybe…

• She is considered as a boss, hence the bossbar above her.

—–> Spoilers!!

– Hatsune Miku and Slenderman has been permanently removed for the Final Frontier Update. Info about that is in the changelog below.

– What’s new in the 1.1.2 update?

• Added Sniper Ravager, Netherman, Shockwave Pufferfish.

• Renamed Armoured Wither Skeleton to Gunslinger.

• Added Dyna Dynamite (Packs a punch!) and a Chunk Destroyer (Destroys an 8 by 8 chunk boundary.)

• Added a function system (In chat, type “/function final_frontier” to add items. More functions coming soon).

• Added new items: Crimson Nether Stalk and Excalibur. Removed Milk Stew for upcoming updates.

– Update 1.1.2 description:

– Shootout Pillager

• HP: 200

• ATK: Shoots 15 arrows at it’s target.

• Is a custom mob.

• Speciality: Deadly at close range. Far range, however? Well, he can shoot alot faster than a normal Pillager. He is also taller than any other mob in the game.

• He is considered as a boss, hence the bossbar above him.

– Sniper Ravager

• HP: 300

• ATK: Knockback resistant, does 12 attack points.

• Speciality: Only attacks players.

– Colossal Wither

• Disclaimer: Haven’t gotten the screenshot yet.. Same goes for some of the other new things added here. Next update is the Screenshot Update where I add the missing screenshots.

• It’s considered as a boss, hence the bossbar above it.

• HP: 1200

• ATK: Shoots 5 Large Fireballs at its target. Very hostile, too.

• Is a custom mob.

• Special characteristics: Doesn’t act like the normal vanilla Wither Boss, where at half health it would generate a force field, spawn a bunch of Wither Skeletons or whatever. It only depends on the health of the boss and its attack damage. Two times the size of a normal vanilla Wither Boss.

– Gunslinger

• HP: 40

• ATK: Does 25 damage with its stone sword. A similar weapon to the Wither Skeletons.

• Is a custom mob.

• Just like the Shootout Pillager, the Wither Skeletons do not spawn with the Gunslinger.

• Its a neutral mob. It only attacks whatever provokes it.

• It’s no longer mistaken as a boss.

• Two additional TNTs have been added alongside the GregTech Warhead.

– GregTech Warhead (far right)

• A legit nuke. Nuff said.

• It’s a custom mob. Not a block. Don’t be mistaken.

• Fuse length: 15

• Explosion radius: 90000, cause fire around the crater.

• When “/gamerule mobgriefing true”, it freezes the game when ignited, then… “BOOOMM!!!”, leaving a humongous crater with fire surrounding it.

• It can only be ignited with Flint and Steel or through a Dispenser. Using other ignition methods won’t budge it.

• Disclaimer: For low-end device users, it’s not recommended to have mobgriefing set to true, it will lag after performing an explosion.

– Dyna Dynamite (far left)

• Also just a custom mob, not a block.

• Fuse length: 10

• Explosion radius: 30, cause fire around the crater.

– Chunk Destroyer

• Again, not a block. Just a custom mob.

• Fuse length: 10

• Explosion radius: 100, cause fire around the crater.

– Netherman

• A new Nether mob.

• Is a custom mob.

• Spawns in the Nether where ruined portals generate.

• Absolutely despises Endermen.

• Speciality: Has the right to kill the Ender Dragon. Drops a new item called the Crimson Nether Stalk. It has no purpose at the moment. Here’s an example of the Netherman attacking the Endermen.

• The Excalibur

– Here’s the crafting recipe for the Excalibur. A new sword that gives you the following stats:

– Gives Jump Boost 3, Night Vision 3, Resistance 3 and Strength 5.

– Increases the wielder’s speed by 1.0

– Able to break every ore except Netherite Ore and Nether Gold Ore.

– Increases the wielder’s health by 30 and attack points by 50.

– Speciality: 1000 durability.

• Crimson Nether Stalk

– No purpose at the moment. Drops from the Netherman apon death.

• Dark Magician

– Is a custom mob.

– Spawns in Swamplands.

– HP: 52

– Speciality: Can teleport, transforms into a Wither boss upon lightning strike.

• Shockwave Pufferfish (I guess it likes hiding, huh?)

– HP: 36

– ATK: Players and Zombie Pigman.

– Spawns in cold beaches and rivers among the highlights of the Savanna.

– Speciality: Fire immune. Transforms into a Spider upon lightning strike. It (Shockwave Pufferfish) doesn’t grow in size when provoked.

• Elytra wings

– Speciality: They’re now white in colour. No other things new to this other than just texture changes.

– Here’s me in flight with these wings.

• You can now sit on Charlotte’s shoulders!

– By using a potato, you can tame her to let yourself sit on her shoulders. Trying to sit on her in Survival mode without taming her is still possible, it’s just not recommended because of her new hostile behaviour towards players.

– Umm.. It almost looks like I’m blocking her field of view with my legs… That’ll be fixed soon.

• Nerfed features:

– Spiders and Cave Spiders are now a lot tinier than you think. Ghast also now shoot Fireballs a lot better than before.

Items and spawn eggs in the Addon:

Changelog View more

Reason why I removed Miku and Slendy:

- Hatsune Miku just doesn't seem to fit in with this Addon too well, as there's a lot of comments on this Addon's page where people have been ranting about the thought of adding things that are never fitting. That's why Charlotte's here to stay. For Slendy? Well, let's just say that adding other people's Slenderman Addon is already better.

- Zombie Pigman mobs were now added as a 1.16 exclusive mob. It's a concept for anyone wanting the Zombie Pigman back.

- The Colossal Wither has its name fixed. Trust me. Same goes for the Gunslinger.

- A new mob called the Sniper Ravager has been added to fit alongside the Shootout Pillager.

The GregTech Warhead is currently under the beta build of performance fixing. Expect freeze frames when playing on low-end devices.

- Spawn rules have been fixed. It now properly works.

- Milk Stew has been temporarily removed, as we're looking forward to thinking about new ideas for more items. They will be added back soon.

- All spawn egg textures have been made to their respective mobs.

- Custom models are coming soon. Expect that soon! :D

• The next update (1.1.2 update, which is called The Final Frontier Update) will be the last update. No longer will I accept anymore ideas for this Addon until I decided to receive ideas from y'all again. Don't expect me to receive ideas for custom models and advanced coding etc etc, as that was exploits and bully towards me and my Addon.

• A new Addon is under progress, expect that to be compatible with my Addons and other Addons as always..

• Twitter is the best place to send me great ideas about bunch of different types of Addons, Shaders and maps to make in the future. Don't give me ideas for texture packs, as there's hundreds out there that you and I knew were famous already.. ??

• Installation info has been extended so y'all can be nice. Not naughty. I may not be Santa, but I know a bad person when I see one.

• Addon support for 1.13 has been removed. Hence the title.

• Upcoming features listed above are delayed for a while. Patience, guys.

• Reason for banning Darkiplier and Jack the Illager Necromancer: Jack the Illager Necromancer is incredibly hard to code and even so, the attacks are still gonna be sloppy when fighting. I will however add him back to assure the compatibility of the behaviours of him with this Addon. Darkiplier will never make it to this Addon anymore. Because his skin doesn't fit well with the Json model of the Wither Skeleton. So, I removed him.

• Charlotte's health has been decreased from 2500 to 500 for good measures.

• Miku's health has been increased from 95000 to 99000.

• All mobs are now custom mobs, no longer are they still replacing vanilla mobs.

• Function pack has been retested three times now. Hopefully it's not going to crash the game anymore..

• Upcoming features:

- Able to ride on Charlotte.

- Add more weapons and tools.

- Allow all the mobs to spawn naturally in their respective biomes.

- Add Jockeys.

- Thumbnail change.

- etc etc..

• The description has a slight change. By sure if it would change the description error..

• I was planning to remove Darkiplier and add other mobs instead, since I can't find a proper Darkiplier skin anywhere on the types of websites I know.

• I have added a recap video back when I was testing my first Ravage and Savage Addon. Did you know? Back then, this Addon was originally called Miku and BetaTest Addon due to the uncertified name from me.

• Final version will be released soon. Ideas, please!

• Download link and text for indications of which is which has been fixed. For example, the words "Resource pack here." and the addon resource pack download had switched places... that has been fixed.

• Darkiplier's skin still looks glitched. I know that. I will be fixing that soon.

• The Slenderman and Markiplier update is finally here!

• Added Slenderman

• Added Darkiplier instead of Markiplier

• Added Jack the Illager Necromancer (Thanks to BeeAltaria for that idea!)

• Bug fixes had been made to where BetaTest will sometimes catch on fire when in lava

• Miku no longer spawn in groups

• Cover for the addon has been changed to a custom cover. Thanks to the reporters on Twitter telling me to change the cover.

• The Slenderman and Markiplier update will be delayed a bit.. I promise I will release that update on Halloween!

• BetaTest-150 can now spawn in groups.

• More screenshots were added in the description. Seriously though... those screenshots of the two mobs and their fight scenes took painfully long to get the best shots as to what I was going to expect...

• Screenshot of the fight scene is added.

• More mobs coming soon? Let me know!

• This addon is no longer for 1.11 anymore.

• The pictures have been rechanged.

• Custom time has been removed, replaced with a post confirmation date.

• Added another supportive version (1.12) to confirm the experience of the addon.

• Set a custom time for acceptance of post.

• Both resource packs and behavior packs are now separate links.


You are allowed to:

- Review this addon for a video. Make sure you give credit to my social media. Hint: click on my profile and click on the social medias below my profile.

- Compete other people's addons with mine. Making a map with this addon is great. Just give me credit as always.

You aren't allowed to:

- Remodify this addon. You are only allowed to do so for personal uses only!

- Attempt to break this addon with glitches, command modifications etc etc..

Download the addon on Mediafire or the official MCPE DL link given. If the upload fails, or you just can't download it. Report this issue to Omlet Arcade, Discord, MCPE DL or my YouTube channel. You are also not allowed to post this Addon on other websites and remodify this Addon and posting it to this website or other websites claiming that it's yours. You will be salvaged when you did so.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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  1. Nice add-on bro.i guess your work hard for this add-on/mod.but can you make new updates for this?
    Make special mobs,
    New mobs models

    that’s it. thanks

  2. Chad Man says:

    This add-on is ok but I hope the creator did not forget about this and will keep updating it

  3. Guest-2168554053 says:

    R.I.P Your legs are in eyes of that poor girl

  4. Guest-6005413732 says:

    I tried this mod in different worlds multiple times but all it adds are the chunk buster and dynamite

    • Guest-8512132852 says:

      Hi, it’s me BlackPistolG. Mcpedl is a real sh*t show and thinks I’m not logged in except I already am. It’s weird. Anyways, if all the features aren’t loaded into your world and this Addon only adds the Dyna Dynamite and the Chunk Destroyer, try reloading the behaviour packs in your world with the Addon in your world using the /reload function, exit out of your world and remove the Addon. Finally, restart Minecraft and add the Addon in the same world again and type the /reload function again. It might work if you do this. If all else fails, I will make a zip file for manual installation soon. ?

  5. I honestly like the new custom entities, and I suggest you to make custom models. Also, since your on android, I suggest you to get a file explorer, apk editor pro(to look through the Minecraft Vanilla Files. Look through these, and try to figure out what each component means).

    sorry if I was being a real sh1t. I don’t know why I did what I did. Good luck on the addon.

  6. Guest-3341148415 says:

    The Problem is simple, in Android’s ‘Minecraft Addon Maker’ (the one with a yellow background and a tool in th middle) they have the same textures for the ravager as your ravager is, also they have the textures of the TNTs you added, you copycat!

  7. Liam TDP says:

    Good addon dude Its a very simple addon thats made in a app but its ojay still good I know your a beginner addon maker but i kniw you can inorove Keep that good work amd dont listen to bullys and bashers I know you can improve your works

  8. 鸥吃鱼 says:

    Yeah great addon.
    The behavior is great.
    But I think you can improve textures.
    Keep on good work!
    Your addon and your skills are both great. I like your addon.
    Wait for the next update!

  9. Guest-9052379238 says:

    Love this addon, keep up the good work

  10. Guest-2537632669 says:

    Stolen Textures from addons maker you can make them better by retexturing them with that pen icon you’ll see in addons maker also this addon doesnt make sense because why are there two anime mobs and then it just switches to other random mobs unrelated and stolen

  11. Guest-5367581218 says:

    Yo ThisJobYT, I highly suggest you to make a remastered Ravage and Savage with original Mobs and items in order to for you to avoid harsh criticism from LegitDragonB0y and his brood. keep up the good work! I believe in you!

  12. Guest-5590836843 says:


  13. Guest-2002307428 says:

    -but nice addon!

  14. Guest-3564513708 says:

    good but theres a new update on addon maker app it now allows custom mobs and weapon and blocks to do that press the + button and press any mob and click create new mob (it will say it will ned exp gameplay for custom stuff) see its the new update

  15. A guy person says:


  16. A guy person says:

    But don’t hate on it like this, don’t insult the creator for replacing mobs. If you don’t like the mod, screw off and look for a different mod.

  17. A guy person says:

    I don’t know, I would rather have the ACTUAL mobs being replaced by these low effort ones.

  18. Delete this, or learn how to make add-ons, there is no excuse for replacing mobs in 2020, it’s not hard. Even if it didn’t have replaced mobs it’d still be bad, like what is the use for an overpowered hostile hatsuke miku made using an add-on creating app. And you don’t even know how to make the packs into 1 mcaddon pack. Learn how to make add-ons because making add-ons using an add-on creating app does nothing other than making people make fun of you

  19. Reddragongirl5 says:

    Could you add like the saw dude off of saw and could you add fairies if you want more i could comment more idea i have alot of them

    • ThisJobYT says:

      Thanks for the idea, Reddragongirl5. I just realised how to make custom models and textures using BlockBench! The only one problem is that I don’t know how to code behaviours, make custom commands to spawn entities nor make custom spawn eggs for the mobs.. ? So, if it would be so kind of you to show me a step by step video of BlockBench.. Once I knew how to make custom models with this software, I will use your ideas to brainstorm this Addon and screw off those nasty haters!! ??

  20. Anonymous says:

    Jeez these comments are harsh, the creator is getting a lot of hate.

  21. A man says:

    why they all humanoid

  22. Hmm, where have I heard this name before?

  23. Marlon8612 says:

    Mira no se desde cuando haces addons pero si pudieras hacer que lo que remplaza al zombie sea un poco difícil de spawniar yo estaría de acuerdo el addon esta más o menos pero espero que lo sigas y lo mejores esta bien

  24. Yes says:

    This is unrelated to the addon, but what texture pack did you use in these images? Unless that is a part of this addon.

  25. TehJamFish says:

    I’ve seen the comments ur getting and I just wanna say I love it

  26. ThisJobYT says:

    I will learn how to code custom entities using Cubic Studios or BlockBench. I will, okay?

  27. Anonymous says:

    you speak chinese!?Me too, it is sooo rare to have an chinese to make addons, but seriously, dont replace such a common mob like zombie to something that has 25000 health, that is just ridiculous. at least replace some other mobs that are not like evrywhere

  28. Modded Survival Lover says:

    Really dude? First of all this addon replaces entities secondly these mobs don’t even improve the vanilla gameplay. Legit dragon boy is an android user and he’s made custom entities. I’m not a add creator myself but you really need to learn how to code.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Dude it doesn’t matter if you are on android just watch videos and don’t be lazy to see some tutorials….

  30. Your Gay Lol says:


  31. Anonymous says:

    Hello yes hi i been wondering how you changed the textures of the zombie because im on mobile and when i try to change texture of the zombie it wont work and i want to learn how to make my own addons so if you have any apps that i can use that would be helpful if not ill try to get a pc

  32. ThisJobYT says:

    In the next 1.0.4 version of this addon, I will be releasing Slenderman and Markiplier into the addon! Let me know what you guys think of that idea. P.S: They still replace vanilla mobs.

  33. A 9 year old says:

    Learn from youtube how to make a custom entity on mcpe ffs ur replacing

  34. ThisJobYT says:

    This was my very first Addon! Please, appreciate it or you like dead bushes.

  35. I have no idea what is this addon’s purpose is, but you can make them into completely seperate custom entities instead of replacing existing ones.

  36. says:


  37. Alisu_Shimada says:

    This is the weirdest Addon I’ve seen but I’ll take the resource pack tho, very cute makeover-

  38. Fail600time says:

    Why you add minecraft china screenshot?

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