Published on June 26, 2021

Ravine of Revenge - Minecraft Escape Room - The Quest for The Keepers Series (Part 4/5)

Quest for The Keepers – Ravine of Revenge – Part 4 of 5 of a Minecraft Escape Room Series presented by ChronicoverrideThis map is designed as a Single Player Map but it is Multiplayer friendly. Welcome to Chapter 4 of Quest for The Keepers. This map explores the story of Trilynx. After becoming a Keeper himself, Trilynx returned home and abruptly left his city of Gold abandoned. A tribe of Villagers has moved into the city and they need your help solving the mysteries left behind from Trilynx. What happened to him? Why did he leave all of a sudden? Who is Trilynx? and where is he now. Answer all of this and more in Ravine of Revenge! NO MODS WERE USED IN THE CREATION OF THIS MAP. AND NO MODS ARE REQUIRED TO PLAY THIS MAPBe sure to find and complete the Easter Egg in Ravine of Revenge to dive a little deeper into the story, find out the title of Map 5 and perhaps find out who Kronicle really is. 

Mayors House:
Once you are in the city you will want to find the Mayor. He has a lot of useful information for you and perhaps even a job to offer you.

Farming Areas:
There are plenty of farms to grow crops behind the factory area if you find yourself hungry.

Flea Market:
You will need to talk to all of the NPCs throughout the map. They all have a purpose and some have some very useful information to tell you. Some of them may even ask you for help. Any extra crops you produce can be sold at the Flea Market booths. Make sure you talk to all of them to find out their in demand and regular payout pricing. All businesses and homes have set hours in game. They will open and close according to the times stated on the signs outside. 

The Bank (Left) and Hardware Store (Right):
Both businesses have set hours that they are open and certain days that they are closed. Use the Clock Tower and or Sun and Moon to tell what day and time it is. 

Clock Tower:
At the beginning of the game you will have no way to tell what time it is other than using the Sun and Moon. You have to solve a series of puzzles to repair the Clock Tower in order to get it running again. The Clock Tower is an Hourly clock. In Minecraft an hour is every 50 seconds in game. The clock is tuned to this timing and the face will change accordingly. On the right side of the clock is the Day Indicator. This allows you to know what day it is in game for certain business schedules. There is a map telling you what color is what day right below the indicator at the Clock Tower. Talk to the Technician to get this puzzle path started. 

Pictured above is the main crane. There are actually 3 cranes total in the game. All 3 are fully functional. You will need to operate the crane to move yourself and certain items/ores throughout the map.

The Car:
The car is Self Driving or Rideable. Its your choice. If you and or a passenger would like to ride it just press the appropriate button for driver or passenger prior to pressing the main drive button. The car is used to move certain things throughout the map. 

Central Station:
Central Station is the main hub to get all of your resources in the map. All of the Resource Lines are on a schedule that is visible in the station. There are LED Indicators to also let you know what track is open at a certain time. Get a minecart from one of the Station Attendants and go for a ride. The maze of rails through the Ravine will have you feeling like you are on a roller coaster. Be careful and make sure to flip all of the correct levers or you may find yourself having a speedy death. Make sure to read the signs before you go in too. Some lines appear to be blocked by lava. Once you have the ores, you can bring them to the factory to smelt and then to the bank to convert them to blocks if needed. 

Lush Caves:
They may not be officially added into the game yet, but we have gone ahead and used the new blocks to create the lush caves in Ravine of Revenge so you can experience them early! The caves may even hold some secrets for you to find. 

Darin's Sky Rise Apartment Building (Left) and Nether Tower (Middle):
The apartment building has some quirks. Only one way up and only one way down. Good luck. The Nether Tower is one of the biggest mysteries in the City. No one knows why it is there or how to access it. There is a zipline going to the tree but no one can find the entrance. Maybe you can help the villagers out. 

Trilynx's Treasure Vault:
The vault has been sealed for a very long time. Talk to all of the NPCs, solve all of the puzzles, and find the vault key and maybe you will be able to open it for yourself and see what secrets are inside! 

Good luck with Ravine of Revenge. If you like this map be sure to check out my other maps! 

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