Published on December 03, 2015

Reactor Revival Mod

Nether reactor and glowing obsidian are actually in the game uou gust need unobtainable blocks mods they are able to still be there after you disable, the mod
Nice idea, but my only problem is I can’t download it, would it be possible that you make an link with an .mcworld Version of it?
This mod still work for Minecraft PE v1.11.1.2.Now I can use this mod anytime.
How do I install? I use documents on iOS.
I don't think modding or addons is possible on IOS without jailbreaking your phone which voids your warranty. If you want mods, get a pc and play java. If you want addons, get an android device.
Or download a zip file
This is so great!
Finally I can use the nether reactor again!

I had to delete some code or the game would crash :(
Whoa! The nether reactor core works literally the same way the real one in v0.12.0 works!!!
Nice mod! Just 1 problem:
I can no longer get the Inferno Reactor to work, because the Inferno Reactor Core has the same ID as the Chorus Flower. For this reason, I can't put it on the Nether Brick anymore. Can you please change the ID so it no longer conflicts with other things in the game? Thanks!
It doesn't work for me, it says that the texture pack is not enabled and that the pack is not imported.
Can u make a plane mod?
Ah.. the memories...
can You make a PC mod of it? thank you and a new update for Pocket edition? Thanks have a good day! Ill give you a shoutout!
Can you put a download option that works and is useable for iOS?