Real Life Physics

The Real Life Physics mod include several features to improve the realism in Minecraft PE. Such as in the original game wood can be obtained by punching the wood with your fists but with this mod you’ll have to use tools to get it. Currently only a few realistic features have been implemented but in the future more will be added.

Creator: BagasMC


  • Wood only obtainable with tools
  • Get a starter kit at spawn
  • Torch emit light while holding it in dark areas
  • TNT can be ignited with a torch

Once you have spawned in-game you will be given a couple of stone items as a starter kit. The items include a sword, a shovel, a pickaxe and an axe.


Holding a torch in your hand in dark underground tunnels will cause the torch to emit light. Down below you can see how dark the tunnel is without a torch and how bright it gets once we equip the torch.

Download (Dropbox)
Download (GitHub Raw Code)

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12 Responses

3 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    This is not like real life in real life tools do not appear when you were born

  2. Anonymous says:

    Could you make it a .mcworld and mediafire download

  3. _qu_ says:

    Please make an addon with dynamic lighting for torches

  4. Eclipse_273 says:

    It sounds great

  5. Eclipse_273 says:

    Please add a mcbehaviour/pack for this I’m an apple user and I really want this addon

  6. sammhael says:

    bug report, when i equip the torch in dark place, a torch appear in my back or in the wall, when i break the torch another one appear in the same place, if i repeat the process i can get infinite torch…

  7. Psycho Psuedology says:

    Tools for Kit do not appear at spawn… and when you hold up a torch, it does not light up. Also… if you place a torch, a tnt after ignition will appear and blow up in front of you.

    Please fix. I like the concept though.

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