REAL WORKING Vanish Addon! (1.12+) (BugFix Update)

A real working vanish addon! NO FLOATING ITEMS IN THE AIR, NO NOTHING

Enter /function v or /function vanish to enter or leave the vanish mode! 

It will hide your armor, your items your holding and everything else from your body

+A lot of other featurres

Vanish Addon

(Addon video and review to the buttom or click here)

We all know that the invisibility effect isn’t good enough for trolling or something like that! So we have vanish now which is much better!

Just join your world with the addon installed and get started!


You can enter the Vanishmode with:

/function v” or “/function vanish

You will see that you get a message! It says that this is the original addon because my addons got copied and pasted to a lot other websites. Just enter “/function continue“! You only have to enter that command one time to make sure you downloaded the real one!

As you can see on this picture Im in F5 Mode and wearing a armor and Im holding an item but you can nothing see there. Not like a inv


The YouTube video is about an older version. You dont have to setup anything. Just type /function v or -vanish. See all the changes in 

Feature List


  • Completely invisible (No items visible etc.)
  • Look through walls
  • You can see the items in your hand, but not the other players
  • Your armor will be hidden too!
  • Other players cant hit you when you are in vanishmode

To leave the vanishmode enter “/function v” or “/function vanish“again!


I dont know why I didnt Upload this but now its here! When I released the Big Update the people said can do this bla bla bla… And I fixed the stuff and all after 1 day but I forgot to Upload this! So Im really sorry for you! But now you have it! 

Support me:

  • Yes Im testing my addons before I upload them many many times. And I always find a lot bugs. But if you find bugs to come back here and report them in the comments so we can have a better experience for you all!
  • Also Subscribe to my little YT channel would help me a lot to make more addons in the future more popular! (Over 99.8% of my watchers are not subscribed so please subscribe. Every 117 watcher is subscribed. (That are really like almost no people.)

You ARE allowed to:

  • Make a review about the addon
  • Share it with your friends as long as you use the link to this webside link
  • Use it on servers and realms

Your NOT allowed to:

  • Modify the addon/codes
  • Upload the addon on other websites
  • Copy my addon
  • Spend the addon as your own
  • To link the download link (Only the link to this side)
  • To do a own download link

Addon review

Changelog View more

The download link were the ones from the old version

-The InstallationBugs are fixed.

-You can now switch Instantly between Vanish and Normal.

-Your armor will not apear before your whole body is visible when leaving the vanishmode.

Thats all!

What is new on the addon?

  • Armor support (Armor is hidden too now and you can equip it while using vanish)
  • EC Version
  • Custom player list gone
  • New and better working download links
  • You no longer have to setup something
  • Way easier to use (User friendly)
  • New method (How the addon is working)
  • Fixed the weird glitchy screen (which is because of the new mc version)
  • A lot, lot Bug fixes (Message me on YouTube or here in the comments!)
  • You no longer need a resource pack

I finally fixed the downloadlink!

The download link is/was not working I have nothing to fix!


The BHP (behaviorpack) has to be the first one in the BHP list! (Because of the player.json file) It is how addons are working. Well you dont have to put it on the first spot but I recommend it so it always works. Some addons doesnt work with other addons. Thats Mojangs fault not of any creator. 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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151 Responses

3.13 / 5 (54 votes)
  1. Yangu1231 says:

    The d6b is the better addon, and it is the original, u copied his addon.

  2. Oh yeah CreepycreeperMw,you didn’t say I can combine your’s vanish addon with d6b’s vanish addon…..

  3. Ch1ldst34l3r says:

    I would like to use this addon in my server to

  4. Guest-2358665524 says:


  5. Guest-3945188532 says:

    does not work at all and i can see all of my stuff e.g. helmet, sword and map so i am deleting it and never downloading it again.

  6. stefix1 says:

    alright alright, lemme talk about this addon and d6b’s one. in d6b’s one you can go through small spaces (chest and wall) and theres more features. this one is just, uhhhh… only /effect @p invisibility 999999 1 true but with a small addition? i get it that its easier to type /function blahblahblah, but like, why. why just 2 features in this one when d6b’s one clearly has more. sometimes this even doesnt work i saw people reporting that they could still see their armor and sword or stuff.

    this was made to settle down the war of d6b and CreepycreeperMw

  7. Guest-1335214280 says:

    after vanish i can see armors and shield but i cant get rid of the effects

  8. d6b says:

    Hey, just wanted to say, can you please stop pretending that everyones Vanish addon except yours is copying your codes? Because that is not true. You‘re not the only one that is able to code addons. In fact, when did you upload your addon again and when did i upload mine? kinda looks like your copying me. So stop saying that im copying you. Thanks 🙂

    • Guest-9501558074 says:

      You’re right d6b. Hey any chance that you can fix your super vanish for iOS? I go to use it now and I can’t unvanish and if I try to uninstall the pack I’m still vanished. And if I want to download a pack to another world it dosen’t work either. So I would love it if you could fix that for me and many others. Thanks!


    • Hey can you stop pretending you didnt steal my code? Your addon was one who just added an function v_on command with a /effect @s invisibility 99999 255 true and a effect @s clear…. You just Updated your addon after I uploaded mine and you can see that in the Changelog! And also I never said that anyone were using my codes exept FOR YOU. I have some Privat Addons who only a few people has access to. Youc never even had an player.json file in your version before I uploaded my addon. You probably dont even really know how to find out what code is the right. Btw my 1. version gave the player an item on his head and on the player.json file was an event that triggered when the player equiped this item (on his head) and if so it gave him a specific component. d6b did the same thing after my addon was released… You may know how to do addons but only if you have an template. So after that being said we now know the full truth. 😉

    • Anonymous says:

      And you seem to want me to let me rate your addons. Or better criticize. The 1. is the “More summonables “function pack”” it just changes 1 component on each entity. Thats not even 1 minute work so I dont respect that. The 2nd one is disguise. After you copied me I downloaded it and tried it out. It basicly tpes a mob a little behind you and let it look in your direction. I always to the command for my friends so I already knew it and its really easy to do. So not much work too. the 3rd one is “Super Vanish” which is obviously copied by me (Im talking about the new version). But I rate the 1. version (his own). Bc its only 1 command with only 2 functions its just not good (30 sec of effort). Oh and btw if you wanna do an good disguise addon then use the rendercontrollers etc. (Im so nice and gave you that tipp). Then the 4. More Mobs Addon. Well its kinda clickbait and the description is not 100% true but it seems like the first addon you really spend time on! Good job! And the 5. addon is the Xray Mod which is a Okay. Why? Because you probably used an template and it basicly replaces textures with A clear texture. And with template I dont mean the pack I mean the options that you can go in different modes what blocks you wanna hide but thats okay for me. And Im not an awful person I just dont want people who never did an real addon (at the time he stole it he only did function packs no addons) to copy my addon without knowing how to do by theirself. I dont mean that you arent able to do your own vanish addon bc its really easy how its programmed. Because if you look into an addon code once you always know how to do it! And thats the point: Would you ever know how to do an weapon addon if you never looked into an addon code who added weapons? Probably no. (Incase you know how to) Just dont pretend you got the idea when you just looked on another addon.

    • Guest-5496517512 says:

      Your a bad creator of your vanish go away!

    • Guest-7680598013 says:

      You both sound like you have less iq than a fortnite player

      • stefix1 says:

        fortnite player? how about a roblox player, cuz those guys spam “!” and sometimes they turn into 1’s. and they ragequit when they die like thats so dumb

        roblox and fortnite are equally bad, just that roblox players are more cringy

    • d6b,don’t feel yourself are perfect coder you just made function pack and addons….Whats about texture pack you didn’t make one…You two made this vanish addon to bring joy to ourselves….And lastly, CreepycreeperMw…I know you are mad if anyone has make the same addon as yours….There also another vanish addon so….why do you said d6b copying your addon….There also another vanish addon creator so why you don’t say that he or she copied your addon….

  9. Guest-6210375291 says:

    i can’t unvanish using the function command what do i do? it works fine in general it’s just the unvanishing part.

  10. Guest-6985570020 says:

    Great addon i also love when you invisivle to hostile mobs to so the player dont know that youre invisible great job

  11. EqualMammal2501 says:

    Ok this is awesome I have wanted this forever

  12. Guest-2151822253 says:

    THIS IS AWESOME!!! I waited for this addon for so long to do realms and now I hve it THX!!!

  13. Guest-5513393740 says:

    You do realize that other people also turns invisibile.

  14. Guest-5030820866 says:

    Hey creeper just saying, in the events you wrote a standard_player as standart_player

  15. Hey this is important! A lot of people are wondering why it says: Please download the original addon. Read the text on top of it please (This Addon was created by CreepycreeperMw and Original Uploaded on Please download the original Addon.) I did that so if people realize that this addon was uploaded on this website and by me and then they see but i downloaded it on Minecraft Hub they may report the faker or go to the real website. “Please download the original Addon” is also the only text whos red. I didnt know it would be that confusing.

  16. DAREZ says:

    the function pack is encoded i cant change it

  17. Guest-4382515901 says:

    It says it is missing a denpendence and says download the original addon

  18. Guest-9345506948 says:

    It says I need to download the original addon

  19. Hey you all! Hope you enjoy the new Update! It changed a lot! Also a lot people wished that I use mediafire! So there you go! And this is the original Addon. Others with invisible items are copied (using my codes) Please dont hate them anyway! I will talk to admins so they can remove those.

  20. FlamingArrow3567 says:

    All of your function packs do not work! Im sorry to say this but your vanish pack doesnt work, i did everything correct and i joined in my test player and i can still see myself. ReducerAmStart function packs are much better. No offense or anything.

    • Guest-3830136903 says:

      (Im CreepycreeperMw) Should I tell you something? 1.ReducerAmStart he copied my codes of my addon and added them into his addon because none liked his one. It was just a effect. There is a Big Update which will fix ALL the bugs. And ReducerAmStart dont even know how to do own addons or functionpacks. Hes just using simple templates. I do my templates by myself. Functions are one of the easiest thing you can do. Those are just minecraft commands. I can code his functions everyone in 1 Min (I can do vid lol) I thought about making another account where I can upload stuff like that. But they take only 10 min effort and are really easy to do. I dont want to do them on my main Account because I wanna do highquality content. I took me long time to figure out how the behavior for this addon was working. Code this addon is easy too. Thats why Im so angry that he used my codes. If functions arent working its your fault or minecrafts, but I think its because of the behavior pack. As I said it is Updated Im just waiting for to release it.

      • d6b says:

        What a waste of my time even looking at your addon becuase you might have achieved something in all this time. 🥱

        • d6b says:

          Hey, i wanna say im sorry, i had a bad day, you did achieve something although i did have (i know you‘ll say im lying) that exact same idea long before. I would delete the Comment but i dont know how xD

      • Guest-4426218822 says:

        You know, giving yourself 5 stars shows how bad of a developer you are. If it was out of you and d6b, I would choose d6b because at least he has more respect than you. You go onto his page and insult his addon and claim that he copied when he uploaded his addon BEFORE you. I hope your bs addon gets taken down.
        Also, learn better English.

    • I can Finally log in! Please download the new version. It is a lot better! Take a look at the changelog too! 😄

    • Oh and a tellraw command doesnt mean the addons is better. It is just looking way better.

  21. RedSlimeTime25 says:

    I don’t understand…? There’s already a way to vanish in vanilla MCPE…?

    • RedSlimeTime25 says:

      But i get it, looking through walls is cool and all, but its useless if u think about it because it doesn’t make much of a difference when your spying on someone. Plus screenshots can already be taken on mobile faster then wanting to click the custom button. So is their something I’m missing here because I’m seriously lost of why this is an addon…?

    • Guest-8071295372 says:

      No there is not. If you give urself a effect it will show your armor anyways and your item in your hand! A new Update is comming soon! I dont want to spoiler but it will fix all the bugs too!

      • Guest-7951265814 says:

        You know, giving yourself 5 stars shows how bad of a developer you are. If it was out of you and d6b, I would choose d6b because at least he has more respect than you. You go onto his page and insult his addon and claim that he copied when he uploaded his addon BEFORE you. I hope your bs addon gets taken down.
        Also, learn better English.

  22. I have no name says:


  23. James says:

    Is it possible to make a version with the online players still showing? Thanks!

  24. maiangell2324 says:

    It just says failed to import the pack see log output for more details..

  25. Petrifying says:

    Works great but is unfriendly with other functions. This behavior pack always hack to be on top, but it messes with AntiGrief+.

    • No, not because of the functions, but behaviors! That’s the problem on addons! You have to create a Modpack if you want to use some addons together! If you want to know how to do that just watch YT- tutorial! Im 100 percent sure that you’ll find something!

      • Legendary_Lava says:

        After looking through the code of this addon it is highly unoptimized. It sets variables it doesnt need to set (such as speed & health) making it “unfriendly” with other addons. This is just a modified player json with a function command to toggle the features. It also obfuscates almost everything including the manifest with simple bytecode technology that can easily be reverse engineered. If you are planning on using this addon put it at the bottom of the addon list that way it doesnt interfere with the other addons!

  26. cj19202 says:

    the addon is amazing i love the ban command p.s you have to put it into the game FILE to download it so you need the zip file

  27. Yes says:

    The links that he provided not in the comments are working now im on xbox and if you need help go to my acc and message me my gt is XxLAxX BUTTFAN

  28. MelodiousWings1 (Paradox Realm Owner) says:

    i use /effect @s invisibility 1000(time) 1(strength) true(removes particles), which works fine, only problem is i show up on the player menu (which is not relevant as the game states in chat that i’ve joined or left), and that i show up on a *locator map*, <- 2 hackers/duppers were not caught straight away due to them KNOWING i was invis and in there area by having a locator map in there off hand, does this addon solve that?

    • It isn’t just a invisibility effect and thats why vanish exists! Because of you can see, the item, the playername and all that stuff! And for example if you want to troll someone he instantly see a floating item! I could make locator maps work like normal maps, so you don’t have ban them from the game! Huh I should add this in a future update!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Can you please make a MediaFire link for Xbox Players? Xbox Players can’t download from Google drive

  30. Prys says:

    Download link works for me such an amazing addon.

  31. Drake916 says:

    It okay I think an update that apple made messed it up

  32. d6b says:

    Btw, the MCPACK Download still doesnt work because you made it an .mcpack file but it must be a .mcaddon file.

  33. a Rust says:

    “failed to unpack” unknown pack version thats the message I get

  34. AAH that hurts everyone is spaming: “I CAN’T DOWNLOAD”! OK I will fix if there is something not working!

  35. LiNeD says:

    The link isn’t working, it dont downloading

  36. Anonymous says:

    Download link is broken =(

  37. Vorona says:

    Downloads broken

  38. Jack says:

    You made ban too? I downloaded that a couple hours ago

  39. PashaPay says:

    I can’t download :/ but looks very cool.

  40. Dauntless Fury says:

    Hey the files are not opening, it says page not found when i try to download it

  41. Trixigon says:

    How to download???

  42. Tameable says:

    It says it not there, but By the looks of it looks like a good addon! I’m only giving it a 4 stars due to it not able to download.

  43. REDSTONEPRO108 says:


  44. Unknown says:

    Please fix the links

  45. RG0DAL says:

    The download link says not available

  46. gahdjsjsj says:

    puedes poner el link en mediafire por favor?

  47. DarkMime says:

    can you do media fire plsss

  48. I did something like this in one of my function packs. Mine just gives you invisibilty with no particles, yours is much more polished. Looks functional!

  49. idea giver mcpedl says:

    Great for servers and for trolling! 10/10 Very good addon!!!!!

  50. McCommander4002 says:

    The link takes me to an error message from Google Drive. I tried this on another device; same result. Please remedy this. Thank you

  51. Rogier says:

    I can’t download it any more. But it looks good ngl.

  52. Michael says:

    Finally 🙏🙏

  53. Jheovanny Gomez says:

    It says the link doesn’t work

  54. Just a guy says:

    Link not working

  55. Anonymous says:

    Link not working

  56. James Williams says:

    Drive not working

  57. James Williams says:

    Google drive error?

  58. Morteza says:

    The download link doesn’t work 😑

  59. i exist barely says:

    The download link is not found.
    can’t download.

  60. McCommander4002 says:

    The link doesn’t work.

  61. xStormMC says:

    Hello! I have been thinking of starting a kitpvp realm where I occasionally troll my players, and this addon would be perfect. It seems you are into these types of addons as well, so I would like to leave a suggestion for a future addon. Something I’ve been wanting for a while is a worldEdit addon, just like the java edition plugin. There could be a button in the chat menu that provides shortcuts to instantly do different worldedit commands.
    Also, about your download link:
    They both seem to have been removed by google, is what I’m guessing.
    You should try to upload with mediafire, because that’s what everyone else does.

  62. Have fun with the addon! And check out my other addon! (Ban Addon (#Real working too!))

  63. Anonymous says:

    mediafire link? google drive doesnt seem to work

  64. Hi Creeper says:

    What’s your first Addon

  65. Gamershy says:

    Can’t download…

  66. Download doesn‘t work
    Why are you copying me?

    • Im not copying you! My addon is completely different to yours! My addon makes items in your hand invisible and you can look through walls! And yours only gives you a invisibility effect! 🙁
      And Im pretty good at commands too! Thats just /effect invisibility 99999 255 true or /effec

      • d6b says:

        Overall, it is the same, and i were doing this almost exact thing in another Version that isn‘t finished yet too.

        • Guest-8904471060 says:

          I understand the struggle here, but coming up with the same idea and executing it differently is no where NEAR copying… both of your creations are awesome but they are individual thought/effort. Instead of accusing each other, maybe collaborate or give each other feedback. This addon was not copied of another, even if the idea is the same (I wanted to make one like this way before I knew either or yours existed – would that make me a copier?). Just accept there is more than one addon with the same purpose, and try giving constructive feedback – it helps you and the creator improve.

          • Guest-7616509223 says:

            You know, giving yourself 5 stars shows how bad of a developer you are. Stop rating yourself and let the community do that.

  67. thomas says:

    download link’s are not working

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