REAL WORKING Vanish Addon! (1.12+) (Downloadlink fixed)

A real working vanish addon! NO FLOATING ITEMS IN THE AIR, NO NOTHING

Enter /function v or /function vanish to enter or leave the vanish mode! 

Game menu changes so you can’t see the player in the menu

+A lot of other features

Vanish Addon

(Addon video and review to the buttom or click here)

We all know that the invisibility effect isn’t good enough for trolling or something like that! So we have vanish now which is much better!

To activate the addon place down a repeating commandblock and enter “/function vanish_addon” exactly like that! Activate Always active! Then go on top of the command and enter “/tickingarea add ~ ~-1 ~ ~ ~-1 ~ Vanish”

New Game menu so players can’t see the playernames in the menu


You can enter the Vanishmode with:

/function v” or “/function vanish

You will see that you get a message! It says that you have to take off your armor and enter “/function accept“! You only enter that command one time!

Feature List


  • Completely invisible (No items visible etc.)
  • Look through walls
  • You can see the items in your hand, but not the other players
  • Now you can’t see the playernames in the pausemenu!
  • New Screenshot button in menu (Screenshotfolder: games\com.mojang\Screenshots
  • Hm,,, Where is this feature? Find out!

To leave the vanishmode enter “/function v” or “/function vanish“again!

Addon review

By the way that my 2nd Addon! xD Have fun!

Changelog View more

I finally fixed the downloadlink!

The download link is/was not working I have nothing to fix!


The behaviorpack has to be the first one in the list!

The resourcepack hasn't to be the first but if there is a resourcepack which is changing the ui texture it has to be the first or the new game menu will not work!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13

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94 Responses

3.52 / 5 (27 votes)
  1. RedSlimeTime25 says:

    I don’t understand…? There’s already a way to vanish in vanilla MCPE…?

    • RedSlimeTime25 says:

      But i get it, looking through walls is cool and all, but its useless if u think about it because it doesn’t make much of a difference when your spying on someone. Plus screenshots can already be taken on mobile faster then wanting to click the custom button. So is their something I’m missing here because I’m seriously lost of why this is an addon…?

  2. I have no name says:


  3. James says:

    Is it possible to make a version with the online players still showing? Thanks!

  4. maiangell2324 says:

    It just says failed to import the pack see log output for more details..

  5. Petrifying says:

    Works great but is unfriendly with other functions. This behavior pack always hack to be on top, but it messes with AntiGrief+.

    • No, not because of the functions, but behaviors! That’s the problem on addons! You have to create a Modpack if you want to use some addons together! If you want to know how to do that just watch YT- tutorial! Im 100 percent sure that you’ll find something!

  6. cj19202 says:

    the addon is amazing i love the ban command p.s you have to put it into the game FILE to download it so you need the zip file

  7. Yes says:

    The links that he provided not in the comments are working now im on xbox and if you need help go to my acc and message me my gt is XxLAxX BUTTFAN

  8. MelodiousWings1 (Paradox Realm Owner) says:

    i use /effect @s invisibility 1000(time) 1(strength) true(removes particles), which works fine, only problem is i show up on the player menu (which is not relevant as the game states in chat that i’ve joined or left), and that i show up on a *locator map*, <- 2 hackers/duppers were not caught straight away due to them KNOWING i was invis and in there area by having a locator map in there off hand, does this addon solve that?

    • It isn’t just a invisibility effect and thats why vanish exists! Because of you can see, the item, the playername and all that stuff! And for example if you want to troll someone he instantly see a floating item! I could make locator maps work like normal maps, so you don’t have ban them from the game! Huh I should add this in a future update!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Can you please make a MediaFire link for Xbox Players? Xbox Players can’t download from Google drive

  10. Prys says:

    Download link works for me such an amazing addon.

  11. Drake916 says:

    It okay I think an update that apple made messed it up

  12. d6b says:

    Btw, the MCPACK Download still doesnt work because you made it an .mcpack file but it must be a .mcaddon file.

  13. a Rust says:

    “failed to unpack” unknown pack version thats the message I get

  14. AAH that hurts everyone is spaming: “I CAN’T DOWNLOAD”! OK I will fix if there is something not working!

  15. LiNeD says:

    The link isn’t working, it dont downloading

  16. Anonymous says:

    Download link is broken =(

  17. Alex says:

    No such file

  18. Vorona says:

    Downloads broken

  19. Jack says:

    You made ban too? I downloaded that a couple hours ago

  20. PashaPay says:

    I can’t download :/ but looks very cool.

  21. Dauntless Fury says:

    Hey the files are not opening, it says page not found when i try to download it

  22. Trixigon says:

    How to download???

  23. Tameable says:

    It says it not there, but By the looks of it looks like a good addon! I’m only giving it a 4 stars due to it not able to download.

  24. REDSTONEPRO108 says:


  25. Unknown says:

    Please fix the links

  26. RG0DAL says:

    The download link says not available

  27. gahdjsjsj says:

    puedes poner el link en mediafire por favor?

  28. DarkMime says:

    can you do media fire plsss

  29. FlaviusFire says:

    I did something like this in one of my function packs. Mine just gives you invisibilty with no particles, yours is much more polished. Looks functional!

  30. idea giver mcpedl says:

    Great for servers and for trolling! 10/10 Very good addon!!!!!

  31. McCommander4002 says:

    The link takes me to an error message from Google Drive. I tried this on another device; same result. Please remedy this. Thank you

  32. Rogier says:

    I can’t download it any more. But it looks good ngl.

  33. Michael says:

    Finally 🙏🙏

  34. Jheovanny Gomez says:

    It says the link doesn’t work

  35. Just a guy says:

    Link not working

  36. Anonymous says:

    Link not working

  37. Oof says:

    Link is ded

  38. James Williams says:

    Drive not working

  39. James Williams says:

    Google drive error?

  40. Morteza says:

    The download link doesn’t work 😑

  41. i exist barely says:

    The download link is not found.
    can’t download.

  42. McCommander4002 says:

    The link doesn’t work.

  43. xStormMC says:

    Hello! I have been thinking of starting a kitpvp realm where I occasionally troll my players, and this addon would be perfect. It seems you are into these types of addons as well, so I would like to leave a suggestion for a future addon. Something I’ve been wanting for a while is a worldEdit addon, just like the java edition plugin. There could be a button in the chat menu that provides shortcuts to instantly do different worldedit commands.
    Also, about your download link:
    They both seem to have been removed by google, is what I’m guessing.
    You should try to upload with mediafire, because that’s what everyone else does.

  44. Have fun with the addon! And check out my other addon! (Ban Addon (#Real working too!))

  45. Anonymous says:

    mediafire link? google drive doesnt seem to work

  46. Hi Creeper says:

    What’s your first Addon

  47. Gamershy says:

    Can’t download…

  48. Download doesn‘t work
    Why are you copying me?

    • Im not copying you! My addon is completely different to yours! My addon makes items in your hand invisible and you can look through walls! And yours only gives you a invisibility effect! 🙁
      And Im pretty good at commands too! Thats just /effect invisibility 99999 255 true or /effec

  49. thomas says:

    download link’s are not working

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