Realight V1.7r [300k Downloads!]

Light up your world with Realight! Hold torches and other items to illuminate the surroundings! This pack is perfect for use in adventure maps or normal survival play! Even use this with friends! Made By: XG


Realight V1.7r [Re-Written]

Made for 1.13, 1.14.0, 1.16+

By: XG

Realight is an Addon for Minecraft Bedrock edition which illuminates your world with a handheld light, along with throwable light!

This Addon provides a smooth experience whilst offering a great selection of handheld light sources!
Now with Multiplayer Support!


Short Demo:

Supported Items:

  • -Torch
  • -Totem of Undying! NEW
  • -Glowstone Dust NEW
  • -Fire Charge/Ball NEW
  • -Experience Bottle NEW
  • -Blue Ice NEW
  • -Redstone Block NEW
  • -Magma Cream NEW
  • -Blaze Powder NEW
  • -Campfire NEW 
  • -Ender Chest NEW
  • -Nether Star NEW
  • -Enchantment Table NEW
  • -Lantern
  • -Glowstone
  • -Redstone Torch
  • -Blaze Rod
  • -Beacon
  • -Magma
  • -Jack-o-Lantern
  • -Sea Lantern
  • -Brewing Stand
  • -End Rod

[All items support being dropped, and have custom light levels.]


What are you waiting for?
Download today!

Usage in maps/realms/servers

You are allowed to:

  • Use this in any creation with the correct credits applied
  • Use this in any video with the correct credits shown

You are not allowed to:

  • Use this in any creation without providing credit
  • Provide any other download links that are not the ones I provided.
  • Monetize the Addon given
  • Modify any of the code inside the pack without approval first.
  • Release this in any mod pack without my consent first.

Thank you for agreeing to the terms when downloading.

Changelog View more
- Mobile Download Link
Got accidentally removed, sorry guys/gals!

Thanks for 300,000 downloads! Love you guys/gals!

Thanks for 300k+ Downloads.
If you haven't join my Discord!
- Title/Description to congratulate 300k+ downloads.

Welcome to Realight Re-Written!
I remade Realight from the ground up to improve performance and compatibility!


  • Lightweight API, allows for creators to hopefully be able to easily add custom light.
  • Removed Legacy Components!
  • +12 New light sources! Enjoy!
  • Improvements to clearing mechanism.

Report bugs on discord.

Hey guys, I heard the complaints and fixed the issues of the game crashing.
Enjoy realight once more!

Hey members of MCPEDL! I heard about the download and now its fixed!


Whats New?

  • Fixes for Crashing
  • NEW ITEM! Sea Pickle, only works underwater!
  • Throw-able Light sources are BACK!
  • Light Buff for all Items!
  • Fixed MCPEDL Title

Whats New?

  • Fixes for Crashing
  • NEW ITEM! Sea Pickle, only works underwater!
  • Throw-able Light sources are BACK!
  • Light Buff for all Items!

1.5 Shifting Shades Update!


  • Custom Light Levels per item in hand
  • Custom Light Levels per item on ground
  • Multiplayer Hotfix
  • Game Crash Fixes
  • Misc Updates

1.4b The Light Expands Update

Throw your lights on the ground with this update! [Multiplayer Compatible now!]

[Realight] [1.3b]
This version adds:
-1.13 Support
--Fixes Cleanup Errors

Join our discord for more info:

1.2 The Multiplayer Update

Multiplayer support is now in testing!
Enjoy, and report bugs at our discord!

Added a custom logo

[Previous Update]


-3 New Illuminators

--Sea lantern, Brewing Stand, End Rod

-Better Cleanup System


-Deletion of ladders, blocks, and buttons

-Useable in water, now they aren't

Updated text, fixed double links.

[Previous Update]


-3 New Illuminators

--Sea lantern, Brewing Stand, End Rod

-Better Cleanup System


-Deletion of ladders, blocks, and buttons

-Useable in water, now they aren't

Version 1.1_1b


  • 3 New Illuminators! Brewing Stand, End Rod, and Sea Lanterns!
  • Fixed y=12 issues, if more are apparent tell me.
  • Better clearing mechanism

Updated the disc. to include a discord link!
Enjoy my addon, and join the discord for more addon developments and help with your creations!


This addon may lag older Android and iOS devices, use with caution on those platforms.



Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 (beta)

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Installation Guides

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329 Responses

4.04 / 5 (146 votes)
  1. Guest-3319423532 says:

    Dang, let XG have a break, so much negative feedback man. Chill, modding takes forver. Expect a few bugs, its not perfect, but it’s close!

  2. Uhmm hello…. You know i love this Mod but theres a bug when you ride mobs, minecarts and boats the light stopped working, i need to restart or reopen my world to make it work again… Hope you fixed this ASAP… Well sorry for my english though

  3. MinecraftJack64 says:

    Add lava bucket, please

    • XG says:

      Has been planned for awhile. Trying to work around Minecraft’s limitations cause Lava Buckets are under buckets. (Meaning if I make lava buckets glow then all buckets glow xD)

  4. Guest-2050775669 says:

    Now that’s just rude bro this is made for people who can’t purchase the marketplace mod so chill

  5. noobplayminecraft says:

    Sorry but 300k sharing not downloads. And the PROBLEM with mcpedl is the total number sharing of MCPEDL is not accurate

  6. Ajkray29 says:


    • Guest-7462688329 says:

      Now that’s just rude bro this is made for people who can’t purchase the marketplace mod so chill

    • XG says:

      As far as I’m sure there is no Marketplace Equivalent item.

      This isn’t a texture pack either so clearly you’re here just to spread misinformation.

  7. Guest-8477899215 says:

    Thanks. Finally I can mix ur addon with vein,treecapa, and autosmelt (iron/gold) for my own survival. My survival mod is completed now and it’s work

    Sorry I edit ur addon but I won’t share it.

  8. Guest-3660309318 says:

    okay here we go again delete the old version and download/install the new version. hayst.. 😒😩

  9. Guest-4225301497 says:

    I downloaded the pack, but it’s not showing up in my global resources, any way to fix this?

  10. Guest-6032121564 says:

    Gostaria de Ultilizar esse addon no meu pacote “Realistc Vanilla” tenho o seu consentimento para ultilizar esse addon no meu pacote? lhe garanto que todos os creditos seram devidamente citados

  11. Guest-3548128583 says:

    Awsome Addon Idea but for some reason when i hold the torch it does not that much light like when i place the torch. Is it a bug or not cause i cant barely see anything when holding it.

    • XG says:

      Hold other items for improved lighting.
      This was made to give a better experience with held light, try out the many many other items to improve the light strength.

  12. Guest-6047547208 says:

    Hey can I use your addon for something that I am going to use on my survival world because the addons that I am going to use is Vanilla Tweaks, Vanilla Traps, Fast-o Miner, and Your Realight addon.

  13. Guest-4588781584 says:

    it works! i’m happy :)))))

  14. Guest-7249387002 says:

    Can I have your consent pls

  15. Guest-1702606755 says:

    Shroomlight should get added to

  16. Guest-5019848066 says:

    Por favor, sube el nivel de la luz.
    Por que es voy bajo, no es lógico tener poca iluminación cuando lo tengo en la mano, a que poner en el suelo y que ilumine mucho mas.

  17. FrostingBit says:

    Nice addon

  18. Jozue says:

    Please add the torchs, sparkles and glow sticks (bedrock education edition) the dinamic lights

  19. Guest-1493209216 says:

    Wich texture pack did you use for the screenshots?

  20. XG says:

    Hey everyone, the creator speaking.

    This is an ADDON [Behavior Pack] NOT a resource pack.
    Please check the section this was posted in before commenting or look at other comments to get some more information if needed.

    Thank you.
    [If you have issues or more questions join my discord!]

  21. Guest-7853438548 says:

    Do not work just says no light

    • XG says:

      Try importing the .mcpack, if not manually add in the zip file.

      There are plenty tutorials for you to look at if you’re confused.

  22. Guest-6170815843 says:

    Hi I’m on Android and was wondering how you put it in the game because I’m clueless when it comes to the files xD

  23. Guest-6612648310 says:


  24. Guest-2825236617 says:

    lol, copier u are!

  25. Guest-3230285872 says:

    nice five stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ but can you make a glowing block ores. Diamond,emerald, gold etc…

  26. Guest-7259937748 says:

    I love it can you do an update that adds the properties of the pack into the new update currently its like the new soul fire torch and soul fire lantern

  27. Dekomoro says:

    Can’t behaviour packs change the properties of items? Try adding the offhand property to something like torches

  28. iLloydGM says:

    I don’t know if it’s a mistake, but when I want to put it in global resources and not in a world, it won’t let me put it.
    At the moment I would like to know if there is a solution.
    Minecraft Bedrock 1.14.60

  29. A35K says:

    Omg, you can´t make texture packs, everything in this pack is just wrong, the manifest, the way how you made this into a .mcpack, it is all wrong

    • XG says:

      I can easily tell this is hate feedback considering the fact you even think this is a texturepack.
      Manifest was fixed in the latest update, and people have been able to use it, if you have issues report it through discord.

      All .mcpacks are a .zip archive but open-able and imports automatically in Minecraft. If you have issues sometimes it can be a packaging error or Minecraft messing up.

      • SpotTheBuck1 says:

        You do really well despite what some people say and could make a lot of better mods if you put enough attention into it. For this, I envy you, because you have the proper knowledge to create cool and creative mods for the public to use. Thank you for your efforts.

  30. Guest-6628427561 says:

    Do you thinkyou can edit it so the lightsources can be held in the offhand ?

  31. Guest-4943296379 says:

    Hi can I use this for my MCPE map?

  32. Guest-8911726955 says:

    There are 2 bugs that i’ve found that when i didnt hold the supported items then it remove the walking sound but when i hold the supported items, it’s completly normal. Also glowstone is not even glow

  33. Guest-8719593178 says:

    I have a problem. When I use this addon, everything in my hands decreases.

    (I apologize for English. I’m just from Russia)

  34. Guest-6587358012 says:

    You should make a shader using the same concept. I’m on xbox (beta) and it works perfectly. I can’t find a single shader that works, even ones that claim to work with xbox. If you made a shader using the same mechanism that this uses, it would be amazing. I just wonder whether the shader would end up being an addon or texture pack. To work, it would probably have to be an addon.
    Anyway, that’s my suggestion.

  35. XG says:

    Everyone chill out.

    If you’re in the discord you’ll realize a fix has been uploaded and its waiting for approval.
    Don’t download until you see 1.6.5b as the version.

    Thanks 🙂

    • Guest-8540357524 says:

      Hey man the mod is great. But is there a way to make it work when it’s not at the top of the load list? Because I want to use it with XM guns and that mod needs to be at the top.

    • Guest-1653545460 says:

      Do you have to turn cheats on?

  36. Anonymous says:


  37. Guest-9741809017 says:

    I cant download

  38. Guest-5923273478 says:

    Failed to import- invalid zip archive]
    I changed it to a zip, the folder was empty. :\ Could you fix this?

    Yeah I have the same problem can anybody help by any chance

  39. SuperAgentAlex says:

    [Failed to import- invalid zip archive]
    I changed it to a zip, the folder was empty. :\ Could you fix this?

  40. Guest-6598509338 says:

    Dosn’t work

  41. Guest-2063157714 says:

    Everything’s great, altough the add-on removes the sound of walking. The sounds only appear when you jump or go down. It’s quite annoying…

  42. Guest-1936988945 says:

    Hey when I use this the items in the hand become smaller. Just thought you should know.

  43. Guest-9025735381 says:

    Is it possible to make items which are only avaible through add-ons or inventory editing like lava, flowing_lava, fire, etc emit light when held?

  44. Guest-6869446098 says:

    for some reason when i play with this add-on, i can’t hear the sounds of walking. can you fix pls?

  45. User-4069557446 says:

    Icant make it work on my realms

  46. User-4939308077 says:

    Works in realms?

  47. User-7023788816 says:

    hi can you put light for blaze powder and low glow for the drownd

    • Guest-2053635835 says:

      Im gonna try that mod/Addon I hope it works bc i got a Glitch that i cant play with my Friends and cant Update my Game im on 1.13 beta

      • Guest-4634352391 says:

        You can’t use add-ons on old MCPE beta versions, they we’re introduced with the full release/better together update, use the latest version of the game.

  48. User-2027769424 says:

    Puedo codificarle para el addon de knock back y sweet de las espadas

  49. User-1056302949 says:

    This is awesome! Good job!

  50. User-8395013106 says:

    I really really wanna add it but it crashes for me. I tried it without any other mods or texture packs but still doesn’t work. Is there anything that I have to remove or add? Please help.

  51. Le Minecraft Nerd says:

    could you make it into 1.12?

    • XG says:

      Not possible to update/downgrade to 1.12

      • Guest-7877460110 says:

        Hey great mod. But I have a question. Is there a way to make the mod function without having be at the top of the load list? Because my friends and I are making an apocalypse map for fun, and we need a guns mod on it. But the guns mod must be at the top of the list unless it won’t work… So if there’s any fix for this that would be amazing.

  52. User-3212114958 says:

    Would it be possible to make the torch (and other light sources) able to be put in the left hand? Also, will lava buckets be another light source in a future update?

  53. User-1148472355 says:


  54. CherokeeNative says:

    it will not work on bedrock it the java 🙁

  55. alust says:

    i want to activated the add on but without lose the achivements x.x

  56. Person says:

    I don’t know how difficult this would be, but could you please have an McAddon file? I don’t know how to import zip files into mcpe 🙁
    Looks amazing btw

  57. hi says:

    Is this gonna work on PC?

  58. Silence ninja says:

    Dude Please Fix this I use it worked after I closed my Minecraft and After I played it the add on is not Working when I go to The Cave

  59. Naatashaauwu says:

    So I’m trying to download it on my iPad but it doesn’t work… can anyone help?

    • Guest-6580114996 says:

      Hey, using your addon on my little realm, I linked to this page when I added it. I am also running a couple other addons, and haven’t tested this without them (Invisible Armor, BRFishing, and Loot-tastic), but we found if a creeper blows you up while you are holding one of the light sources (not tested with sea pickle), there is about 25% of getting a light block.

  60. JPgamer says:

    Hi I’m Japanese. This addon was not working on MCPE. My bad?

  61. DemonicGamer145 says:

    Hey @XG the 1.5b pack is pretty good but there are a few things I would do like Change the actual lighting of the source when you place the object on a surface because when you place to block/torch/light source on a block it is much brighter that the one you are holding
    Example: holding a torch is quite dim but placing it Magically turns the brightness from a 4 to a 20 lol

  62. FadingKOZ says:

    I don’t know if you’re able to fix this but if you’re standing on a single block and you unselect the light source, the light will stay there until you move off the block. Otherwise good addon! Makes the game more realistic.

  63. XG says:

    Hey guys Im the Creator speaking.
    If you’re on MCPE you may be experiencing instabilities due to 1.14

    Join my discord for support.

  64. please fix this! says:

    when I use this add-on in my world, I always crash.. is there a possibility that you could fix this? thanks!

  65. WiThRaLL says:

    XG обновите аддон до версии релиза 1.14.0

  66. Realcancov says:

    Long story short, I will be adding this in a mod pack along with ore randomizer and a mod with new mobs introduced, this will be on a realm and you’ll have full credit of your addon along with this page and your page on

  67. The Ghost Driver says:


  68. Xenon says:

    Is it possible to make the Lighting Blocks despawn or disappear after some time?

  69. Anonymous says:

    any way you could make it work on realms?

  70. Kylors Wright says:

    I love it, but it cann’t work in MCPE v1.13.0.34

  71. Hao Huynh says:

    It does not work on Minecraft PE v1.13.1.5

  72. Anominous says:

    It crashes when you kill a flag pillager and if it doesnt you dont get bad omen effect

  73. Anonymouss says:

    Crashes when you kill a flag pillager and if it doesnt crash you dont get bad omen effect other than that it’s great

  74. Beige Jungle57 says:

    Doenst work on realms, but other than that honestly one of my personal favorite add-ons and would suggest it to everyone

  75. Anonymous says:

    Ir doesnt work ok Minecraft

  76. Anonymous says:

    This works absoulutely amazing.

  77. Anonymous says:

    Does it work on xbox???

  78. a says:

    a good addon in my opinion but i had a problem when i hold the torch and switch the item in my hand lights stay till i move one block expect when i jump and fall the light stay

  79. ItsMeEclispepro says:

    Its too hard for me for mining cause the when i mine the light out

    I Have Suggestion!
    Can Torch Han Be Held In Other Hand

  80. Oxgn248 says:

    Ive seen these types of add-on some of them have helmet relight can you please add that on the next update ohh don’t worry though this is but a suggestion 😊😉😁

  81. Sandman6700 says:

    Can you make just a reacorse pack so I can put it on global pack so I can have it in servival servers

  82. Anonymous says:

    Download link is broken =(

  83. Alex says: Don’t work. 🙁

  84. Ranch says:

    Doesn’t work on Minecraft PE 1.12.1

  85. Hi says:

    Step on the plantations, break and then break😭

    • Vanya46 says:

      Hello! Why when I take a torch or a lamp in my hand they don’t work! Please correct this) If I am Russian, I have a Vanya 46 channel and I use your mod there, I really need it, please correct this error and faster))

  86. Trips says:

    A GLITCH! you can NOT swim through one block tall spaces with this mod/addon !! Please fix 🙁

  87. Pablo says:

    There is a bug that’s when you use the torch and removed it the light is still there. (Sorry for my bad English)

  88. Graf says:

    Keren kali saya suka

  89. SupremeChaosXD says:

    Does this work with chocapic shaders and different resource packs?

  90. Corey says:

    Hey! I was testing your Addon before putting it into my realm and I discovered a little bug you might want to patch. In creative mode when the behavior pack is equipped there is a new spawn egg that’s named Spawn.Egg.Minecraft.Player.Name or something. You can find it right after the ravager spawn egg. Anyways when you place it down it crashes the whole game. That’s the only bug I’ve encountered though so keep up the good work!

  91. Blocky Gamer says:

    There was an odd bug in the last version where if you help a torch or something that gave light and walked through a door or tall grass the door or tall grass would break idk if this has been fixed but when I looked in the change log I didn’t see that it was fixed please fix this if you can I understand if you can’t but other then that 5 stars good work I’ve been waiting for something like this for a really long time

  92. Annoymous says:

    I have it installed but it won’t show up in my resource packs, also I’m on xbox

  93. Anonymous says:

    I have it installed but won’t show up in my resource packs. I’m also on Xbox.

    • Rofli says:

      On version, after you take the light source in your hands and walk, and then remove it, then all this light remains after you. Can you fix this please?

  94. Anonymous says:

    Can you make the link available for iPadOS it won’t let me download it

  95. Anonymous says:

    uhh it will say import succed but i dont see it in side of my packs unless im looking in the wrong place.

  96. John Doe says:

    ah yes finally! i knew you wouldn’t give up on this addon!

  97. Anonymous says:

    Kinda buggy but that might just be me. Good work though

  98. Cyanide says:

    It works perfectly its a simple and amazing feature some suggestions I would have to say (if possible) add a function to allow torches in the offhand slot

  99. Bay Dart says:

    Здравствуйте, я нашел одну проблемку, когда я захожу в дверной проём то дверь ломается.

  100. hoppingduck says:

    does it work on realms?

  101. Dr.NoName says:

    Do you think you could make the lantern & torch a dual wield?

  102. The_begging_one says:

    This is so great! Can you update this on 1.13?

  103. Andras Greguss says:

    works perfectly for windows 10 edition! I just needed to look at the behaviour packs! thanks!

  104. Charles says:

    Pls fix the Realight addon its not working pls pls 🙁

  105. Sonny Gata-camara says:

    Hello I have a problem with your addon if I put another addon of the same style it does not work.

    • rubendiegoeluri says:

      Obviously this happens because when using equal data values ​​it overlaps and only the addon that is above works

  106. PresidentCash says:

    Can you make it compatible with tree feller?

  107. SeranaXx says:

    Please make this multiplayer friendly! Otherwise, this is pointless getting =p

  108. Brandon K says:

    Please update for multiplayer!

  109. SeranaXx says:

    Doesn’t work

  110. Zack Davidson says:

    When will it work for multiplayer

  111. Anonymous says:

    Made everything invisible

  112. MurderDanarX says:

    Hey, do you mean if you download this on ios platforms Will Crash the minecraft everytime? Ahhh Whatever better i don’t need the answer because my own minecraft crashes everytime it want My other games is Crashing Too let me i count it is (PUBG MOBILE,Minecraft,Special Forces group 2) And More games Will Crash? Worst Games Ever!💔

  113. Anonymous says:

    I love this addon and it works perfectly but it seems to have stopped working after beta update If possible please fix because I really like to use it in my worlds 🙂

  114. Jupian youtuber life says:

    When i hold torch and anything that is lightable its not working

  115. Beigejungle57 says:

    Great addon, added it to my realm, works great! I watch hermitcraft a lot and ive always wanted this type of lighting in the game, and now i can get it. The grave/sand thing doesnt bother me because i think its cool. Thanks for making this!

  116. Anonymous says:

    theres a bad bug where when i take the torch out of my hand the light remains for 10 seconds. possible fix?

  117. John Doe says:

    multiplayer update fix coming when? is this still being updated?

  118. Zack Davidson says:

    Can you make it so we can use it on realms please!

  119. Heinz says:

    My realm tested this Addon. But all player get a disconnect if someone leave the realm. :-/

    • DetestCommander says:

      For me, it caused light blocks to appear under me, also they drop if a creeper explodes.

      Also they don’t disappear. ☹️

  120. TGgamerboy says:

    Can you update to version because it has a torch that does not turn off but still has light back

  121. Cherry says:

    There is a guy on Minecrafthub called Flipochannel, and he took ur mod and is monetizing it and he doesn’t give credits either, he’s taking a lot of mods from people without credit

  122. Nighttimejack says:

    Hello are you going to add a mediafire link to this Mod. Xbox Players Such as myself are not able to use this Mod and this mod seems really cool. thanks

  123. Watersheep says:

    good, but try to make it for beta too, also I found a glitch where the light stays and cant be deleted when you hold it over a spot

  124. Question says:

    I have an idea for future updates when 1.13 could you change the end rod to a level 15 or block based level “light block”? I have seen them while using /give and they have 15 different levels of lighting and with them there are no particles

  125. Anonymous says:

    when I’m inside incomplete blocks things don’t light up, and I would like you to add the bonfires and the lava buckets

  126. Mid says:

    Just to let you know, you can’t really stop anyone from modifying it, and it doesn’t hurt anyone so.. yea

  127. Fragzin says:

    Idk if it’s possible, but if you know how then making all the items that produce light to be able to be put in the offhand slot

  128. MarsH says:

    Doors and torches dissapear when i walk by with a light source in my hand

  129. ElectroGamer_1923 says:

    friend, it’s not for nothing but, I don’t like it because it puts me in front of an end stick and I thought it was just the torch that lit up, do you think I can fix that? If I can’t understand it

  130. Landondoesgames says:

    This is an amazing addon. For the future though maybe (if there is a way to do so) you could remove the particle effects from the end rod?

  131. Ethan says:

    Is there a ZIP file? this is cool but i cant get it on xbox without a ZIP

  132. Hello gaming says:

    advice from me
    put the light above the head because I can’t move

  133. Gruntmaster25 says:

    Do you think you can put a media fire link for the people on Xbox?

  134. Gruntmaster25 says:

    Can you put a media fire link for the people trying to install on Xbox?

  135. Ed says:

    Can you add a letter to the end of the file like a B or a R in order to make it easier to know what pack to place it in?

  136. EnderFall1089 says:

    Hey! Love this addon, And would like permission to include it in a much bigger overhaul mod i’m building. I would credit you, of course,

  137. BobsYerUncle says:

    Thx for fixing the bugs =)

  138. Sebastian says:

    Guys when I use the torxh the lighting works but when i dont hold anything the light where i was with the torch will be still there. HELP

  139. Anonymous says:

    Is there a mediafire link for it?

  140. EnderFall1089 says:

    Hey! love the addon, and was wondering if i could use this addon in a much bigger addon i’m building,
    (I would credit you, Of course.)

  141. Foxyrocks20 says:

    can there be a mod where you can put stuff like torches in your off hand?

  142. John Doe says:

    it’s really buggy in multiplayer its like the light switches back and forth from one player to another

  143. YaboiBryant says:


  144. Zachary Dennis says:

    Hey! I love the mod mate! I had a couple bugs, but I worked them out. Any plans for more mods?

  145. Endermenking09 says:

    I’m excited for the update but so far I like it because it doesn’t just give u night vision it GLOWS when the update comes I’ll redownload it. Very good work P.S can I give u a shoutout on my YouTube plz thx

  146. Najmul Islam says:

    Not working…
    I can’t see anything there, is there any problem?

  147. SSB Beat says:

    i Love this add-on because i use it with a shader that makes caves very dark it would be awesome if you implement the ability to hold the lantern or touch on your off hand i hope you read this suggestion

  148. John Doe says:

    almost perfect but light triggers gravel and sand

  149. kyle says:

    when ever i use a torch or any light source a end rod shows up ????

  150. Anonymous says:

    Very Nice!

  151. Ambi says:

    Can we also get a feature where you can hold the torch in your off-hand? Also great mod

  152. JaggedTheDark says:

    There are two download buttons for me. Which one do I click? Or do I click both?

  153. XG says:

    Hey guys! I know you’re all anxious for a update fixing the doors and ladders and such, PLEASE WAIT.

    The next update will include:
    -3 More Illuminators
    -Better Clearing
    -Fix for certain items being broke

    The update will be out soon, just be patient. Thank you!

  154. Buttholesurfer says:

    It kept making me break my doors :/

  155. DigiCraft66 says:

    This is dynamic lighting for mcbe!

  156. Alesscreeper says:

    For some reason, if it works and illuminates where you pass, but when you pass that area the light never disappears and there is a path of light where you have walked and is always illuminated even if you are not there
    (sorry for my english)

  157. Alesscreeper says:

    For some reason, if it works and illuminates where you pass, but when you pass that area the light never disappears and there is a path of light where you have walked and is always illuminated even if you are not there

  158. SouronDrake says:

    Amazing love it so much!

  159. Exo says:

    It erases blocks and my world shines everywhere I’ve walked

  160. alsoaidan says:

    On the 1.13 beta and this addon leaves light sources where ever i go and dont go away. if this is becuase of beta i am sorry but i wanted to tell you.

  161. Herobrine says:

    dakon’s version was a bit more realistic but this one has less glitches from my experience and also this addon’s download is safer!

  162. Anonymous says:

    What issues are there when the player is below y=12?

  163. Anonymous says:


    • Name says:

      This addon is not well made and is makes the game very annoying to play because end rods are constantly being placed right were you are walking 2/10

  164. DemonicGamer145 says:

    Awesome 👍, it reminds me of Dakonblackrose’s version
    But a lot betterthe only thing that I could say you can improve on is the random blocks of gravel falling down when you are under them and whenever you throw the lighted sourceit will still produce light as if you are holding it

  165. Anonymous says:


  166. xXLeoXx says:

    Awh, It’s so perfect. I love it.
    Keep up the great work sir!

  167. gonzo165 says:

    wow it actually works really well, and it doesnt glitch like the other mods like this one. thank you very much!

  168. Great addon, This is the same as Glow effect in Java

  169. Kali says:

    I’ve been looking for one of these for pocket edition and this works amazing

  170. Wow! Thank you so much for this addon! I’ve been waiting for one without glitches or it doesn’t work but yours is perfect! Again, thanks a lot! This really helps me and probably a lot of other people who wanted this. Keep up the good work!

  171. RoboSharky says:

    do you put the pack inside the behavior or resource folder?

  172. EnderFall1089 says:

    Hello, I have tested and this addon does work flawlessly. I would like to use your mod in a much bigger mod i am building. I can credit you for the dynamic lighting in the mods description.

    That said, THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  173. tyler says:

    Theres a bug where if you open a door and then touch the door while holding the light source it breaks. This also happens when you touch the backside of the door while holding a light source. Please fix. Other than that, this addon is great. Keep up the good work!

  174. Anyomous says:

    When you go underground the light does not go away when you unselect and when you are aboveground and switch off of a torch there is about a two second delay until the light actually does go away. There is a much better addon made by Dakonrose that works perfectly!
    Your first review when I am typing this is a bad one! CONGRATS!!

    • XG says:

      A fix is being uploaded along with more goodies 😉
      Sorry you didn’t like my addon, but as with time comes more updates and such.

  175. Anonymous says:


  176. Aaron2599 says:

    its really good but sadly dosent work with tree capitator for some reason

  177. Speedietsiren says:

    Just 1 Problem. It Places an End Rod Where Ever I Go. It Makes It Hard to Move Around.

  178. Magma 207 says:

    Hey, I know alot of people will probably ask this but do you think you’re able to add a mediafire link? No worries if you can’t 🙂

  179. Anonymous says:

    thanks! working so far with my other addons.

  180. Deathly says:

    Does this work on servers?

  181. DennisDoan123 says:

    it broke my door when I added it to my survival door…
    Overall, works.

  182. Anonymous says:

    this addon is great! but is it possible to let us put these items in our off-hand?

  183. Diego Villanueva says:

    Finally and hero!

  184. Does it matter says:

    Awesome but…. Are you able to make it so that you can hold it in your left hand(off-hand) if so would be five stars (and fix the y12 thing) thank u

  185. xEpicGunPuppyx says:


  186. a says:

    it remove blocks above you

  187. a says:

    there is a bug when you hold the torch and remove it from your hand the light does not go away until you move a little bit

  188. Anonymous says:

    Found a glitch where it deletes ladders, torches and fence gates if you rub up against it when holding a light source

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