Realislic Lucky Block Addon (1.16) Update!

Hi. Have you been looking for Lucky block addons? And look what is mine! This addon is different from any other lucky block addon! because this is the Realistic lucky block. The first time it came out! It can be found in nature! Also, a variety of items come out! Let’s learn addon completely 🤗


Lucky block is a popular mod from the past to the present. Thanks to this, it is loved by many people. I said “why don’t I do the initial version of the lucky block.” I said. I did! I hope this makes you happy. let’s take a look at the Lucky block! 😏

Lucky block

Lucky block has two different versions. One can be done with a desk. The other cannot be done with a desk. These were created according to your requests. Well. Let’s look at its features;

Breaking time is 0.2.

It can be found the world (only in extreme hill biomes).

It can be taken with a silky touch.

Can be made with a working table. (Can be chosen)

Out of it

When you break the Lucky block, 148 groups each have a spawn weight of 1 (including new items with 1.16 update). Whatever comes across. We can never guess what will come out! Here are a few of the groups that can come out!


-Redstone tools

-End portal tools

-Swords (spell may be struck)




-Spring tools


-And more!

In short, almost all items can come out of it!

Can be found in nature

The lucky block can now be found in the world! It can only be found in hill biomes! If you want to see it in the world, open the experimental game before creating the world (all 3 recommended). Here are more details!

Biome: can be found in almost any biome (except tip and nether)

frequency of occurrence: normal

Found altitude: 63-128 (extreme hill biomes)

Reps: 2-4

Let’s check the lucky block

I will give you a seed to prove that the lucky block is in nature. When you enter the seed and coordinates, you will see the lucky block next to you. So you will believe it is in nature! See below

Seed: 1001678470

Coordinates: 172 93 163


For those who say I want it to be described, here is the recipe of the lucky block; 9 gold ingot

(You can download with or without recipe)

How to get it?

To get the Lucky block, simply enter the chat section and type “give @s thelake: lucky_block“.


Use this addon until Minecraft switches to new versions. If I have the opportunity, I will update this addon. Here you have learned the addon, I hope you enjoy playing! Have fun!

Also, this addon has been translated into 29 different languages!

Allowed 😄

You can take a video of my addon. but you have to give my link!

Not allowed 😡

Don’t pretend that you made my addon yourself or it will be too bad.

Report mistakes

Get a comment

Don’t forget to open the experimental game! (All 3 are recommended)

The best friend to be found in the world! He knows himself. 😌


Changelog View more

What has changed with this version;

-New Linkvertise links added!

What has changed with this version;

-Big bug in geometry fixed
-Item texture of the Lucky block has been fixed
-The game has been optimized for a better experience!
-Small changes made
-Bugs fixed
-Thank you for feedback. We fixed typos in the post

- Don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel! We hope to grow our family

What has changed with this version;

-Geometry has been added to the lucky block!

-Game optimized for a better experience

-Small changes made

-Bugs fixed

-Spelling errors corrected

Please highlight the addon to be notified of the update!

Please highlight the addon so that they can see the update!

What has changed with this version;

-(New feature) Lucky block can now be found in nature!

-Thanks for your feedback. We fixed the bugs!

-Fixed typos in the post

man i got this from the internet! it already happens from other content because this is the main look of the lucky block! Please accept now

Changed with this version:

-The name of the addo has been changed to a suitable name.

The post has been made a little more detailed.


First we wait 5 seconds when the link is opened. Then we click the Skip the advertisement button. Then click the download button from the link that appears.

  • download file
  • click the share button
  • transfer to minecraft
  • have fun :)


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200 1.16.210 (beta)

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    Really good addon i think you should some more drops for more randomness

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    you should make it so the lucky block has a lucky percentage like on java and you can make the percentage higher by adding another lucky block to it and also have unlucky blocks with a the same percentage counter but it is in the negatives and make it so you don’t know if it is lucky or unlucky which i know doesn’t make sense if it has a percentage counter but you should try implement this in to this great addon.

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