Realism Addon

This addon adds thirst and temperature to Minecraft to make your world harder and more realistic. You will lose thirst automatically which can be refilled by going in water, temperature updates from what blocks you are nearby and your elevation. Thirst is above the hearts and temperature is displayed above your level. This also adds light from holding torches.

When you are near certain blocks, they will heat/cool you. Make sure your temperature stays normal, so you don’t get slowness, nausea, or other harmful effects.

Heating Blocks

  • Sand
  • Sandstone
  • Soul Sand
  • Magma
  • Obsidian
  • Gravel
  • Red Sand
  • Red Sandstone
  • Netherrack
  • Quartz Ore
  • Lava
  • Being low down

Cooling Blocks

  • Water
  • Ice
  • Packed Ice
  • Blue Ice
  • Stone
  • End Stone
  • Snow
  • Grass
  • Being high up

Changelog View more

+ Light from holding torches

+ Temperature changes from elevation

- Removed resource pack to make ui appear correct on all devices


experimental gameplay is not required


Supported Minecraft versions


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51 Responses

4.1 / 5 (21 vote)
  1. BlessedPath877 says:

    Can I Use this In a Modpack?

  2. Guest-9675345320 says:

    It’s Belle Delphine’s bath water XD

  3. Guest-4712871532 says:

    its a good add on

  4. Guest-1273636889 says:

    Cool addon, just some minor tweaks needed, and i suggest to have an item that allows player to be resistant to the high and low temperatures, like a cool drink make you not got nausea, and a hot drink to make you resistant to cold

  5. Guest-2987775805 says:

    This addon would be nice if it functions correctly, from the way you can fill your thirst by drinking and not just going to water. The temperature that are based from the biome and depends on how long you are exposed to sun, likewise getting cooled off from the rain and not only that annoying nausea you will get when you are exposed to extreme temperature. Im not asking for a perfect addon as it has own limitations compared to mods but, All we want is something different than the others which will definitely stood out all of the other realism-like addons

  6. Guest-6305780468 says:

    bro its not giving a resource pack.Please help

  7. Guest-9975389906 says:

    The Light That Come From Our Torch In Our Hand Works But It Will Leave A Space Of Light When We Use It… Please Fix This…And I Love This Add-on

  8. Guest-3736019458 says:

    Inb4 someone import the Fire Andy Ice mod and we will all experience RLCraft hell

  9. Guest-8108439461 says:

    You should add Stamina!

  10. Guest-8812370951 says:

    suggestion maybe make it to where you cant mine trees until u find flint and use the flint to mine tress and make a flint pickaxe which is added alongside all the other flint tools the wood ones are still in-game but, the flint tools are lightly better than the wood tools.

  11. Guest-7045591793 says:

    You can just bring blocks with u that beer u up or cool u down wen u go to other biomes

  12. Guest-8283770528 says:

    Does it work on the Xbox one? If so that would be nice.

  13. Guest-1947183561 says:

    U could use a water bottle to cool urself down and fill up thirst

  14. Guest-9109930500 says:

    It’s weird that you can refill the thirst bar just by swimming. You’re basically drinking your bath water

  15. Guest-8486655294 says:

    Idk if it works, but try to make the temperatures biome-base by making custom invisible entities that spawns in certain biomes that changes the temperature of the player when nearby then thats when effects will kick in. You can still keep the identifiers of blocks like ice, magma block, lava, etc..

  16. Guest-8006985102 says:

    Does zis verk on ze schwitch of neentendo?

  17. Skepta says:

    This seems cool at first but is just a nuisance later on. When you go to the never you just get nausea and there is no way to cool yourself down. You need to add a way to heat yourself up in the cold and cool yourself down in the heat. Also make so it’s biomes not blocks

  18. Guest-1824389081 says:

    You should make it that biomes effect temperature, not blocks.

  19. Kirby420 says:

    The bar appears at the right of my screen. It is a bit annoying because that’s where my hand is, but still a good Addon.

  20. Guest-6424215268 says:

    Makes going to the nether that much harder.

  21. Guest-4176134921 says:

    Does it work on 1.15?(3 stars bc it seems cool, but I haven’t played it yet)

  22. Guest-8047651506 says:

    This is awsome! I hope the thirst bar’s and the temperature’s icon get variants.

  23. Guest-1810550442 says:


  24. Guest-9048793842 says:

    Maybe have it so that temperature depends on what biome your in, because there is already a temp scale in vanilla for biome gen.

  25. Guest-9094143919 says:

    how does this affect the nether?

  26. Guest-8454793723 says:

    ya mean dakon?

  27. Guest-6968078710 says:

    Could a YouTuber use this for his rl craft Addon pack? He will be sure to give proper credit for everyone he uses the addons from.

  28. Guest-5409024792 says:


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