RealismExtreme: Bedrock Version

This is RealismExtreme. RealismExtreme is an ultra high-resolution texture pack for Java Edition. This is the Bedrock Edition version of it. This version is 128×128. I wanted to make it 128×128 because it would run on all devices.

RealismExtreme: Bedrcok Version is an ultra, hyper-realistic 128×128 texture pack for Bedrock Edition. This texture pack is 128×128 because the original version of the pack, the Java version, is 2048×2048, which is way too high resolution for Bedrock Edition. Hope you like my texture pack!

The shader used is ESBE 2G shaders:

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Fixed the description

Changed the screenshots

Bug fixes

Other stuffs

Added more images as examples

Fixed the description as well


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Shadowwings8030 says:

    Bad you could do better

  2. Sufs gaming says:

    Pretty bad🤔

  3. MRcoleEXTREME says:

    There’s Barely barely Anyblocks that are new.

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