Realistic Minecraft v1.1.1 Function Pack

Realistic mechanic in Vanilla Minecraft 1.12 with only one function! This one function creation adds Realistic mechanic into your vanilla minecraft world. You can chop down trees easier, but also saplings automatically plant itself and entities leave paths with these Realistic mechanic. Everything is done within vanilla minecraft and no resourcepacks are needed.

Enjoy the pack!

Creator: MarvinG GamingTwitter AccountYouTube Account

Updated: 26 August, 2019 (read changelog)

How does it work?

To get started give yourself a command block: type in chat /give @p command_block

2 – Place the Command Block and type function RealisticMinecraft, set it to Repeat and Always Active, and voilà enjoy the Pack.

  • This first mechanic is called “Treecapacitor”. When you break a log block and all the other log blocks above it will break as well. This only works in Survival Mode though.
  • This second mechanic is called “Automatic Seed Placing”. All saplings that fall down onto grass will turn into a solid state after a few seconds. If they don’t fall on grass though – even if they fall on normal dirt – they won’t be placed.

  • This next mechanic is called “Trample Paths”. When you walk, you will slowly create paths. It dosen’t matter if you sprint around or walk normaly. Only when you look down, no paths will appear. Naturally paths will form there, where you often walk. But in places where you are only once in a while, only the temporary dirt paths will form.

  • The fourth mechanic is a small one called “Slower in high grass”. And it pretty much does, the name suggests.

  • This next mechanic is called ” Slower in cold areas”, what is rather self explanatory as well. While you are in an area, where there is snow and ice, you will move and dig slower. These effects can only be prevented, when you stand in a torch. This will keep you warm and so you won’t be affected by the cold of the snow areas.

  • Now on to the next mechanic, which is again a rather small one. It’s called “Lilypad Break”. It makes it so, that all lilypads which a entity stands on, break.

Changelog View more
  • Fixed the Trample Paths again
  • Rebalance the slowness effect in high grass and cold areas
  • Fixed the submission errors
  • Fixed the treecapacitor
  • Snow layers now gives you slowness effect
  • And now lily pad break properly
  • Fixed bugs
  • Fixed the treecapacitor
  • Snow layers now gives you slowness effect
  • And now lily pad break properly
  • Fixed bugs
  • Fixed the treecapacitor
  • Snow layers now gives you slowness effect
  • And now lily pad break properly
  • Fixed bugs
  • Fixed the Trample paths
  • Tall plants now gives you slowness effect
  • And it works on all entities
  • Fixed bugs
  • Fixed the Trample paths
  • Tall plants now gives you slowness effect
  • And it works on all entities
  • Fixed bugs
  • Fixed the Treecapacitor
  • Fixed the Automatic Seed Placng
  • And it works on 1.12
  • Fixed bugs
  • Fixed the Download link
  • Fixed the Submission error
  • Fixed the Trample Paths
  • And it works on 1.12
  • Fixed bugs
  • Fixed the Download link again
  • Fixed the Submission error
  • And it works on 1.12


  1. Download Behavior Pack .McPack
  2. Apply the pack for a world
  3. Create the world


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13

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52 Responses

3.75 / 5 (24 votes)
  1. ELGATOGAM3R says:

    No me sirve y uso minecraft

  2. Jobr says:

    I got it into my world the leaves were moving and everything was looking good I did the command block at the tree part is not working

  3. Blocky Gamer says:

    It’s awesome but you should make it to where it will auto plant mushrooms as well

  4. Art says:

    Remove vpn ads!


    PLEASE USE A DIFFERENT WEBSITE FOR YOUR LINK. It’s really annoying I can’t download it.

  6. Bohn says:

    This is really awesome, but the command block made my LAN party delayed really bad. can you make it fully client side so you dont need command block? i really love this addon 🙁

  7. Phoenix says:

    this is literately just 1.14 textures!!!

  8. EliteSurvivor1 says:

    The link for some reason leads to inappropriate stuff before letting you download :/, please remove

  9. No one knows says:

    Ples make the link work

  10. No one knows says:

    Wow this is garbage I mean the link is

  11. Joe says:

    Wow this is garbage I mean the link is

  12. Godzilla9866 says:

    You can’t get this on xbox lmaooo

  13. BluePizza says:

    I cannot place the mcpack file. How can i use it for mcpe? I cant see it on the list of my behavior pack 🙁

  14. Just a random says:

    why is it everytime i try and download the zip file it pulls up adds about getting a $1000 paypal giftcard and i cant go onto the mediafire link, mind u i am on xbox.

  15. Mistermaster says:

    Does this work for 1.11? It’s a cool and I want to try it in 1.11

  16. Kyuketsuki says:

    Your addon is my favorite out there! I use it on all my worlds and love the features! Having played for a while using this addon I just have a few recommendations 😀
    1) The Trample Paths part is awesome and is fun to see where you have been but paths have to be manually removed and they only take around three to six seconds to appear depending on wether your standing on dirt or grass. This means that even when exploring new areas, you can easily accidentally leave a trail behind you of paths if you stop. If the time it took to make a path was slightly increased it could really help keep worlds nicer.
    2) (thanks for balancing the slowness effect! 😀 ) But the mining fatigue in cold areas is so extreme it can be quite annoying when walking over the top of a snowy mountain and you see some coal and it takes ages to mine, the same when collecting ice in ice-spike biomes. As a solution, you could slightly decrease the mining fatigue affect and have a feature so that when you are near a campfire or torch, the effect is eradicated.
    3) Lastly you could have some tall plants either offer a small regeneration effect or for spiked plants like the rose, you could have them give you small bits of instant damage when you stand in them for too long.
    Greetings from France, and thank you so much for the support you give this addon! 😀

    • Merci beaucoup, and there’ll be a major update here’s what I’m working on, Temperature and Wind but it’s still not complete yet, but thanks for the support

      • And what’s your suggestion for the next Function Pack?

        • Kyuketsuki says:

          Can’t wait for the new update! And for a new fiction pack… Mmm, tough… I think that since you’ve explored the realistic side, you could next explore the fictional…
          -). You could try to implement fantasy ideas into the game.
          A). For example; you could add functionality to certain items so that when they’re dropped along with another item they cast a spell that creates an effect. Or maybe you could utilise the xp bar in a sort of magic system? Like to cast these spells, it would require experience.
          B). I’ve also seen ways to generate random structures in two ways:
          1). Have a scoreboard that increases for a certain animal, and when that score reaches a certain high value, it will create a structure in its place.
          2). Have a timer which activates periodically but after long periods of time, and it will create the structure, if the type of target mob is near ( e.g. a zombie, or endermam, or rabbit)
          (I prefer the second option as you can create many different structures, some more rare than others, there is more of a random chance of discovering a structure. Also, you can create biome specific structures, by targeting mobs that spawn in certain biomes like husks, drowns, or ocelots.)
          The structures could range from underground dungeons to above ground wizard towards.
          C). In addition, you could make certain normal mobs have special abilities and or attacks, like certain mobs may levitate and cast slowness on you, while others may have a chance of summoning evoker fangs on the player but to Balence it, it may also affect them with speed.
          -). Another whole concept, is to explore a sci-fi genre.
          A). You could again use the idea of procedurally generated structures but to find a futuristic structure like a electricity beam / beacon which would contain a custom crafting station* this could be used to craft uncraftable items which can be used for many purposes.
          B). These items could be used as weapons or useful gadgets to electrically shock or stun mobs.

          * the way in which you could create a functional custom crafting table in a structure could be: when the mob is used to create the structure, it could be teleported to a certain place in the structure where the dropper is and it could summon two special mobs, e.g: a shoulder and endermite (this is to reduce the chance of a custom crafting station accidentally being created), then a command would run that summons and invisible armor stand in the dropper that would enable you to run commands on the dropper to detect if it contained certain items.

          These are just a few random ideas that may not even be possible to implement, but I think the thing that will make all of these ideas much cooler, would be by using a lot of particles, as it creates a unique feel for the entity or block or attack.

          Thanks for reading and responding, it’s nice to have creators who interact and engage with their community! 🙂

        • Jivk says:

          Good afternoon, I would like it to break when the arrow hits the glass

      • Ferno says:

        Can you make Treecapacitor only work when crouching? as building is now impossible with logs..

  17. Samuel Miquéias says:

    the treecapacitor function is not working on my cell phone

  18. Rezky says:

    Amazing function pack!😘

  19. CannedBread says:

    Do you have to put it in experimental gameplay or can I just play in normal 1.11

  20. gio1135 says:

    How about camp fires help you dig in cold biomes?

  21. Heyfellas says:

    This is a great command we don’t have to copy it and for those who are on iPad you download this but it’s just one thing can you add falling leaves to this.

  22. exo says:

    Hi, good work! I like it But I don’t need all the features either. Would it be possible for you to create a separate add-on with “Automatic Seed Placing” and “Treecapacitor”? Greetings from Germany

  23. Anonymous says:

    I like the fact that everything feels realistic! 😀
    Great function pack! 😊

  24. Zeyit says:


  25. Luke maser says:

    Mine is not working at all so any way to fix?

  26. Heythere1889 says:

    Great addon! But how do you stop it from spamming FUNCTIONS SUCCESSFULLY DONE repeatedly thanks!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Is it possible to make all of these things separate behavior packs, I like some of them just not everything? Other than that, really cool!

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