Realistic Trees

Bored of vanilla minecraft trees? Want some realistic looking trees? Then you have come to the right place. This texture pack makes minecraft trees look REALISTIC with 15 different combos!


Note: the new models are just in-game models , they are quite buggy and some work correctly while some dont. I have mentioned each leaves properties and/or bugs here. The same goes for logs as well.

1- 3D Leaves

New model : ✔️

Replaced model: chorus flower

Waves with shaders: ✔️

This is the most recommended.

Bugs : The leaves dont have colour in inventory. Its a minor bug and cannot be fixed.

2- Round Leaves(1)

New model : ❌ it uses a new texture

Waves with shaders: ✔️

Bugs: jungle leaves dont work.

These look kinda bushy from some angles

3- Round Leaves(2)

New model : ❌ it uses a new texture

Waves with shaders: ✔️

Bugs: jungle leaves dont work.

These are the most close to vanilla.

The drowned wanted to say hi.

4- Extra Bushy Leaves

New model : ✔️

Replaced model: crops

Waves with shaders: ❌


The leaves dont change colour according to biomes.

They have a darker texture because if not added a new texture they will be white. I will try to make the texture good as possible.

The jungle leaves are extremely glitched, do not look at them, your braincells will die.

The leaves turn into a dark red colour when in cold biomes

None of the bugs can be fixed. Rip

5- Blocky Bushy Leaves

New model : ✔️

Replaced model: cactus

Waves with shaders: ❌


The leaves dont change colour according to biomes.

They have a lighter texture because if not added a new texture they will be white. I will try to make the texture good as possible.

The leaves turn into a bright red colour when in cold biomes

None of the bugs can be fixed. Rip again

After leaves , come


1- Normal/Fake Round Log(new)

These are pretty much the same but they now have round tops and slightly altered texture which give a ROUND illusion

2- Thin Logs

New model : ✔️

Replaced model: wall


They have a weird shadow around them.

They dont get joined like normal wall, but they work fine in 1.14. 

3- Super thin logs

New model: ✔️

Replaced model: fence

Bugs: they have a weird shadow as well around them.

when using thin logs or super thin logs , the buildings which have wood logs in them look weird.

If you dont like it then use the normal logs.

For some close ups/combinations and better in-game look, watch this video.


Shader used:

I will make the texture of both bushy leaves better, i need your opinion , should they be dark like extra bushy or light like blocky bushy. Sorry they cant be like normal leaves.
You can either use the logs or the leaves only but i recommend you use both.
You can change the model of these after applying, click on the pack and click on the gear icon, from there select your desired variant.
You are not allowed to publish this on any other website , i will find you and kill you.
If you want to make a video with/about this texture pack then please give mcpedl page link, not direct download link.
There is a bug in current version of minecraft that when texture packs applied to new worlds dont work to fix it simply remove the texture pack GO BACK then apply it again. It will work.
If you cannot get through the link/ want to contact me/need to tell me something then please do on my discord
Fused Bolt#9525

Changelog View more

Removed the texture of lily pad from 3D leaves model, which was not added on purpose.

Added a new texture for logs, Round logs which give illusion of a round block.

Added 5 new leave variants

Added 3 new log variants

Just gave an overhaul

Whats new!



When you click one of the link , you will be redirected to 

Wait for 5 seconds and click SKIP AD, do not click anything else.

Then a new page will open , if it isn't then close it and go to page

It will say ALLOW NOTIFICATION , and a pop up will keep coming , just ignore that and keep clicking BLOCK OR DENY , the page will refresh several times and you will be automatically redirected to Mediafire from there download the pack and open it , it will automatically import to your minecraft.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16



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55 Responses

4.36 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Fused Bolt says:

    I have changed my discord tag, its now
    Fused Bolt#9525
    Contact me if you want to tell something or want direct link.

  2. BlackPlay456 says:

    It is a good complement for those who want their game as realistic as possible, it has its flaws, if obvious, but I know that with the passage of time the creator will fix them

  3. DreamKiller2077 says:

    You can’t kill me

  4. Guest-1066453115 says:

    Is there any way you could fix the adfly download. I tapped the download and it took me to adfly and I waited five seconds and skipped the ad. Here’s the problem. Then it says I have to subscribe to adfly to continue to the download. There is no deny button or anything. Is it safe to subscribe or will I get a virus? (I’m on iOS)

  5. Guest-9736569993 says:

    uh… Everything is red now…

    • carodwen says:

      So now it works but I’d prefer to just have the water textures and use it with my normal texture pack. If that is ever a possibility I would love that.

  6. Guest-6785368845 says:

    It doesnt let me install it and its not working the adfly isnt showing the allow notifications so can you put a direct link for me please

  7. Guest-6367925336 says:

    OK I’ve just installed the v2 pack and the trees look great being thinner but here on xbox the water dont wave and the leaves don’t move the water is clear but could use the under water textures like ESBE shaders for example when you dive in the water on ESBE you can see the ripples on the walls other than that not a bad job

    • First of all the waving Animation doesn’t work on xbox or ps4 and second if I do add a underwater animation, it will lag on low end and it will no longer be a texture pack but a shader. So i wont do the waving water thingy sorry

  8. Guest-1140238074 says:

    i have 1.16 it’s not working, the logs appear thin but when placed sideways (like sticking out horizontally in the case of a tree branch) the log still displays vertical but the texture is simply rotated. Great mod though!! I hope it works in the future

  9. Guest-2049462326 says:

    This a Virus dont get My Anti Spyware Premium dedected a hidden threat in one of the files

  10. CrazehIvan says:

    Really good texture pack and goes well with shaders

  11. Guest-2673669293 says:

    Not working, followed all instructions. getting destroyed by adfly

  12. TenderDragon173 says:

    Im on IOS but it say PRESS ALLOW TO CONTINUE But i dont find the ALLOW pls fix it

  13. Guest-8113624096 says:

    Nice texture pack man! However, i have one problem: The leaves and plants wont move.. I’m on xbox 1. Please help.

  14. Guest-5375724706 says:

    Please make a pack which is only for the waving plants please!

  15. Guest-2450762021 says:

    How did you do the custom blockshape?

  16. Also i forgot to mention that waving leaves and water and other things of this pack WORKS ON ALL PLATFORMS 😀

  17. Guest-9828072024 says:

    this was reposted on mcbedrock

  18. Anonymous says:

    The description says you made all the textures yet my sky is being uses in the environment version. Can you please add credits to me in the description so people dont think you made that texture? I do not want to contact the admin on this site to have the post removed so I’m just reaching out as a friendly gesture. Ty

    • For your information, i downloaded the pictures of clouds from google by searching CLOUDS, i myself found all the pictures and adjusted their quality and size and the same goes for sun and moon.
      And if you still feel that i stole something, then tell me is it the clouds , sun or moon. I will replace them with new ones.

  19. Guest-8333621348 says:

    Hi, I uploaded your texture pack to my channel and what I won was a threat, so this was the first and last time I promoted your work. thanks for your attention.

  20. Nickedkid says:

    This is a nice pack to go with my ESPE shaders, good job man!

  21. _rickname_ says:

    This is so easy to recreate. Make the logs blockshape a wall, multiply the leaves texture and than cut a few corners (only with the leaves it’s a bit harder with extra textures), and kaboom you’ve kinda recreated THIS pack.

  22. Could u do a 32×32 version? (Faithful)

  23. Guest-7441999126 says:

    I would have downloaded the pack that included the retextured logs if you could make it it doesnt add a shadow surrounding it making it completely black. And can you find a way to make it where the foliage for the leaves would actually combine to make it look better instead of it just being a block though I dont know if that’s possible

    • To fix the shadow , break the blocks that are touching the logs.
      The shadow cannot be fixed because the log is actually a full block and i replaced its model with wall , so it thinks that its a full log block and its surroundings like a normal log would do. Its hitbox cannot be changed due to resource pack limitations. As for leaves, I will try.

  24. Guest-9501692042 says:

    Wtf, did u know ur the second person to create a 3d blocks????!!!! THIS IS COOL

  25. Guest-6940820489 says:

    realy cool, but can you make logs thick pls.

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