Reality Revolx [Shaders]

Reality Revolx is a shaders pack which works great in every type of environment. It’s a merge of two previously very popular shader packs called EVO Shaders and Ender Shaders. Basically they have taken some of the best features of each pack and compiled them in one, that is now known as Reality Revolx. The world feels alien but in a good way. Everything have a vibrant and more alive look. It surely makes the world in Minecraft feel much more realistic and enjoyable.

Creators: Joseman0209 (Twitter Account), TRXDev (Twitter Account)

realityrevolx1realityrevolx4 realityrevolx2 realityrevolx3download

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36 Responses

4.75 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. epic mincrafter says:

    Guys, old addons don’t work anymore because the creator removed the link or they moved on from making addons

  2. 3R14N says:

    the link does not work

  3. iiSilvertanK says:

    Please add a MediaFire link, with mcpack. Looks great tho.

  4. ReyRex233 says:

    Plis update plis favorite shader ??

  5. AAYDEN says:

    Hey is the link broken or is it down because you’re updating. Would lo e this textur pack. Also is it a .mcpack for that is easier to install and my friend is on PC so it’s harder for me to tell him where to put the file when I’m on android and i know how to find it. Thx.

  6. Oofd says:

    The link does not work.

  7. Dan says:

    Does it lag on low end devices?

  8. Yummy Jam says:

    um… which button is the download one???

  9. THE_TECH_GAMER says:

    can u pls put the download back up im on win 10 and it says the files bead deleted

  10. I'm a very lonely person says:

    Sir editor, I really need your help here
    So I downloaded it I tried to extract the .zip file and cut it to games/com.mojang/resource_packs I started playing mc but when I looked at it it isn’t working how to fix sir

  11. Daivik Sharma says:

    Does this shader pack have a wavy grass like the leaves and grass moving

  12. Alex says:

    It doesn’t work on mcpe why do a need PC?

  13. andra says:

    Is this work on mcpe 0.16.0?

  14. Serah says:

    Is it possible to use shaders on iOS?

  15. Aiman says:

    Is this working when i use it without blocklauncher or mcpe master..pls respond editor

  16. The Nerd says:

    When will it be updated to 0.14.0?

  17. TheTobi says:

    Is it also working on lower Devices with a texture pack?

  18. Shedletsky says:

    The animated water and leaves don’t work,. Help me please!

  19. TheTobi says:

    How can I use it together with a Texture Pack (Sphax) on Android?

  20. Theminecrafter says:

    What maps in that screenshot ? Please answer

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