Realm of Beturune: Generations

Realm of Beturune: Generations is an open world RPG adventure map. In this map you will fight mobs, solve puzzles, and explore a beautifully crafted open world. Keep in mind that this map is a work in progress and more stuff will be added every update!

Keep in mind that this map is a W.I.P, and that more content is added every update.

Explore many different areas!

There are tons of secret dungeons around Beturune, find them and solve the puzzles inside to get some loot!

There are many dangers in Beturune, are you prepared to face them?

Changelog View more

~Created a trailer for the map

~Made all raider encounters natural by removing pressure plates

~Basic polish and bug fixes.

*Added more stuff to Stickler Village.

*Generally optimized the map and fixed the observer clock bug in Reginald's House.

*Overall a more cohesive and polished experience.

*Updates MCPEDL page to be up to date with the project.

Error with download file, my reupload had an error.

Changed name from Realm of Beturune to Realm of Beturune: Generations

Polished up some areas

No new story yet

Added actual NPCs

Added NPCS

More general polish

No new story yet, but coming soon.

No new story content, but I have changed the name to Realm of Beturune: Generations.

*There are now actual NPCs instead of villagers

*Now in 1.16

*Overall a more polished experience.

-Added total new area

-New Currency system

-Added Area Titles

-Rebalanced starting weapon

I have fixed the parkour to be slightly easier in the hideout.


Just click on the hyperlink, and download the .mcworld file. Once that is downloaded all you need to do is open it.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

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37 Responses

4.75 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Guest-2486500407 says:

    What command did you use to create the NPCS like the Old Man?

  2. Guest-9715446708 says:

    What is the command of the area titles you put in this map? It should be PE version

  3. Anonymous says:

    V1.0.4 Download is currently broken, it has been fixed, and an update should be uploaded today or tomorrow, sorry for the inconvenience. Date: March 25th, 2020

  4. MrBrownieHC says:

    Official discord for this map.

  5. XSparkGaming says:

    Nice Map! I Look Forward To Your Future Work. Just A Side Question, How Did You Build Those Cliffs, They Look Really Nice And Must Have Taken A While If They Were Built Manually.

  6. ariel says:

    the name reminds me of the game deltarune aka undertale 2

  7. dudebroagain says:

    Overall pretty alright. Some advice I can give as a fellow map maker is-
    1) Rather than using buttons or pressure plates use /execute @a ~ ~ ~ detect (insert block) ~ ~-2 ~ (insert command. That way, certain actions can occur naturally without the player having to step on a pressure plate to summon mobs or pressing buttons to talk.
    2) do /gamerule sendcommandblockfeedback false. To prevent any text from command blocks to appear in chat.
    3) instead of putting the item you need in a chest for the NPC. Use what I said in advice 1, but make it so it detects whether you have that item or not. If you have it, make it so when they’re close it’ll remove the item from their inventory and use /give to give them the item.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Really great map but the buton to talk to the villigar doesn’t work

  9. DeansRealm says:

    Wow this map was impressively good 🙂
    Looking forward to playing it Spring next year!

  10. GreenEmerald335 says:

    this map is just gerat. cant wait 4 the next update

  11. KeTchAps says:

    Your Map is so good! I felt bad when I saw the coming soon sign hahaha! Wait is that the end of this version? Just asking

  12. is it multiplayer friendly?

  13. Kinda reminds me of BOTW because it’s open-world. Great job!

  14. MCPE Beta 1.11 says:

    This does Looked like Deltarune in Minecraft! Deltarune was released in October 31, 2018

  15. MCPE Beta 1.11 says:

    This Does Looked like Deltarune

  16. Beat me to it! Now I have to throw it in the trash can! It would’ve been the perfect map if it wasn’t for you meddling kids!

  17. Me says:

    This map wouldn’t load for me (I play 1.9.0)

  18. HugePolecat says:

    Hello! I have not been able to play the map yet, because Minecraft says “This game has been saved on a newer version of the game so you cannot play it” whenever I click on it. I am using the new version with pandas and more cat patterns.

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