Rectocon’s Ruby Addon Beta 1

Welcome to my ruby addon, Rectocon’s Ruby addon is an addon that adds rubys in your game for crafting weapons armor and much more. I hope you enjoy this addon i worked hard on it and please share it. Thank you 

Requires Experimental!

This addon dose not replace the existing Minecraft Items all you need to do is activate experimental mode. and you will have full access to all Items in the addon. 

Now for crafting and Items. 

The Ruby pickaxe. This is an overpowered pickaxe that can break through any box instantly. Because of my dumb choices You have to un into the block to break it but it beaks it instantly. This Pickaxe can also break Bedrock.

This is the Amazing Katana. This is the second most strongest weapon in my addon. 

Powers: Speed 2, Resistance 1, Regeneration 2, Jump boost 3.

Damage 13 Durability 3600. No change of HP

This is the normal katana this katana Is not special what so ever. I’m sorry.

This weapon dose 10 damage and has a durability of 2600.

This the Incredible rubbly sword and there’s a reason why its called Incredible and here is why… 

Damage: 15    Durability: 3600 

Regeneration: 2  Resistance: 1 

This is the ruby sword. Just the normal ruby sword nothing special. 

Damage: 11

Durability: 3200

This is how you craft the ruby pickaxe. 

2 obsidian 3 ruby bars and 1 stick. 

 This is how you craft the amazing Katana.

2 crying obsidian 2 ruby bars and one stick.

This is how you craft the ruby sword.

2 obsidian, 2 ruby’s and 1 stick.

This is how you make molten ruby this dose require a blast furnace to make.

You can use 3 molten ruby’s to craft a single ruby bar. 

This is how you craft the bottom broken ruby chip. 

And this is how you craft the broken ruby top. 

Changelog View more

I replaces the whole entire mod.

But I hope you guys enjoy this mod

First Version of release most likely some entry’s won’t function and you may crash and experience bugs. (Alpha Version)


This should install as soon as you download the fine you mist import it to Minecraft if it automatically dose not bring you to Minecraft.


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. PARV66_YT says:



    Am,if You Not Using Anything Like That,Name the Component That Is Used To Add Durability!!!!!!!

    Haha You Suck Kid….

  2. vred says:

    Try to make some shading and not use the textures without editing

  3. BloxurloGamer says:

    BUENAR TARDES sobre el addon ………. que te digo amigo hay muchos addon mejores que esto asi que te voy a dar un consejo has addons grandes o por lo menos utiles y de buena calidad y si solo lo haces por divercion pos …… SIGUE ASI .

  4. GygaZaid says:

    Good addon! It is functional and all, could I review it on my youtube channel?

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