[TEU] Red Eyes (Horror Series) [Adventure]

Twelve Eve Universe presents “Red Eyes”.

This is the Second Chapter in the series and is an ongoing horror series set in the Twelve Eve Universe.

Can you unwrapped the mysteries set in the plot of this whole horror universe?

Are you brave enough to complete the series?

What secrets lies behind each doors…

RED EYES is the second map in the “Twelve Eve Universe”[TEU] Horror Map Series. It continues the story of “You” encountering paranormal activities in your office. Gather information of what is really happening and sneak out before “It” catch you. Puzzle out the story of this Horror Map Universe if you can.

Creator: mikkeeeyyyy, Twitter Account


  • This map is not recommended for faint hearted. Play with caution!
  • Don’t play on multiple players.
  • Must play only on Adventure Mode Only!


  • Multiple Endings based on your actions.
  • Jumpscares… You’ve been warned.
  • Few Cutscenes.
  • Custom Resource and Behavior pack to optimize the whole map experience.
  • The continous story from the previous map “Twelve Eve”.
  • Easter egg?

Creator’s Note

This is just a second update for the map to make it compatible to the latest version. Enjoy Everyone! :>

Check out other Chapters from the Series:

Changelog View more
  • Fixed some major commands for the map. Please note that map performance still differs from your device.
  • Fixed Red Eyes Model from VIllager. No more silly Villager Jumpscare.
  • Add some minor details for the map


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.8 1.9

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23 Responses

4.58 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. Ryan says:

    bro serious talk is there even an anvil or a level for the lapis on the map cause I looked for an hour and honestly couldn’t find anything

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can you make a mediafire link bcuz all i get is sexual ads

  3. JustinPlayzPE says:

    So, MIKKEEEYYYY, when i was downloading this, i noticed that the file was uploaded from philippines, are you filipino? I am!

  4. Nooooo says:

    There’s a problem. When I enter the first cutscene with me underneath the table or bed and the door opens at the beginning, there’s supposed to be the black thing. But when I do it nothing happens, the door just opens and I’m left in the same place and can’t do anything. Pls fix asap

  5. Star GasMa says:

    I got the good ending.

  6. markoloko1223 says:

    *plays this map* 5 minutes later *writing /give @s cookef_beef*

  7. Lil Niqba says:

    I got the real ending evidently. a what were all the endings?

  8. Lil Niqba says:

    I got the real ending

  9. Command boss says:

    1 I couldn’t find third page 2 how does it move like player

  10. K8TheGr8 says:

    That was so cool! I wasn’t expecting something made in Minecraft to actually be so high-quality, but this was really well made! I got the good ending the first time, and can’t seem to find any other endings, so if anybody knows how, that would be great. Other than that, great map!

  11. Creator of Minecraft says:


  12. SilverC132 says:

    Good map, nice

  13. Vort3x says:

    Good map this is really commedy gold

  14. Ben says:

    I coulndt find third page

  15. Seti says:

    Great game,it was entertaining and it’s cool that there’s 2 endings.I got the real ending.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Bro this the best horror map i ever play…
    Seriously i throw my phone

  17. HaleyVale says:

    very good <3

    i'm definetly not faint hearted and havent excepted much of a minecraft horror map- but the jump scares actually got me.
    I recommend you to turn your music down and play through it in one run – save and exit brought me back to the beginning where I then couldnt open the door.

    I experienced one other thing which maybe isnt purposed to be- could I maybe write you about it? would be a little to spoilerish to post here :p

  18. Alexandra Kempen says:

    love it 🙂
    i recommend to turn the minecraft music out- it disturbs tge atmosphere of the map.

    but sadly I think I encountered one problem :

    ( slight spoiler!) in the upper floor i followed the bloody thing and glitched out of the building, in front of one of the invisible walls. then i stood right before the glassroom, broke through to complete my report- but I couldnt.
    I completed then anyways and got the cauldron room ending. and i havent got it really 😡
    is this how it should work? i know there are several endings and ill definetly try to fibd them 🙂

    also I couldnt save my progress and return. I stood then with my items in the beginnings dark corridor but couldnt open the world.

  19. •iTz Unknown• says:

    Very jumpscare and nice.
    Try it.

  20. Parker says:

    Hearts beating so fast, can’t do it, I’m out. Splendid map, really shows how scary Minecraft can be

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