Redemption Realm S2 (World Download)

Redemption realm was started in 2015 as a server, and was operated by myself and two other members, which are still active on it. We are a small community of creators, that have kept cheats off, and intend to bring more members while keeping it legitimate survival. The world is over 1GB big when decompressed.


  • Find your own place to live, don’t live on someone else’s land.
  • Keep drama out of The Discord server or get banned
  • I do not unban people ever. No second chances.

Places to see:

  • The Oasis
  • The Wild West
  • Debutant Town
  • Oval Castle
  • Warrior Bunkers
  • End Town
  • Nether Forest
  • Sky Village
  • Ravine Town
  • Boss Battle Area
  • Farlands Minecart Travel Station
  • Underground Tunnels
  • New Arenas

Changelog View more

I have added a download link, so now you can enjoy the map for yourself!

  • Updated download link to the most recent public archive
  • Fixed Join link to now include the most recent key
  • Minor changes to the rules section
  • Removed Join link due to griefing
  • Updated download link to most recent archive
  • Added a "Places" section in description stating what places exist.


Fixed the download link. I sent a new one to update.

  • Removed some places on the map from season one.
  • Added a few new places for the season two.
  • Updated the download links for the season two beginning.
  • Fixed all spelling errors (I hope)

The download link now goes to the new download page for Redemption season two's map.


Click the download link, and then click "Join Realm"


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.9

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Installation Guides

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23 Responses

4.24 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. Oofdoof says:

    This is horribble it lagged so bad my Minecraft no longer works

  2. Guybear123 says:

    The realm link does not work

  3. Weirdosaur says:

    the link to join the realm is invalid

  4. Hyperion3253 says:

    Mr Sub Script pls turn on coordinates so we can play with our friends.

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. ken20 says:

    i cant download the map it says invalid

  7. MrSubScript says:

    We have a Discord server, join it here:

  8. RMPlaysPE says:

    Hehey I Love it…

  9. ForbiddenWolfSl says:

    Is the realm up still? I tried going on today but it wasn’t on my realm lists :v.

  10. The annomous derp says:

    It was sooooo amazing except it doesn’t seem to be active anymore… I don’t know if it’s just a bug or because of all the grievers and hacks but it was a great realm.

  11. ThatLittleHusky says:

    I’ve recently been building quite a bit here — Any chance I can gain permissions to rejoin?

  12. Vincent says:

    Why I cant join it said I need permission but I clicked the link you gave us to join the realm
    Last few days I can still join but the next day the realm was gone in my friends tab, I reclicked the link it said I need permission to the owner. What should I do?

  13. Friendlygangsta says:


  14. AnimeFurry says:

    This is AnimeFurry and my account was hacked while on this server, it’s good! But… now I can’t get into my account, because someone changed my password I will repost my new username soon!

  15. Vincent says:

    Why I can’t join? It says I need owner’s permission, im trying to join in the realm…

    • Laggy glitch says:

      A hacker got on the sever so the owner has shut down the link due to the hacker having alt accounts and managing to evade the ban

  16. KatherineWinter says:

    Im playing on it right now! 😀

  17. Big Chungus says:

    What is the shader please

  18. Rotten says:

    For a map that started in 2015 there is hardly anything here.
    I played on maps that are weeks old and have more to do and see.
    Super tiny file size as well.
    Something is not right……

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