Redstone × Command Painting (1.16+ ONLY)

Redstone × Command Painting is a painting machine using Redstone and Command Mechanics! You can paint using 9×9 grid. You can pick any colors you want! Many sound effects added! This Map Only Supports Version 1.16+.

Here are the World Preview:

● Start Screen

● Main Menu

● Preview Painting

● Done Preview

Here are some Redstone × Command Mechanics:

YouTube: MrDiamond

Mcpedl: MrDiamond

Note: You Can Only Download This Map In Mcpedl. Put #MrDiamondMaps When You Share or Make Video Showcase.

You’re ALLOWED To:

•  Make Video Showcase

• Share This Map To Others

• Repost Download Link

• Put #MrDiamondMaps


• Make Video Showcase WITHOUT Credits

PLAY Multiplayer

BREAK The Rules

CLICKBAIT Video Showcase

Thank You For Downloading The Map!

Changelog View more

■ Changed/Updated Map Logo On Mcpedl That Is Related In Minecraft


Download (11 MB)

Why 11 Mb?

•Because there is a Texture Pack.


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Guest-1334913119 says:

    The Nether Update is still not released on my phone so I can’t download it 🙁

  2. Guest-1241677802 says:

    I dont think this works on ios only xbox windows 10 and android

  3. Guest-5883400044 says:

    Dude 1.16 isn’t even a virsion of bedrock that’s out!

  4. TheBest HD says:

    it works on 1.14 😮

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